Unleashing the animal



Silence. All that woke him was a ray of light. Warm and reddish; an unclouded winter morning. He shyly opened his left eye, and slowly he became conscious of the world around him. He opened his right eye, and expected the boring sensation of a hangover-headache. There was nothing. He erected his body, slowly, when he became aware of warmth next to him. He turned his head, and saw a beautiful, sleeping body. He stroked it, gave its warm thigh a small kiss, and got out of bed. As his soft feet touched the cold, unforgiving floor, he shuddered as a spiky tingle launched itself from his lower back up to his neck.

He stood up and walked to the kitchenette. He took the half-full pack of coffee and emptied it into his coffee machine, then turned it on. He sat at his table, and stared at the sleeping body in his bed, admiring its youthful beauty. A smell of coffee swirled in the room, and a few minutes later he poured his first cup of the day; a beautiful day, the first day of a glorious, New Year. It had snowed that night, but the sky was crystal clear. The sun came up, flooding the room in a mysterious, red hue through his small bedroom window.

As he stood at that window with his cup of coffee, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He felt it running down his back when a second hand appeared on the scene: both of them were moving forward, over his belly. The warm body of the bed was behind him, grasping him. A strong embrace of moderately hairy, manly arms, attached to an muscly body. A muscly body with beautiful, smoothly curved abs, now pressed against his back so strongly it made Jacob groan with quiet pleasure. Slow, calm breathing that moved a muscly chest up and down ever so slightly. His embrace was tender and loving, but with a manly strength that made Jacob shudder with intimate bliss.

Together they stood at the window. He smiled, as the one sentence that caused him so much grief the past year slid before his eyes once more and faded away, not to return for a long time. "I am gay", he thought, smiling lightly. What was once a stinging thorn, a potent poison of confusing destructiveness, had turned into a tender kiss of passionate love.

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