Spike vs. Xander..Xander style cont'd:

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Dawn vs. Spike:1

"Do it," Dawn ordered.

"No," Spike muttered crossing his arms and glaring at the girl.

Dawn glared right back and then turned her gaze to Xander who was lounging on the couch snickering.

"You think this is funny Harris?" Spike growled. He took a threatening step towards Xander and flashed his fangs briefly.

Xander shrank back slightly before he realized he had nothing to fear.

"Whatcha gonna do Spike?" he taunted as he rose to his feet and danced around a furious Spike.

"Stop it!"

Dawn's scream caused everyone in the room to look at her in surprise.

"Must you scream so loud Dawn," Giles snapped rubbing his brow as a headache formed.

"Yeh! I mean one can only take so much of your screeching! And your incessant whining! It always 'why can't you treat me-"Anya began.

"I. Do. Not. Whine." Dawn gritted out cutting Anya off.

Spike glanced from Anya to Dawn and warily took a step out of the danger zone.

"Of course you don't Dawnie," Willow spoke up from her place in the corner. "You just have a way with words that comes out in an extremely annoying way. That's not whiny. That's just you being you."

Dawn huffed as she crossed her arms across her chest and glared all around.

"You stand next to him Xander," she snapped as she glanced at him.

"Whoa! Hey there Dawnster I don't think you're whiny. In fact, you're the best! Please don't make-"

"It was your fault too," she growled and shoved Xander next to Spike.

"No it wasn't," Xander denied.

"Well, technically it was honey. It was your cheese that ruined her clothes," Anya said.

Xander shook his head furiously.

"But Spike's the one who actually did it," he whined looking pleadingly at Dawn.

He found no support there though.

Spike straightened and uncrossed his arms; he smiled, put on his most sincere voice.

"Nibblet, c'mon this is taking it too far. Sure I ruined your favorite outfit but I told you I'd nick you a new one," he muttered.

"Will that not affect your newly souled status Spike? Should you be condoning such illegal activities to Dawn?" Giles asked.

Spike threw back his head and laughed.

"Are you bloody serious?" he asked. When he saw that Giles was serious, he laughed even harder. "Oh right. I forgot. We aren't to mention all the illegal activities you all participate in and have done in the years you've been Scoobies. Stealing would be the least of my crimes..."

Dawn scowled at Spike.

"You mean for this month?" she mockingly asked.

"I've got a soul here! All this talk of illegal activities is making me antsy. So I'll just get you the new outfit. I'll even pay for it!"

Spike nodded and turned as he clearly thought all was said and done.

"No you'll do this. Willow?" Dawn asked.

Willow slowly stood and backed away.

"I can't have a part in this Dawn," she said shaking her head and lifting her hands.


"For the love of God this has to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever not been a part of! If you're going to do this, do it yourself Dawn," Giles groaned.

"Oh! I'll do it!"

Dawn grinned as Anya jumped up and strode determinedly towards her goal.

"Sexual healing..."

"Anya," everyone screamed.

She glanced up in surprise.

"What? I'll tell you it's a great song! All with sex and..the sex and that's always good! Don't you agree Xander? You love to give me many org-"

"Argh! Get out of my way," Dawn yelled as she pushed Anya aside.

"Of all the ungrateful little brats in all the world you are by fa-"

The sound of Los Del Rio blasted from the stereo.

"Dance," Dawn growled. "You know the moves. Do them."

"Ah...listen Dawn I don't, so I'm gonna take my seat and-"Xander began.


Spike moaned and shoved his arms forward. He tried to focus on the steps Dawn had taught them a half hour ago.

"... Come and find me, my name is Macarena always at the party con las chicas que soy buena come join me, dance with me and you fellows chant along with me. Move with me, chant with me And if you're good, I'll take you home with me I'll more than just take you home with me."

Xander glanced at Spike and tried to follow his fumbling attempt at dancing the Macarena.

Spike thought...

Hands out, flip 'em over.

Place 'em on your chest-cross ways.

Wiggle around.

Place 'em on your head.

Turn around.

"That looks fun," Anya exclaimed as she took a spot beside Xander and began to do the Macarena.

Willow covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the laughter that threatened to come out.

She was unsuccessful, as she couldn't help the laughter that erupted.

"Oh goddess," she moaned as she bent over in hysterical laughter.

Giles frowned as he watched the trio perform the bumbling steps to the inane song.

Slowly taking off his glasses, he cleaned them.



"Come on Giles! Join us! This is so much fun...."

"Yeh, c'mon Rupert. Join us, or I'll tell them all what you keep in your knicker drawers," Spike growled threateningly.

"No...no, that won't be necessary," Giles mumbled and jumped to his feet and he too joined the festivities.

"No," Dawn mumbled. "No it's not supposed to go this way," she cried. "You were supposed to be humiliated! Like me! Stop it Giles, stop it Anya! STOP!"

Spike grinned as he turned around and wiggled his bottom at her.

Xander laughed getting into the spirit of it.

"Ha, ha, ha," he laughed as he stuck out his tongue at her.

"One and a two and a three...macarena..." Anya sang along.

Willow was rolling on the floor now, over come with it all.

The picture they all made. Dancing around and-

"I think we have the wrong house."

The deep voice of a long absent friend and foe had all heads swinging towards the door.

Everyone stared in horror at Angel.

Spike stopped mid wiggle and growled.

"Oh no," Anya moaned.

"Oh yes," Xander moaned.

"Heard about what's been going on here Spike," Angel growled.

"Have you now?" he snapped straightening to all his 5 feet 10 inches.

They stared at one another for one long moment.

Abruptly Angel spoke.

"And I'm gonna do what you haven't. I'm taking you down Xander!"


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