The following morning came with a hurl and, unfortunately, that should be taken quite literally.

Ichigo held a thick mass of orange hair in one hand while his other hand lightly massaged Orihime's back. Her body draped over the toilet, smalls hands grasping the edge of the toilet bowl as she retched what sounded like four days worth of food into the bowl. Between each gag, she whimpered and shivered like a leaf in the wind.

If he could Ichigo would have traded spots with her any day, Orihime did not deserve this pain but obviously role switching was not possible. Actually, Szayel could probably make it possible, but it was not practical.

"Ichiiiigooo," she moaned when her stomach settled, voice echoing back and forth inside the white porcelain bowl.

"I'm sorry, Orihime," he muttered in a soft tone that showed his sympathy, "I'm so sorry. Just hang in there, this'll be over soon." He had no idea if those words held any truth, but he hoped her morning sickness would pass like a bump in the road. However, by the looks of it, the road seemed entirely bumpy from here on out.

With one squeaky hiccup, she heaved her next load. From the sounds, Ichigo could tell her stomach was empty and whatever she managed to release would be liquid.

"I… I think…" Orihime was breathless. He felt her body shaking underneath his touch, so he tried to soothe her with more rubs. "I think I'm fine…. Now…" She sighed in relief, hugging the bowl, slouching further to press the side of her face on the cool toilet seat. Ichigo knew her temperature had risen considerably during the ordeal. A nice shower would be the fix.

Leaning in, Ichigo pressed a soft kiss to her temple, the gesture completely affectionate and it felt right. He adored Orihime, his good friend, for enduring this for Aizen and him. She was going to willingly sacrifice nine months of her life to give them a child with no expectations of compensation. Of course, Aizen and Ichigo would do everything in their power to try and repay her (but really what could compare to an entire pregnancy).

His fingers released her hair, sliding it down her back to avoid the toilet, as his gaze softened on her face. She gave him a smile, red dusting over her cheeks.

"Thanks, Orihime. I'll probably say that way too many times throughout this… But really, thanks."

"Absolutely, Ichigo, and thank you for holding my hair."

He chuckled alongside her giggles. If anyone had a good chance of getting through this, it would be Orihime.

x x x

The burly man cleared his throat after setting down Aizen's plate. He imagined Yuzu would be the one cooking breakfast but it seemed the twins had a fieldtrip today and needed to be at school much earlier than usual. It was a shame, not because Isshin did not compare to Yuzu in terms of cooking, but because Aizen wished to talk with the twins more. He wanted to hear more insight from them about the pregnancy. The announcement happened so quickly that they barely got a word in last night.

It seems he would have to wait until school was out.

"Thank you," Aizen said as he lifted a piece of omelet with his chopsticks.

"No problem. So I have this idea." Isshin grinned wide, sitting in the chair across from Aizen, starting to dig into his own breakfast as he spoke.

"Should this idea wait for Ichigo?"

"Probably, but I know what my son is going to say and I don't want to hear it," Isshin dramatically groaned, tongue sticking out after in a childish manner.

Aizen could not help but smile. He shook his head lightly, twirling his chopsticks once to allow Isshin to continue. "Go on."

"I have a room upstairs," Isshin stated, pointing his chopsticks to the ceiling, "It's sorta like an office, but really it's just storage up there. I already have an office in the clinic so I don't really need the room. I'm thinking I make it a nursery, yanno, like a home away from home for my grandbaby."

The idea was not terrible.

On the contrary, it had its upsides. For one, Ichigo would need to continue school soon and having a space for the baby to stay while Ichigo was here would be beneficial since Ichigo's room would barely be able to fit a crib.

Aizen planned on being an excellent father, but a child needed their mother more than their father. Or that is what he assumed. And even if that was not true, Aizen was a busy man, a king in charge of a kingdom, and he would not be able to take care of their child all hours of the day. He would much rather leave those hours he could not watch their child to Ichigo or his family.

Another thing was the child's future education. If Aizen did not settle an agreement with the Seireitei, their child might have to go to regular school rather than the academy. If that was the case, living here during school seasons would be better for the child than constantly going back to Las Noches.

And having a room for the baby in general would be nice. They visited Ichigo's family regularly, enough to need room for the baby.

However, Isshin said he knew what Ichigo's thoughts would be on the matter. So Aizen could only assume Ichigo would complain. When dealing with Ichigo, it was always safe to assume he would complain.

"Ichigo has a problem with this?" He inquired. His brown eyes crinkled slightly in question, watching Isshin fiddle with his food.

"What doesn't my son have a problem with?" The other boasted before plopping more of the omelet between his lips.

"What problem?" A third voice called from the doorway.

"Oh speak of the devil," Isshin comically hissed from the corner of his lips at Aizen.

Ichigo's amber eyes narrowed in on his father as he walked toward the kitchen counter, eyeing the food. "This warm?" He prodded the omelets with a chopstick, steam wafting off the food. "Gotta make sure Orihime gets a good breakfast."

"She has been at the toilet the whole morning, poor girl," Aizen spoke softly over the rim of his coffee. Taking a long sip, he felt the hot liquid rush down his throat. It hit the spot and was one of the many things he loved about the World of the Living. There was an abundance of food and drink in this world. Aizen would regularly send for these items to enjoy back at Las Noches.

After packing a very generous plate for Orihime, Ichigo made his own and took the chair next to Aizen. The brunette leaned over to place a soft peck on Ichigo's lips, the action caused some surprise but quickly Ichigo returned the kiss.

"Good morning, love," he whispered over Ichigo's cheek. He had yet to give Ichigo a proper good morning because Orihime had needed help in the bathroom bright and early. Yuzu had helped her, soothing her with gentle rubs and encouraging words, but after the girl left for school Ichigo rose from his sleep and continued the job.

Aizen would make sure to take over the next morning even though his relationship with Orihime was not as close as Ichigo's was.

"Morning," Ichigo replied, a light blush on the bridge of nose tickled his features because of Isshin's watchful gaze.

Said man's face contorted, Aizen catching the look in his peripheral, with his mouth agape he cried "Gross!" and flung a chunky piece of omelet toward Ichigo.

"Put a cork in it, Goatface!" The teen swiped the omelet off his face and tossed it back to his father. "Like you haven't seen worse, jeez," he muttered, irritated and flustered, as he began eating. "So what's this about a problem?"

"Damn, you didn't forget…"

"No, I didn't forget, dad," Ichigo said mirthlessly, amber eyes rolling once.

"About the problem, I think it is minor. In fact, I do not find it a problem like your father assumes you will." It was time for Aizen to save Isshin. Lifting a hand casually, he ran his fingers through Ichigo's bangs to move them from his forehead. "Mm, you really need a haircut, love," he commented, voice soft and sweet but Ichigo still flinched away from the touch.

"The problem is about my hair?" He asked incredulously, eyebrows narrowed, while hurriedly fixing his hair.

"No, no, love. I was merely pointing that out," he chuckled, hand waving off his words. "Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Isshin wants to convert his storage room upstairs into a nursery for the baby."

"No way," Ichigo immediately replied with a shake of his head. He plopped a big slice of omelet into his mouth, chewing noisily which Aizen interpreted as an I-am-not-speaking-any-further-about-this move.

"Told you!" Isshin cried in sorrow and clutched his rice bowl to his chest, rocking it back and forth like an infant. Eventually Isshin's and Ichigo's eyes met— a fatal stare down beginning when Orihime entered into the kitchen.

Her eyes grew in size wordlessly questioning the tense scene until Aizen lifted from his seat, pulling out her chair and gesturing for her to sit. After she did so, he grabbed her plate from the counter and gave it to her with a smile.

"And why is it a no, Ichigo?" Aizen spoke after returning to his chair, interrupting the silent showdown.

"Because what does having a nursery here imply?"

"It implies that your father cares greatly about your future child, so greatly he wants a room prepared for whenever your child may need it."

"My child already has a room in Las Noches. Hell, the kid can have twenty rooms there."

Isshin frowned and dramatically threw his arms around his chest, crossing them tightly like an upset child.

Aizen sighed at the sight before his gaze returned to Ichigo whose amber eyes were defiantly shut, face carelessly turned up with a mean scowl on his lips.

He had to sigh again. The Kurosaki's were difficult. And over a room. How silly.

"I know this isn't my business, but I think it's a good idea. I mean we start school again in the spring and that means you would be staying here, right Ichigo? Well, then summer comes and the baby arrives and then fall comes and you're back in school. Where would the baby be?" Orihime made a great point, a point Aizen had thought about too.

"The baby would be with him." Ichigo pointed to Aizen and nodded to show how right he was or how right he thought he was.

"There will be times I can have the baby, but there will be times when I cannot. I will not take my duty as a father lightly, but I do have other duties that will need my attention as well. So our child will need a proper babysitter. Your family works perfectly. Isshin conveniently works at home and your sisters can also help when they come home. There is also something about this pregnancy that I am sure you are not aware of-"

"What's that?" Ichigo continued to scowl during Aizen's little speech.

"Shinigami infants share many aspects with human infants, but they also differ. I am sure your father understands what I mean when I say reiatsu plays a huge part on our baby's wellbeing after birth. Not just any reiatsu, but the mother's reiatsu."

He noticed Isshin nodding from across the table. Ichigo glanced at his father for a moment before quickly returning his focus to Aizen. Thus, Aizen continued.

"Naturally, you are the mother since the womb is made entirely of your genetics. Upon birth, our baby will have a strong bond with you immediately and will instantly want to feed off that reiatsu. My reiatsu plays a part too, but not as greatly as yours. It is crucial that you are nearby our child during infancy. There is no doubt they will kick and scream for you until they can feel your reiatsu. So once school begins, our child will need a close place to stay. Do you see why a nursery is important now?"

"How cute," Orihime meekly peeped.

With a staggered groan, Ichigo loudly set his chopsticks down, swiped his palms together and gave a shrug. "Yeah, whatever, I get it." Teenagers.

Before Isshin could dance around, Aizen could see his eyes grow in wonder and then he asked, "But why the hell did you make such a big deal about a nursery here, son?"

"Because it implied I would be living here," he grumpily said. "I kinda wanted to start home study, but I guess… I mean I can still go on home study, now that I'm freaking out about leaving my kid alone, and we can still have a nursery here… I just didn't want to confuse my kid." Ichigo frowned and Aizen wondered why. He was given the answer. "It would suck for a kid to go back and forth, having no sense of home. I love this house and the outside world, but I know my kid is gonna grow up in Las Noches."

"I BLAME AIZEN!" Isshin radically yelled, clutching the front of his own shirt in what looked like desperation.

Orihime covered an ear with one hand and happily finished her plate with the other. Ichigo started yelling back at his father to settle down and shut up.

Aizen closed his eyes for a moment, finding a peaceful place inside. Once the yelling stopped, the brunette decided to comment.

"I like the home study idea. Also, I am quite sorry about the two homes situation, but that is the case as of yet. I wish for our child to be close to their Papa and aunties. It is only fair we designate a room for just that. You have our approval Isshin, so you may do whatever you like with the room as long as there is a crib for our child to sleep in."

"Score!" Isshin happily shouted as he thrust a fist in the air.

"Home study?" Orihime jumped back into the conversation. "I should look into that too. What if I blow up like a watermelon? That would be really difficult to walk all the stairs at school." Her cheeks puffed out, lips pursed like a fish.

"Then that's that. We're both gonna go on home study," Ichigo concluded. The breakfast continued rather nicely, everyone finishing what they could and whatever they did not finish Orihime gladly finished for them.

When the plates were accounted for in the sink, Isshin shoved into his white coat and left with a loud goodbye into the Kurosaki clinic.

Aizen followed Ichigo and Orihime upstairs to Ichigo's room. Now it was time to kill time and wait for the twins to return home.

x x x

"I really like Samuru!" Orihime tapped the laptop's screen excitedly. Aizen peered over her shoulder to read the characters. His name is God. Not bad. It definitely was a worthy candidate in the running for potential baby names.

The three had decided to kill time by surfing the net to pick out baby names. It was too early to know the gender, but they could narrow it down to one good girl name and one good boy name.

Currently they were on the boys' list.

Ichigo scanned the characters too. He huffed and pressed the down arrow key to move the list. "Too pretentious, next." Aizen silently read a few, thoughts interrupted once Ichigo found one he liked. "Taro, great son, that's nice."

"So we would continue the Kurosaki tradition of naming our kids after food but the characters mean entirely different things?" He jabbed at Ichigo, joking and smiling.

"Oh be quiet," Ichigo snorted.

Orihime read off a few more names until one caught Aizen's ears.

"Wait, repeat the last one again, Inoue."

"Reiji?" She tilted her head to the side. "With these characters, it means courteous child."

"In other words, a respectful child who will listen to me, yes?"

"I'd say so," she agreed in her cheerful way.

"I like it." He was sold. He wanted a well-behaved child who would be prepared to listen to whatever Aizen taught them. "It's also close to the English word 'regime,' which is fitting for me."

"Regime?" Ichigo blinked. A ridiculous look swept over Ichigo's features as he stared at Aizen who returned the look with a soft smile. "Are you crazy? You want a name close to a damn word for leadership? You're incredible, Sosuke. Reiji is a nice name, but that reason is a bit much."

"Then ignore the reason, pretend I never said it."

"Easier said than done," Ichigo muttered. "Fine, Reiji is in the running. Now time to pick a girl name." Aizen knew he would win that one. Ichigo was not the best persuader so his teen stepped down easily in small cases such as these. Although a name was not small, it would follow the child throughout their entire life, but it was nothing to fight about especially when said name was nice.

"Kazumi, a beautiful harmony. You and Aizen-sama did come together in a beautiful harmony," the girl giggled and poked at the kanji on the screen.

"That's so corny," the teen scoffed and asked for another name.

"Natsuki- summer and hope?"

The teen did not hesitate, no second of thought was needed. Instead, he tapped the screen alongside Orihime. "Yes, yup. I am convinced that is the one. She'd be born in the summer and she'd be my hope for the future. Sosuke, since you picked the boy name, I get the girl name. Natsuki it is." Ichigo clapped his hands together.

"I have no say at all?" Aizen mused.

"Nope, Natsuki and Reiji. We'll see who conquers in the end."

"So either Aizen Natsuki or Aizen Reiji, correct?"


"You are okay with our child taking my name?"

"Sure, why not?" Ichigo shrugged and moved away from the laptop, leaving Orihime to surf whatever she wanted.

Aizen watched the teen sprawl out on the bed. The way Ichigo's shirt rode up his torso to show a delectable expanse of smooth skin was enticing to say the least. "They'd be your heir so they'd need your name. I came to terms with that already. I was thinking they could have a second name too. So it would technically be Aizen Natsuki-Kurosaki or Aizen Reiji-Kurosaki. Just to be fair to my family."

"I approve." Aizen had no problems against the second name, as long as his child had his surname he would be a happy man.

"You've got your names settled, what's next?" Orihime curiously asked, eyelashes batting as her finger poked her bottom lip in question.

He watched Ichigo rotate his wrist, eyeing his watch. "My sisters should be home in the next hour or two… should be enough time… I think Orihime and I are going to go to the store to pick out some paint for the rooms."

"Paint for what rooms if I may ask?" Aizen flicked his eyes from Ichigo to Orihime. Ichigo looked indifferent, lips pulled into their default scowl, while Orihime embodied everything perky and happy, smile on her lips and hands clasped in her lap.

"Her room and all of the baby's rooms. Grey is too depressing for a baby, Sosuke, no offense to your taste."

"None taken…" He was not offended necessarily… he was more surprised. Shades of grey, white and everything in between seemed nice and stylistic. Why would an infant disapprove? Especially when their father effectively created the palette— one that represented purity and utmost power.

"Good, so we'll be off, alright? Hang with my dad or whatever."

Nodding once, Aizen watched Ichigo exit the bedroom, Orihime trailing behind. He would have questioned why he was not invited but he soon realized they would not want his input regarding colors since he liked the lack of color.

x x x

Dinner went by fast. Ichigo and Orihime had arrived nearly on the same dot as the twins had. They stored the paint cans in Ichigo's room and soon after Orihime had bounced to the kitchen table, showing off the various color swatches they had picked out for the rooms. Aizen had casually peeked over shoulder, the colors ranged from warm yellows to soft baby blues to light greens. They were colors that could easily suit a boy or girl.

Although, Aizen had wanted to give his honest opinion— these colors would naturally clash with their child's hair if said child was born with orange locks— but Ichigo had immediately cut him off, sending him a pointed glare from the kitchen counter, chopping the carrots quicker and even more harshly than before. Scary… so Aizen had shut his mouth. Normally Aizen would not be scared of Ichigo, but this was Ichigo's domain after all.

Yuzu had prepared a tasty meal for the family along with Ichigo's help. His teen wanted to learn more recipes, not being a natural cook like the cheerful young lady but hoping to learn for the sake of their child.

After discussing possible names for the baby, eating the hearty meal, hearing Ichigo fuss some more with Isshin in regards to the soon-to-be nursery upstairs, Aizen had found himself cleaning the dishes. This was entirely new to him, foreign and tedious but he had no other choice. Everyone else had mysteriously become busy once dinner was finished.

Orihime had resided upstairs after her stomach went into another fit, Isshin had loudly excused himself from the house for reasons unknown, Yuzu had a school project to attend to in her room and Ichigo and Karin plopped down on the couch to watch television, so here Aizen was with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows (not even his sleeves, Isshin's sleeves, he was borrowing the man's clothes for their stay), hands dressed in yellow gloves, scrubbing profusely at the dishes with the dish rag.

Between clanking dishes and running water, he could faintly make out the conversation ongoing in the living room. The television was turned down a few notches sometime ago to allow the two siblings to hear one another clearly.

It had also helped Aizen hear them clearly too… somewhat, but he strained his ears to the best of his ability so he could eavesdrop.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" That was Karin. Aizen had missed what this was, but he hoped Ichigo's response would give him some clues or the answer.

"Of course, what… You think I'm stupid or somethin'?" Ichigo's voice dripped with indignation. So much so that it was lifting over the sound of the rushing water.

Deciding this conversation was worth hearing, Aizen crept away from the sink. He kept the water on in hopes of tricking the siblings. He wanted them to believe he was still washing away at the sink, oblivious to their little talk.

Edging closer to the archway that connected the kitchen and the living room, Aizen pressed his back to the wall and signaled in on their words, much closer now than he was before.

"Not stupid, Ichigo, more like gullible." A hiss from Karin… "You'll do whatever he says. You've been falling for it from the start."

"Falling for what exactly?"

Oh so the conversation was about himself. How nice of Karin, so nice and not surprising one bit. Aizen groaned inwardly, eyes narrowing to slits, staring at nothing in particular, hoping his teen would stand strong for their relationship like it seemed he was doing.

"His deceit! We've seen what he did to the Seireitei, who says he doesn't want to drag you into that? For all you know, you could be preparing to raise a devil's spawn."

Aizen's eyes widened, eyebrows arched in shock.

Did he hear her correctly?

"What?!" Ichigo gasped, Aizen could tell he was trying to keep quiet but his voice still rose in disbelief, shock, disappointment. That is right! What is entirely appropriate, Ichigo. "Karin, don't ever call my kid a devil's spawn. I know what you're thinking… Yeah, so what I don't have a kid right here and now to defend, to prove to you it's not whatever you think it is, but you sure as hell can bet I am going to stick up for my kid, be it barely a fetus or full-grown—"


"No, don't interrupt. Honestly, I know you've had your doubts about Aizen from the start. I get it, I really do…" Ichigo's voice softened. Aizen released a sigh. He had not even recalled when he had held his breath. The tension was almost too much. Ichigo would never crumble, but Aizen knew Ichigo's family was more important… Right? Aizen would not hold it against Ichigo if that was the case, but once they had a family that could change and from what it sounded like it was changing.

"But I know him, Karin. I really know him. No one knows him like I know him. I would never consider raising a family with a monster… with someone I couldn't picture myself with decades from now. Aizen is different. He's changed for me, Karin. He's changed for us. Now it's just you who has to let him in…"

If Aizen thought it was tense in the kitchen, he could only imagine how it felt out there. He could practically hear his teen breathing hard, Ichigo had put his heart and soul into his words. He had meant every word.

Now it was time for Karin to respond. Seconds felt like years. Aizen blinked a few times, was he nervous? No… that could not be. He was never nervous, but maybe he was…

"I hear ya, Ichigo…" Her voice was softer too. It sounded defeated, possibly hurt that she had disappointed her brother so greatly. "Yanno, I really do want to be an aunt." The word 'aunt' sounded higher like her lips had curled around it with a slight smile. There was hope. "I just don't want him forcing you to do stuff, but if this is what you want to do I am behind you. I'm all protective like this because I've heard things… But you're right. You know him, those people don't."

Aizen would bet a good amount of money on who those culprits were putting outrageous thoughts into Karin's head. Yes, they might be honest thoughts, might even be the truth, but he was different now. He could not be the same if he wanted to keep Ichigo.

"Thanks, Karin. Now… Get over here, c'mere." Aizen imagined Ichigo wanted to seal their words with a hug. He could hear Karin's groan in disapproval, but he knew she would give in.

And with that he walked back to the sink, giving them privacy once more to share their moment, just between them, and also to save the kitchen floor from an imminent flood if he did not unplug the sink at once!

x x x

The next day brought in the weekend.

Today it was just Aizen and Ichigo in the house.

Isshin had a busy day next door in the clinic this Saturday morning. Karin had soccer practice in the park by her school. Yuzu and Orihime went out (while Orihime could still easily walk before she got bigger in the next couple of months) to a local ice cream parlor because Orihime was severely struck by pregnancy cravings that morning.

There was no real reason for them to continue their stay. They had bestowed their news on the family, bought enough paint to last them a lifetime and then some, and really that was all the trip was for. However, Ichigo wanted to stay longer and wished to tell others about the pregnancy. The people included on that list were Chad, Uryu, Rukia, Renji, Yoruichi and even Urahara.

It would take awhile to get through the list, lengthen their stay, but that was alright with Aizen and if Las Noches needed him he could simply use a garganta between the two worlds. Tousen and Gin were capable enough to watch over his kingdom for the time being.

"Look what I found," Ichigo suspiciously sounded devious from across the room. They were currently in Isshin's room, Aizen needed to pick out a new outfit for the day. Luckily Isshin welcomed the idea of sharing clothes, he had in the past. Aizen had even acquired his own gigai some time ago to take Ichigo out on proper dates. His gigai would often be dressed in whatever Isshin lent him for the day.

Stealing a look over his shoulder, he noticed a pair of black thick-framed glasses grasped in Ichigo's hands. Familiar glasses too.

"Why in the world does your father have those?" Aizen could not help but snort at the sight of his old glasses he had used long ago to deceive the Seireitei. And what a good job they had done. Those glasses had made him look harmless.

"My dad didn't have them. I did. The last time we came here I brought back one of my dad's traveling bags, looks like I left these pretty babies inside one of the pockets." Ichigo adjusted the glasses on his nose, sliding them up with one finger.

"My apologies, let me rephrase my question then, why in the world did you have those?"

"Easy, 'cause they're sexy." Ichigo winked.

"Is that so?" He went back to skimming through Isshin's clothes. He had not lost interest in their conversation but standing around in pajamas was tiresome.

"Yeah, really sexy. Mm, you know what these use to make me think? It's going to sound so stupid, but whatever. When you use to wear these, you reminded me of a sensei…" Ichigo's voice significantly dropped lower, becoming seductive, almost smooth like satin.

Aizen turned from the drawer, totally enthralled from his voice alone. One brown eyebrow lifted, eyes gazing upon Ichigo's face— his sultry expression outlined, amplified in those thick-framed glasses. His amber eyes honeyed over and gleamed behind the glass.

"Was I your sensei in your fantasies, Kurosaki Ichigo?" He purred the teen's name as he inched closer to the teen.

"Yea," Ichigo swallowed thickly, reaching up to take off the glasses, quickly thrusting them in Aizen's direction. "Put 'em on."

"How about we play a little game, hm?" He received the glasses. After slipping them on, he smirked brilliantly. "I will get properly dressed and you will get properly dressed. Once you are in uniform, you will return to your sensei and wait for your tasks. Sensei has a lot of work in store for you, but if you're a good boy… I might cut you some slack." Aizen's lips ghosted over Ichigo's, a faint blush caught on his cheekbones. Aizen could drink in this sight like Shunsui could down sake, quickly, eagerly, greedily.

"Sensei… I— your classroom is here?" Ichigo stepped back to gesture to his father's bedroom. Why not? Aizen mused. It made things interesting, fucking on Isshin's bed, the man completely unknowing next door as he tended to patients.

"Yes, Kurosaki, this is my classroom. And that is my desk." Aizen pointed to the vanity table.

"Sosuke…" Ichigo said warily, eyebrows edging closer together, amber hues directed to the floor, uncertainty written all over his face.

"That is sensei to you."

"Then sensei you're taking those sheets off before we do this." Ichigo sent a heated glare at Aizen before he turned on his heels to head for his bedroom. Funny, Ichigo had agreed to this with barely any convincing or fighting. That was easier than Aizen thought it would be and he could care less if the sheets were on or off.

"Oh and do not forget the tie, Ichigo. That is important."

"But I never wear the tie," Ichigo angrily groaned as he paused at the doorway, arms tossed in the air for emphasis.

"Wear the tie, Kurosaki."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and Aizen knew the teen wanted him to see. "Yes, sensei." He exited the room without another word.

Things were about to get interesting really fast. His stomach churned with anticipation, he even moved quicker on his feet, hands flipping through the folded clothes to pick out an appropriate button-up shirt and black slacks.

He needed to fit the sensei role as equal as Ichigo would fit the student role.

After rushing into the clothes and smoothing them down to his form, Aizen rummaged through Isshin's closet to find a brown leather belt. The look needed one but most importantly the pants were a bit loose on his hips and would appear sloppy without one.

Spotting the belt, he looped it into place. Moving toward the mirror atop the vanity table, Aizen deemed himself ready. His glasses really did complete the look. And to think Ichigo had fantasized about Aizen in such a manner, tossing and turning in his dark bedroom, whimpering into a pillow as he fisted his crotch for some release to the visions of Aizen-sensei, how endearing.

Back turned to the door, hands busy stripping the sheets off the mattress and replacing them with new ones, Aizen heard the light squeak of the door and then the shut.

Sliding the glasses up the length of his nose with one finger, he moved toward the sound and gazed at Ichigo from behind the glass.

Faintly, his breath hitched. Ichigo stood before him with hands shyly clasped in front of his pants, tie hanging nice and neatly over his uniform with his school jacket open to present the ensemble as Aizen had wished, amber eyes averted to the ground to complete the nervous student persona.

Ichigo would play the timid role today; Aizen guessed his teen knew exactly what he favored when it came to their bedroom games. Normally, Ichigo was loud and stubborn in the flesh so Aizen did have a preference to see him out of his regular comfort zone playing a role entirely different from his birth-given demeanor.

Straightening his posture, Aizen dived into his own role.

"Kurosaki-kun, it is a pleasure to see that you've made it. Please take a seat," Aizen said as his arm fanned out to present the bed.

Ichigo nodded once and slowly edged to the imaginary seat, legs fidgeting against the side of the mattress after he sat.

Aizen pulled out the chair from the vanity table and turned it around to face his student.

Sitting down, leg crossed over the other, Aizen folded his hands in his lap and leaned back. "I assume you know why you are here, Kurosaki-kun."

"Yes, sensei…" the teen spoke quietly, eyes still to the ground.

"Your grades have been gradually plummeting, so much so that I feel the need to involve your parents-"

"No!" Ichigo's voice rose considerably along with his chest. Although, he quickly cut himself off, mouth abruptly closing as he sunk back into his timid form. "You can't… I promised I would do better this semester… And I have, it's just… Please, Aizen-sensei, you must be able to help me…"

"Hm, I have checked your other classes and it does seem you are only struggling with my class… I guess I could help you out."

He watched Ichigo's ears perk up, eyes growing bigger with hope.

"Please, sensei, anything! I would do anything for your help." Aizen smirked, directing it to the floor, keeping his gaze low to cover his sinister look. His student took the bait hook, line and sinker.

"Anything, eh?" Shaking off his true evil intent, Aizen sweetly smiled at Ichigo, quirking his head to the side in false curiosity because he already knew what he truly wanted from his poor innocent student.

Ichigo earnestly nodded his head more than three times, entirely eager to earn a better grade.

Stroking his chin for show, Aizen pretended to contemplate his options for the teen. Faking an epiphany, his eyes widened as he felt Ichigo's hopeful gaze on him. "Ah, it seems there is something you could do for a better grade. Actually, the best grade in the class even…"

"Really? I'd do anything to have the best grade in the class… My parents would be so proud, please tell me what to do, sensei." With that, Ichigo rose from his seat and neared Aizen to show how desperate he was to hear Aizen's request.

Aizen looked Ichigo up and down once, taking in his vulnerable stance.

Not taking any longer to push his façade further, Aizen pointed to the ground. "On your knees, Kurosaki-kun."

His smirk grew wider when the realization hit Ichigo like a head-on collision. The teen struggled not to shake his head, but a few tiny head shakes broke his hold inside, which Aizen thoroughly enjoyed.

"Sensei… but I… why?"

"You will pleasure your sensei for the better grade. The more willing you are the higher grade you will receive… However, if you do a sloppy job you will get a sloppy grade."

"But I've never…"

"Even better, I will teach you. I am your sensei, correct?"

Ichigo hesitantly nodded in agreement and then lowered on his shaky knees. Once he was settled on the ground, Aizen captured Ichigo's chin and forced him to look up.

Uncrossing his legs, he pulled Ichigo closer by the harsh grip while his other hand stroked back the soft spikes from Ichigo's forehead to get a better look at his shy face.

The teen grimaced a little until Aizen stopped pulling, releasing his chin to allow Ichigo to take in his entire being sitting there in the chair, big and menacing.

Aizen noticed the red color high on Ichigo's cheekbones as his eyelashes draped over his vision which had landed on Aizen's crotch.

"What should I do first, sensei?" His voice was barely above a whisper, but Aizen had excellent hearing.

"You will take out sensei's cock and use your mouth to pleasure sensei. You will lose yourself, Kurosaki-kun. I do not want to see anymore reluctance from here on out." The last statement was apart of Aizen's role, but it was also a way to tell Ichigo he could turn his student role into a more slutty one. His cock had already been throbbing wildly inside his suit pants since their bedroom game started so he was not sure if he would last much longer.

Making an exaggerated, nervous swallow for Aizen to see, Ichigo slowly started to undo Aizen's pants. Long fingers fumbled a little until finally his hot length was freed and throbbed against Ichigo's soft palm.

He hoped Ichigo could feel the heat emanating from him, could taste the musky air that surrounded his leaking length. And not much longer his hope was answered when Ichigo licked his lips and pulled his stiff length forward to kiss his pulsing tip to moist lips, sucking in the head.

Fuck— that was one way to tell Ichigo was not a timid, inexperienced student. He was well-acquainted with Aizen's cock and no amount of acting would be able to stop Ichigo from properly servicing him.

Threading fingers in orange locks, Aizen dragged Ichigo closer to get him to swallow more, which he happily did. A loud moan from the teen vibrated on the sensitive skin of his shaft causing Aizen to muffle a groan in his throat. And with a few tugs to Ichigo's hair, the teen eagerly began to bob his head, swallowing his length deeper and deeper down a constricting throat.

Seconds slipped into minutes, Ichigo never faltering and continuing to deep throat him like the good little student he was. Aizen was so close, he could feel an intense orgasm edging closer until suddenly the teen struggled against his hold, pulling back to free his cock from that warm mouth with an audible pop, saliva dripping down to his balls and precum beading from the slit.

He instantly shivered and almost forced Ichigo back onto his cock. It was not fair to be teased in such a manner, not when he was supposed to be the authority in their scenario.

"Mm, sensei, it's so heavy," Ichigo peered up at him from between his thighs, innocently batting his eyelashes even though a thin line of semen dripped down from the corner of his lips to his chin.

The urge to squeeze Ichigo's lewd face inside his thighs prodded at Aizen a few times, but he decided against it not wanting to come off as desperate.

The teen's tongue lazily lapped at his swollen sack to capture the dripping saliva, sucking one side into his mouth, obscenely slurping on the sensitive skin.

"It is heavy with my seed, Kurosaki-kun. It bears the weight of my want for you." He rolled his hips once which caused Ichigo to groan, muffled from that full mouth of his. "It carries your much awaited prize too. However, you will…" He gritted his teeth when Ichigo began to kiss and gently nibble up the underside of his cock. "… you will not receive it like this. You can only receive this reward one way."

"What way is that, Aizen-sensei?" His teen mewled as his sinful hand rolled his sack in his palm.

"By riding your sensei, Kurosaki-kun. You will need to impale yourself with sensei's cock, take all of it deep inside you and work for it."

"And then after that reward, I will get an A, right sensei?" The teen sounded so hopeful. Ichigo perfectly played the role even though he added his own slutty spice to it now.

He nuzzled the side of his face against the length of Aizen's cock, cheek slightly stroking up and down the shaft, which nearly drove the man crazy— his sack twitched and stomach tightened.

It was hard to look at Ichigo with that wanton look in his eyes, with that pretty tongue licking his lips, with that carnal desire dominating his every move and try not to come.

"Over there, Kurosaki-kun." He pointed to the bed. "You will take my cock and get your A as soon as I fill you with my seed."

Aizen saw the teen shiver in delight and then lifted to his legs. He followed suit, taking a few deep breaths to calm his aroused nerves. He would not last much longer, Ichigo loved riding and had become a pro at the art— he would have Aizen climaxing in a matter of seconds if he truly wanted him to.

Both of them silently undressed, no commands needed. Aizen walked over to the bed and then slowly leaned back onto it. Ichigo stood in the middle of the room completely nude and waiting for Aizen to order him what to do next, which pleased him since he was still the sensei although he was close to breaking character and just taking Ichigo now.

"Retrieve the lube from my desk, Kurosaki-kun and bring your tie along with you."

Once those two things were given to Aizen, he patted his lap. "You will face away from me and ride me just like that." He wanted his teen in reverse, wanted to watch his ass impale him in one go right in front of his eyes.

Ichigo showed no signs of reluctance and turned around, getting ready to lower himself by placing his knees outside of Aizen's thighs, leaning forward to place his hands on Aizen's knees.

No, that would not do.

"Arms behind your back."

He heard the teen grunt at this request but soon complied. Tying the soft material around Ichigo's wrists, Aizen pulled on the tie to make sure it would stay in place and was satisfied when it should no signs of giving.

"Now since you are going to pleasure your sensei, I will not prepare you. I want you as tight as you can possibly be, Kurosaki-kun."

"Yes, sensei." Aizen could hear the slight moan that followed Ichigo's reply, which made his cock throb harder than before. Ichigo was so slutty and sexy, the best lover Aizen could ever wish for.

Slathering his length in the lubrication and then placing the small bottle to the side of them, remembering to close the cap to prevent anymore mess than necessary, Aizen aligned his cock against Ichigo's puckered hole while his other hand held onto the tie to keep Ichigo's arms stiff and straight.

As if Ichigo could hear Aizen's thoughts, his teen started to lower his hips without an order and impaled himself on the thick length, crying out loudly at the initial stretch and then panting heavily as Aizen moved his hand away to allow Ichigo the room to completely sit down.

Ichigo rocked his hips once, mewling in his throat as Aizen watched his back muscles bunch together, straining against the tight pull Aizen held at the tie. He kept his eyes on his teen as a low growl left his lips when Ichigo's hole tightened around the wide base of his cock seeming to pull his length in deeper than it could go.

Giving Ichigo more slack on his wrists, Aizen playfully smacked one of his perky cheeks. "Work your hips, Kurosaki-kun. Fuck yourself on sensei."

Once Ichigo started to bounce his body, finding a steady rhythm that allowed Aizen's cock to slide in and out without slipping away, Aizen took this opportunity to force a sharp thrust upward, ramming his length in deeper when Ichigo bounced down, which had his teen shaking, moaning out louder for more.

"Ah, fuck, fuck, Ai- Aizen-sensei!" Ichigo groaned between gasps and pants. Aizen was able to catch his face when Ichigo looked over his shoulder, orange eyebrows pulled into a furrow, teeth gritted tightly as Aizen continued to fuck him from below.

They both hurried their movement— rocking their bodies together, slamming into one another, swaying the entire mattress underneath them. Aizen even lost himself, groaning along with Ichigo's pleasurable moans, hips thrusting without mercy to meet Ichigo's eager bouncing, the springs underneath them creaking wildly to the tune of their sex.

He watched beads of sweat prickle down Ichigo's back and arms, the teen throwing his head back to moan at the ceiling as if some deity would descend from the ceiling to grant Ichigo his orgasm. His teen was so close, so close with him that Aizen could almost taste it for the both of them.

"Right there, ah— fuck, right there, sensei!"

One, two, three thrusts Aizen coherently counted in his head until Ichigo met his intense orgasm, writhing on his throbbing cock, tight hole only constricting more around the quivering girth, which led Aizen into his own orgasm, milked of his entire seed that shot from the pit of his loins.

Eventually the room fell into a silence that was only interrupted by ragged breathing and the low creaks of the bed when Ichigo shifted off Aizen who released him from the tie.

Aizen watched Ichigo turn over on his side to face him. He took in the teen's sweaty face and wondered if his own looked the same because it felt the same.

After a few moments of more silence, their breathing returning to normal, Ichigo gave him a small smile and then leaned in closer to press a sloppy kiss on his lips that was slightly difficult with the glasses still on.

"That was so sexy, Sosuke," Ichigo mumbled over his lips.

He hummed softly in return and then lazily looked around the room. Right, they were in Isshin's room and from the looks of the alarm clock, it was almost time to leave said room before Isshin came up to take a lunch nap or whatever the man liked to call them.

"We have to clean up, Ichigo, and replace these sheets." With much reluctance, Aizen sat up after his words and started to retrieve the normal pillows and sheets he had thrown aside.

"No, you have to. This was your idea, so this is your mess." Ichigo shot out his tongue in a childish gesture and then scooped his school uniform off the floor before prancing out of the room in his boxers.

He would have ordered Ichigo to help, but he allowed the teen to be stubborn just this once. And anyway, he did not want to be banned from Isshin's home for all of eternity, so he silently began to work on getting the room back to its normal domain.

x x x

A nap was much needed after that intense fuck. Unfortunately, it came with some unintended consequences— the nap that is, not the fuck, which was surprising since it had been in his dad's room…

How long had it been since he was last here?

Probably a little over a month, the very last time had been when he got that unnecessary warning to dominate Aizen less he wanted his hollow to take the reigns for him. Ichigo lazily scaled the buildings as he thought. He had not planned to visit but he didn't have much say over the situation when his hollow forcefully pulled him into it as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"So my King will soon have an heir," a slithery voice echoed behind him which caused Ichigo to turn on his heels to face a wide grin plastered on albino lips.

Ichigo grunted and aimlessly kicked the rooftop as if he were kicking dirt along a road without much care or reason. "Yeah, but…" He trailed off the sentence before speaking again, choosing wisely on how to word his next statement or if he should in the first place. Who knew if it was wise to vent to his hollow but he figured his hollow could hear his thoughts anyway so he probably knew what he was thinking, even now.

"But yer scared yer gonna suck 'cause ya don't know shit 'bout babies. Worse yet, hybrid babies."

Yup, his hollow had heard his thoughts loud and clear.

"At first I wasn't too worried, but then Aizen started spouting things about how shinigami babies are different from the regular ones."

"Slow yer roll, King. Yer actin' like a pussy fer nothin'. It ain't rocket science. I mean even I could freakin' do it." Shiro cackled wildly, casually prancing around Ichigo in circles.

"You could do it because you got hollow instincts. You know what to expect, I have no clue what kinda kid I'm getting at the end of this." He rubbed his forehead in aggravation. "Will it be human, hollow, shinigami… will it even like me? It has to spend the first couple of months with mainly me, but you know how I am… I mean if your annoying ass gets fed up with me then what about a baby?" He sputtered more as he clenched a hand in his orange tresses.

"Put a damn cork in it, King!" Shiro rolled his eyes and shoved Ichigo by the hip, his legs tripping over the other until he toppled to the floor. "Yer so lucky I fuckin' hate when it gets stormy in here 'cause of yer stressed out ass… Lemme explain a few things I know, eh?" Ichigo eyed the horizon at the hollow's comment and in the distance he could see a clump of grey clouds brewing, growing in fluff and darkening in color, into what could be one hell of a storm.

Now interested amber hues rose to the hollow, Ichigo made no move to stand; instead, he crisscrossed his legs and sat in one heap.

"Whenever ya stand next to that Inoue chick, I can already catch whiffs of the kid's reiatsu. Old man can feel 'em too. Lemme tell you this, here and now, ya can quote me later when I end up bein' one hundred percent right," Shiro stopped and inclined forward like he was fishing for some guarantee. Ichigo drew his eyebrows together and then huffed in agreement, not willing to voice it with actual words but giving it nonetheless. "The kid's gonna be a mini you, King. I know yer shit at detectin' reiatsu, but if ya could feel this kid's ya would shit bricks, it's so similar to yers. Think the kid might have one of me too." His hollow thumbed his chest in triumph.

Ichigo cringed and was officially one hundred percent worried. Not only would the baby have to deal with a loud, boisterous hollow but everyone else would also have to roll with the punches and figure out how to attend to an infant with an uncontrollable hollow… Would the hollow also be an infant? So many questions could never be answered until the baby actually came.

"So the kid's a mini you 'cause it'll be a hybrid, but I think the kid has potential to surpass ya in power, and for sure Aizen. Lemme tell ya yer bitch was smart fer pickin' you as a partner, King. His kids are gonna be indestructible, warriors right outta the womb."

Shaking his head, Ichigo frowned. "You're getting ahead of yourself when you say kids. One is fine for a very long time… But a warrior right out of the womb…" He chewed on the inside of his cheek. That was one way to describe the baby, but didn't it hold another suggestion? It suggested that Aizen would use their baby (and any future babies) as a pawn in his plan to rule the three worlds. Ichigo wasn't dense— he was aware of the reason for this baby's birth which would be for it to takeover the throne whenever Aizen stepped down or if he came to some awful demise… But Ichigo didn't like the idea of his baby being thrown out on the battlefield merely based on its strength. He had a say, this baby was half his after all.

He'd be having a little chat with Aizen soon on the matter.

"If you can tell already, you think Aizen can?"

"He's better at detecting reiatsu than ya. He's created hybrids b'fore, so my bet is he can tell. He probably even knew the result before it even happened."

"Don't say that please…" Ichigo muttered softly. He had a hunch his hollow was right on the money, but he didn't like the idea of Aizen knowing how powerful their children could be before they were even created because it gave Aizen a reason to pursue Ichigo for all the wrong reasons rather than the right ones like falling in love… And that worried him.

They haven't even said "I love you" yet and that could partially be Ichigo's doing, but he liked to think Aizen was waiting for the perfect moment like he was rather than Aizen not truly love him at all and just want his spawn.

Ichigo shook his head. Yes, Aizen knew their children would be powerful, but he wasn't with Ichigo based on solely that reason. There was more to their relationship and he needed to stop doubting Aizen now before it got worse, he knew his mind was just bullying him rather than helping him so he needed to stop.

He loved Aizen. Aizen loved him. They were going to have a child together. And that was that.

"King, stop yer worryin'. Jeez, as much as I hate yer bitch I can tell he wants ya in the most disgusting way possible, in a way only yer people can understand. Don't gotta fuckin' worry, and if he didn't want you in that way, he'd be a dead man. Trust me, no one fucks with my King, only me." His hollow pretended to spit at the ground and then angrily stomped away.

Ichigo felt a small smile sting his lips simply because he couldn't help himself. He could tell this was Shiro's strange way of showing him affection and it truly felt genuine.

"Thanks," he shouted after his hollow. "No more clouds, I promise." He looked up the sky, seeing the storm slowly move in the opposite direction, away from the buildings.

"I have a lot to do, though," he muttered to himself when his hollow was out of earshot. He had other people to tell about the baby, other close friends who deserved to know. He also had a whole group of espada who hadn't known, Szayel instructed to keep quiet, which would need to be dealt with at a formal meeting. That's what Aizen and he were planning for when they returned home.

They also had to get painting soon and possibly baby shopping in the near future.

Becoming a parent wouldn't be easy, but at least he was freed from the stress of the unknown. He knew his baby was a hybrid and he also knew Aizen was with him for long haul.

And that was comforting.

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