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Fuck Buddies

Summary: It wasn't like she had a choice in this matter. She knows she never had a choice anyways. After all, that girl was irresistible, who is Brittany to deny her? G!P HotNerd!Brittany, Popular!Santana

Pairing: Santana, Brittany

Rating: M

Walking down the hallways of my disgusting high school, I come face to face with the locker I've been using for almost 4 years. This is the start of my senior year and I'm very much excited to leave this school—this hell hole. It's never been easy being a nerd after all, having to get used to the slushies and the bullying, but now I can say to all those popular kids who torture us nerds out there that they can bring whatever cold ice slushy they got because after graduating, its going to be us throwing money at their faces.

"Hey Pierce!"

Scrunching my eyebrows as I turn around on the heel of my foot, I swivel to face the opposite direction of my locker and all about lose my breath as I see the football star, Noah Puckerman, walking towards me with a smirk on his face and a rusty bucket of slushy.

I gasp as I try to make a run for it but it seems like I'm outnumbered because there's a guy who's surprisingly behind me and holds my arms steady—keeping me in place. While the others just watch me like a hawk. What am I? A mouse?

"Where do you think your running off to, Pierce?" chuckles Noah as he stops just in front of me, his smirk only getting wider. "Don't think its over yet—you're still in high school."

Biting my lower lip, I close my eyes to avoid what could be a burning syrup attack when all of a sudden the guy holding me in place pokes my rib and I jerk my eyes open to squirm in pain but of course—what more pain can there be when Noah throws a bucket of slushy at my face?


"Welcome back Pierce!" shouts Noah as he and his minions laugh and high-five each other while walking to the other side of the corridor, talking endlessly about how great it feels to drench my eyes with cold-ice liquid.

I groan, not bothering to move for a while because it really hurts when I feel a hand touch my shoulder. Taking a peek, I half-smile as my best friend, Mike, frowns at me then glares at the direction where the footballers went.

"Hey Mike." I coughed, wiping my face which actually didn't help much.

He turns to me and smiles sympathetically. "Hey Britt, sorry I didn't make it on time. Tina was on the phone."

Mike's also in the football team—he's actually a bigger star than Noah but he doesn't act like Noah. No, Mike's the football team captain because he moves like a ninja and everyone respects him but since Noah is co-captain, he still has the power to do whatever he wants as long as Mike isn't around. It's like some kind of rule.

Either way, I'm lucky to have Mike.

"It's okay, its my 'last first day of school slushy' for the rest of my life, I might as well enjoy it." I joked, flicking the cubes of colored ice away from my sweater—which is now a shade of red. "Ugh, I should've worn a different sweater."

Mike chuckles, and pulls my arm to the ladies bathroom, pushing the doors open as we walk in to see girls blush at us.

"Mike, this is the girl's bathroom." I mumbled, blushing as girls smirked at us before running out to give us some privacy.

Shrugging his shoulders, he tugs my sweater up, motioning for me to remove it. I stare at him in disbelief and blushed.

"Mike, no." I said, tugging it back down. "What if somebody sees us?"

He rolls his eyes and laughs. "I'm just helping Britt, think what they want to think."

I frown at him while tugging my sweater down again. "It doesn't work that way in this school."

"It does in my book, come on… you might catch a fever." He replies, tugging it all the way up, only stopping at my neck. It was a good thing I was wearing a tank top inside.

And just as Mike was about to tug it all the way out, the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing catches my ear's attention.

"Oh gross." Says a voice, a voice which I've been familiar with since the start of kindergarten. I blush from the inside of my half-removed sweater as I hear the voices of girls giggling.

"Who would have thought Mike digged nerds?" says the voice again in a teasing manner, making other girls giggle along with her as Mike pulls it off and drops it to the counter, making me blush as I peek through my eyelashes at the three girls—cheerleaders—that just entered the restroom.

One girl though, caught my very attention.

Santana Lopez, the love of my life—and girl who will never see me as anything but a book—a dirty old book that's closed and will never be opened by her. Santana Lopez, the most beautiful girl in the planet. The whole universe, in all dimensions.

I look down at my fingers and ignore them by playing with the tips.

Mike scoffs at Santana. "Please Santana, don't even try making this a rumor."

Santana steps closer to Mike and smirks. "Don't worry, who would even believe the great Mike Chang dated the not-so-great uhm, what's your name again?" she turns to me and I feel my heartbeat quicken. This was the first time she ever acknowledged me.

The whole room is silent as all eyes are on me before Mike stands in front of me and crosses his arms together. "That's Brittany Pierce. And she's my best friend, don't mess with her." He says in a protective manner, making me smile a bit.

Santana laughs at Mike and pokes his chest—hard. "You're lucky you're captain." She hisses, looking across his shoulder to me with a glare. "Or else I'd be making sure the whole student body will make fun of you and your girlfriend here."

Mike shrugs his shoulder to divert her eyes away from me and grins. "I wouldn't mind that happening because Brittany is gorgeous." He replies, causing me to jolt in place and turn beet red—as red as a tomato. Why did he have to say that?

The girls behind Santana laugh at him. "Please Chang, she's a nerd." She points out, clucking her tongue at him. "Even with no glasses, that girl is a N-E-R-D. You know how to spell it right?" she coos at me sarcastically, causing snickers to erupt in the bathroom.

Mike rolls his eyes and sighs. "Can you just leave? Brittany's going to change."

Santana smirks at this. "And you're not going to leave?"

Mike blushes at those words and so does I, it does after all sound kind of sketchy.

The group of cheerleaders laugh as they wave him off and walked out of the bathroom, but not before slamming it shut —very hard.

Sighing, Mike turns around and grabs a t-shirt from inside his backpack before handing it to me. "Don't listen to them Britt." He whispers, fitting the jersey over my head. "They're just jealous of you."

Smiling sadly, I nibble on my bottom lip and nod. "Wish they didn't show it that way." I joked, causing him to chuckle with me.

He smiles at me and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Don't worry, you're going to prove them all wrong." He states, patting my head like I was some sort of dog, it made me pout and he ignored it playfully. "Especially Santana." He huffs, rolling his eyes. "I don't know why but that girl is always out to get you. She's not even that great."

I shake my head and try to hide my smile. "Don't say that, Santana's amazing."

He stares at me in shock and scowls. "Oh god, gross Britt. You still have a crush on her? After all she's done to you?" he asks in exasperation, sticking his tongue out in disgust.

I drop my shoulders and play with the hem of his jersey. "She's just a closed woman, Mike. She's not that mean." I try to defend.

Mike gives me a look that's surreal and groans. "And that's coming from the girl who tripped on the talent show by the one and only Santana in front of everybody's parents and friends."

I blush and shake my head furiously. "No that wasn't her! It's because I didn't tie my shoelaces well—and just, tripped." I mumbled, turning around to fix my hair back to its normal place.

My best friend gives up and holds his hand up in a 'whatever' way. "I honestly don't get how you see goodness in her but I'm glad its going to stop after senior year."

"Oh? Why?" I ask, arching an eyebrow at him.

"Britt…its kind of obvious you're going to go to an IV league college while she's going to end up working as a waitress." He states the obvious, chuckling to himself as I frown.

"But I thought Santana's going to apply to a cheerleading college in Kentucky?" I wondered out loud, tapping my chin.

Mike stares at me agape. "Are you serious? How do you know that?" he asks, slapping his forehead as I told him I overheard the cheerios talking the other day.

"Please let this obsession for Santana Lopez stop." He begs, clasping his hands together as I roll my eyes at him and giggle, both of us exiting the bathroom and dashed off to our respective first classes.

"Psst… Pierce."

I look up from reading my book for English as Noah turns around in his seat and slips something on my table with a wink.

Furrowing my eyebrows I lean forward and read whatever note he placed on my desk. It was an invitation to his house party later—to celebrate the beginning and ending year of the highschool life.

Weird, when did people make invitations for a house party? Wasn't it always just a friend invite on facebook? Oh! That's right, I don't have a facebook—maybe Noah's being friendly for once.

"You in?" he asks, wagging his eyebrows at me as I blush and look back at the invitation again, thinking.

Who am I kidding? I bet he's going to plot something and embarrass me in front of the whole batch again—I've had enough of embarrassments my whole high school life to count.

"It's going to be fun Pierce." He adds, shrugging his shoulders as he leans forward when Mrs. Pepper turns around to write something on the blackboard. "Everyone's invited, all the nerds and whatever—its for the batch."

Nibbling on my lip, I look at his eyes and contemplate it.

What could go wrong? I'm pretty sure Mike's going to be there too.

"I'll talk to Mike." I reply softly, avoiding contact with him as I turn to the next page and remain silent.

Should I really risk going to this house party? I don't know… I've never been to a high school party before—maybe it's time to go to one? I'm invited to it anyways.

"Whatever you're thinking about the party… it's a no." Mike says as we walk to the cafeteria, making my eyebrows furrow as I wonder when have we started walking together? Wasn't I just in English class?

"Sorry? How did you know I was invited?" I ask, frowning.

"It's a prank Brittany!" Mike gapes, ruffling his spikey Asian hair. "You should know that after all these years." He sighs, shaking his head as he mutters something about killing Puck in the field later.

Shrugging my shoulders as we line up for the food, I tell him my thoughts. "I already have a feeling something bad's going to happen to me." She mumbles, combing her hair back.

Mike throws his hands up and smiles. "So why do you want to go?" he asks, laughing.

"I don't know, its my last year, might as well risk it?" she tries to explain, handing her money to the cashier as she and Mike look for Tina.

"Risk what? Experiencing the worst type of humiliation in front of a high school senior party? I don't think its worth it." He sarcastically says, leaning down to give Tina a kiss in the cheek as we settle down in the crowded table.

I shrug my shoulders while unwrapping my sandwich. "It's not like he can do anything bad if you're there." I point out, chewing slowly.

Mike frowns while playing with Tina's hair. "Britt, I'm not going to go later." He announces, tilting his head.

Licking my lips, I give him the puppy dog eyes that never fails. "Please Mike? I want to experience my first party. I want to try this thing you all do—what is it again?" I cluck my tongue and snap my fingers to try and find the right word as Mike's eyes all about pop out of its sockets.

"Drugs?" he hisses, looking at me like I was crazy.

Scowling, I shake my head. "No, gross. Its something else!"

Mike arches an eyebrow at this. "What would you want to do that us teenagers always do in parties?" he asks, chuckling as Tina listens to their conversation attentively.

I snap my fingers and smile. "There! Drinking." I answer, straightening up my body boldly.

My best friend eyes me in disbelief. "That's it? You want to try drinking?" he asks, trying to hold his laughter in.

"Brittany, you've never drank before?"

I blush, rolls my eyes and pout at him. "Sorry for being a loser." I huffed, digging into my pasta.

Mike shakes his head at me. "No, I don't think you're a loser—of course not—its just, if you wanted to try drinking…" he turns to Tina and she does the same. "Why didn't you ask me? I could have went out drinking with you."

I shrug my shoulders and sigh. "It never crossed my mind, I want to go to an actually party. Where teenagers are so weird that they have sex in the stairs and go drinking in the toilets." I explain in complete awe, completely fascinated.

Tina throws her head back and laughs, wiping a non-existent tear away. "God Mike, Brittany is hilarious." She points out, resting her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.

He chuckles at this while nodding. "That's why I love her." He replies, giving me a crinkling smile with his eyes all bunched up. "Shall we help her out Tina?" he coos.

They were so gross in love.

Tina nods enthusiastically. "I'm game for some party night out." She says, agreeing to the request.

Tina was soooo lucky to be Mike's girlfriend. She was a complete nerd—even more nerdy than I am because she was Asian (not to be racist) and her clothes looked like some librarian picked it out for her—and for goodness sake she was a goth before! But ever since Mike and her hit it on, nobody dared touching her. It'd only go bad with Mike.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't in love with my bully but rather be in love with my knight in shining armor best friend who has a wife.

I scrunch my nose up and mentally slap myself.

Gross Brittany. You have a sick mind.

Forgetting about my inner debate, I clap my hands together and jump up and down on my seat. "So we're going?" I ask, humming my voice as Mike and Tina nods.

"Fine. We're going—but—" he holds his finger up to me. "—you're not leaving my sight Pierce." He taunts, chuckling. "There's something fishy about Puckerman."

I roll my eyes playfully and giggle. "There's always something fishy about him." I correct, earning a few nods from my Asian friends.

I sigh and look at them with endless gratitude. Without Tina and Mike, I wouldn't have friends at all. Everybody just seemed… to not like me. I don't know why, I always tried to show how positive I am in life and try to make people laugh by saying weird things but it seemed to push them more away, which sucked for me.

Lucky enough, Mike had been my friend since he moved in during first year and came like a wrecking ball in the field, capturing the coach's heart and the jealousy of his teammates. He had the life I wanted.

Besides the girl of course, Santana Lopez was the only one I had my blue eyes on. You may find it weird but I really feel this connection with her, its like no other and I'm just really upset this feeling of connection is only one-sided. Yet at times I always had second guesses—because I'm pretty sure she looked back at me those many years ago.

I'll never know.

And walking to my second class of the first day of school, they never fail to throw slushies at my face and laugh at me.

This time it was the cheerleaders, and I feel my heart breaking upon seeing Santana point at me with her voice screaming at the top of her lungs as she makes fun of my face. My drenched face.

I can't wait to get out of this school.

The loud music invades my hearing senses as Mike stops his car by the corner of Noah's house. I take a big gulp and try to slow down my erratic breathing as I watch most of my batch mates run out of the house throwing red cups around—and maybe throwing some clothes away too. A boy—who I'm guessing is Sam Evans is making out with a girl by the tall oak tree in the left side of the house and another girl is making out with a … well, girl.

Its not bad to be out and proud in McKinley, they actually find it hot when the same sex starts to make out—back in the old days, when my mom would talk about her high school life, she'd say it'd be a sin and a death wish to come out of the closet but now—now its fine because the modern age is experimenting on one another and good results are coming out of it. So its no secret that I'm out and proud.

My thoughts get interrupted by the door from the back seat opening and Mike bending down to eye-level for me.

"Are you sure you really want to go down?" he asks, looking back at the roudy house as Tina waves at some friends over to her.

I'm fiddling with my fingers as I stare at Mike's dark eyes closely.

Do I want this? Really?

Do I want to experience a crowded dance floor with sweaty hormonal bodies pressing up against one another? Do I want to see people—everyone grinding, humping and kissing each other like an animal on heat?

Am I ready to see Santana—did I ever mention to you that she's the love of my life?— dancing with someone heatedly?

No. I'm not ready, but its now or never right?

So, nodding my head furiously, I try to show Mike that I'm not afraid of a little high school party at Noah Puckerman's house.

Smiling softly at me, he helps me out of the car, closes the door and beeps it shut. I wait for him to move first and as soon as he's walking, Tina catches up to him and they snuggle at each other while opening the door, my nerves going up to the highest peak as I jolt back upon seeing a lemon being tossed from left to right.


Mike laughs at me and grabs my wrists to pull me close to him. He leans to my ear and whispers something to me.

"Call me if you need me okay?" he chuckles, leaning back to wink at me. "Me and Tina are going to go say hi to the others." He adds, nudging his chin to a group of football players.

"You'll be good in your own right?" he continues to ask, his lips suddenly all smiley and everything.

I frown at him and shake my head. This wasn't the plan at all, he can't leave me alone. "You said to stay by you the whole night." I screamed out, cupping my mouth to make my voice louder for him to hear.

Mike chuckles at me some more and stumbles on his feet as Tina begins to drag him to the group of footballers. He turns to her and nods a couple of times.

This isn't Mike.

"I know but Britt, I can't pick you over my lady." he slurs, winking at me like I should get what he means when in fact, I really don't. And I really don't want to be left alone—he knows Noah's going to do something to me and he knows if he leaves me alone—Noah's bound to pop up at some time. I risked coming here for the experience but I risked it because I know my best friend, Mike is going to protect me and now–he's not? What's going on?

"But Mike—" I laughed, eyes dropping as he starts to step away from me. "—Mike, you can't leave me!" I scream, running after him as he is being dragged fast away by Tina. "Mike, Noah!" I try some more, getting closer to him as suddenly I'm being pulled back by Noah himself who fakes a wave at Mike that's now far off distance.

I shiver at his touch as it burns me when Noah's face tilts down and gives me a smirk. "You came." He says, nodding his head. "This is great Brittany." He adds, grinning from ear to ear.

Eyes narrowing at him, I decided not to cause a scene and avoid his green eyes. And wait a second, did he just call me Brittany?

"What did you do to Mike, Noah?" I ask, trying to get rid of his hard grip on me but he only tightens it and chuckles at my resistance. He knew Mike was going to be there for me, he must have planned this. But what could he do to make Mike like this?

"Who doesn't love cupcakes?" he replies back, double-meaning in his words as I scrunch up my face. What did he mean by cupcakes? He gave Mike cupcakes and he suddenly forgot about me?

Noah rolled his eyes and gave me a hard look. "You know Pierce, for someone smart—you're not so smart after all." He taunts, pulling me with him as I squeak in pain, trying to see if anyone can help me but everybody's too busy dancing and drinking.

Shit, what made me want to go here again?

"Noah, let go of me." I begged, tugging at his hand as I try to grab for something to make me go away from him.

He feels me trying to do something and tugs me closer to him, wrapping his arm around my waist as I punch his chest a couple of times. "Don't worry sweetheart…" he husks to my ear, making me cringe at the foul stench of his breath and also just him being close to me. "I didn't invite you to the party." He ends, causing my eyes to widen.


"What?" I voice my thoughts, looking at him with narrowed eyes as he continues to pull me through the crowd, only stopping as we come to the biggest couch in the living room.

We stop and he pushes me forward. "You heard me." He says, clucking his tongue. "Why would I want you in the party?" he asks, laughing at her.

I furrow my eyebrows and stare at him curiously while massaging my wrist. He held it too tight and now its kind of aching. "Then who—"

"Brittany S. Pierce." Says a thrilling voice from behind me, causing my breathe to stop as I turn around on the heel of my foot and make eye contact with deep brown eyes.


Biting my lower lip as I stagger to walk back and away from her, I'm stopped in my tracks by Noah's body blocking the way. He crosses his arms together and nudges his head to Santana.

"Brought her here, now what?" he asks, crossing his arms as he pushes me forward, closer to Santana.

What is going on?

Santana, who has a bottle of beer on her left hand, waves him off and smirks at me. "Now you can go." She replies, not bothering to even give him a goodbye look as I hear him scoff and mutter a 'whatever' before leaving the space.

I gulp upon realizing its just me and Santana now. Not alone, but alone in a way that its only us that we're both staring at. And it makes me wonder—because why does she want me? Why?

"Don't think I want to be friends with you blondie." She hisses, taking a swig of her beer. "I'm only here—" she drags slowly, wiping some droplets of beer out of her chin as she continues. "—to get to know you better."

Taking a few steps back, I come in contact with the front of the couch and stop to look down on it, thinking if I should go sit down when all of a sudden I'm being pushed to sit on it. I fall on my butt with a thump and open my eyes to see Santana smirking at me. She's placing the tip of her right finger to her lips and with a touch, she starts to lick her finger up and down.

I gulp, feeling something inside of my pants start to harden.

She continues to smirk at me while taking another big gulp of beer before dropping down on my thighs, her tan legs on both ends of my body.

She twirls a strand of my blonde hair as I feel my breathing go a bit ragged.

This must be a dream.

She wiggles on my body and I clench my fists upon feeling my member down below, inside my pants—start to twitch and I really hope she doesn't feel it.

You see, nobody knows about me having a male lower part under my pants. It's a secret of mine that not even Mike knows. I'm embarrassed of it, very much embarrassed and the reason why nobody has ever known, felt or seen it is because no one ever had the initiation to get close to me in a sexual way.

Santana's the first.

"Tell me blondie—" she chokes out, leaning close to rub her lips against my earlobe. "—don't you ever wonder why I bully you?" she husks, caressing my cheek.

I cough and try to steady my breaths because its getting very hot in here.

"Don't you?" Santana asks harshly, tugging on my chin so I can stare at her very brown but dark eyes. We're so close our noses are touching and I'm turning beet red because I've never been this close to anyone before. Not even my brother's pet dog.

"I—I—" I stutter out, not knowing what to say because I'm too bothered with the way she swaying her hips on my lap. I'm too busy keeping my member in control because if I don't, my life is very much doomed.

"Hmm?" Santana hums, smirking at me as she traces the line of my jaw, down to the tip-top of my sweater. "And this sweater—" she hisses, pulling it a slight bit away from my skin before letting it go, making it smack against my chest as I let out a whimper. "—its so hot and you're wearing a sweater?" she asks in disbelief, chuckling at me.

I literally have no words. I don't get why the girl who I'm practically in love with, who has been torturing and making fun of me for years is all of a sudden grinding on my lap while seductively eyeing me like she actually wants me.

"Are you going to answer any of my questions?" Santana asks roughly, pushing herself to sit properly on my lap with a scowl.

I shake my head then nod my head and then shake it again before cursing at myself for looking stupid.

Santana giggles though and it causes me too peek up at her through my eyelashes.

"You know blondie, it's a shame I have to bully you for my—" hiccup. "—reputation." She ends, cupping her mouth as she feels something about to throw up before calming down, back on my lap.

"Wanna know why it's a shame?" she asks, giggling uncontrollably as she reaches out for the beer she placed on the coffee table before taking another swig and then placing it back. "And you're gonna love this." She growls, bopping our noses together.

I blush at the action. What is happening?

She taps her chin and smirks at me. "It's a shame... because you're fucking hot." She growls seductively, rolling her hips more to me, causing me to jerk in place.

Control. Control.

"Like that?" she taunts, chuckling as she continues her ministrations. "Mhmm. That's right, I think you're super hot blondie." She repeats, arching her back so her boobs would meet my eyes.

And I'm flustered because she finds me hot.

I mean, its no brainer that I know I'm not bad looking at all, I'm actually easy on the eyes and so is my body. I've been training on dancing and ballet since the day I was born and it all stopped when my dad told me dancing will never get me anywhere so I decided to study instead—but I still danced from time to time to keep my body in shape.

As a matter of fact, I'd join the cheerleading team if it wasn't for my dad's words.

"Stop thinking." Santana husks, leaning forward to lick my earlobe—which caught me by total surprise, making me have a big jolt in my body and momentarily lose control of my penis.

Which is too late now because I'm pretty sure Santana felt that poke from my member.

Stupid male genitals.

And she does because she stops grinding on me and pauses for a moment. Her eyes narrow on me and she has her nose scrunched up so high its so adorable to look at. All I wanted to do is kiss her nose and take a picture of her.

She places her hand against my chest and chokes out a laugh.

"Okay—" she drawls, shaking her head. "—what was that?" she asks in a hiss, head bowing down to stare at the space between her thighs, and to my crotch too. "Are you—wearing—a strap on?" she chokes out, giving me a bewildered look.

My mouth's open, agape and there are no words spilling out of my mouth because she can't know. Out of everyone in the whole world—I didn't want Santana to know, I didn't want her to hate me more than she already did and she just can't know. I'm about to say yes, I do have a strap on but then I thought to myself that it would confuse the fact as to why I'm wearing one and before I could tell myself to say that having a strap on for some sort of reason is better than her knowing I actually have a penis, Santana's hand is already shooting down and grabbing my member—hard.

It makes me hiss. It makes me throw my head back and bite my lower lip because fuck, that really hurts.

"Ow." I whimper, closing my eyes shut to ignore the sudden rush of adrenaline and arousal at the thought that Santana is touching me—and the only boundary left is my pants.

I peek at Santana's face, which is scrunched up in awe and curiosity before testing the waters and rubbing my clothed cock slowly. It sends jolts of pleasure all-throughout my body as my body snaps up and I'm holding her arms still so she could stop whatever she's doing before I explode.

No one has ever touched me before.

We stare at each other before Santana's eyes go wide in shock.

"Oh my—" before she could finish her yell, I'm covering her mouth and turning a 180 degrees rotation with my head to see if anyone noticed, it's a good thing their too busy with their own things.

I let go of Santana's mouth and nibble on my lower lip.

The cat's out of the bag, I'm going to be teased and bullied on way worse than the usual which is going to be so bad and I think I might kill myself because I'm pretty sure the love of my life thinks I'm a weirdo.

Which I am of course, a freak too.

Feeling the down weight of my future, I go to push Santana away and make a run for it before she's throwing her legs back up to a standing position. I stare at her from below, on the couch—and she's fixing her hair, adjusting her dress and taking a deep breath.

She grabs her bottle of beer and turns to me, grabbing my wrist whilst pulling me up and boy, is she strong. That's what you get when you're a cheerleader.

"Santana, I—"

I couldn't finish my explanation before she's holding a finger up to me. "Save it." She hisses, eyes suddenly dark with something as she tugs me towards the staircase.

And seriously, what is it with people wanting to tug me all the time? I can walk you know.

As we slowly go up the stairs and pass by people throwing a football around the place, I try to catch up to Santana's steps as we stop in front of a room. My eyes go wide as she grabs a key from a picture frame beside it and clicks it open, pulling me in and pushing me away from the door as she locks it and drops the key away from her.

I fall on the bed with a thud and stare at her with wide eyes as she strips out of her tight black dress.


Jumping out of the bed, I grab her wrists to stop her from undressing herself and flush a deep shade of red when I glance and see beautiful round breasts being cupped high by a red lacy bra.

"Let go." Santana gurgles, fighting me off as I am momentarily distracted by her breasts.

I shake my head erratically. "I—I cant, We—cant." I shot back, feeling my fingertips quiver when I feel Santana push me back to the bed, my senses all waivering at just the fact Santana wants to undress herself in front of me.

Santana smirks at my gob-smacked face and turns around so all I see is her half-exposed back. She looks at me by turning her head slightly to the side and flashes me a wink. "I know you want this." She husks, slowly letting her dress slide down.

I shake my head and then nod again before rolling my eyes at myself. How much of a loser am I?

"Santana—don't." I tried, voice breaking when the dress drops to her feet. "Santana—your reputation." I croaked, eyes bulging out of my sockets when I see her strutting her way towards me. "Santana—" I say again, whimpering when she drops to my lap one more time in the day. I close my eyes and say, "Santana I'm a nerd."

There's silence and I slowly open my eyes only to be met by Santana's dark lustful eyes. She feels lust for me, how in the world did I get into this situation?

She licks her lips and cups my cheeks. "That's a kink I've been trying to check off of my sexlist." She shots back sexily, leaning in the small space of distance between us to connect our lips, making me let go of every self-control I have and just have her.

I mean, when's the next time am I going to have Santana on my lap begging to have sex with me? Never. And also, when's the next time when I'll finally lose my virginity without any more people knowing about my hidden member?

Its only Santana.

There's a reason why she wants me now and it's my only chance, so I kiss her back, hungrily—dotting my tongue out to beg for her lip's entrance and hum in delight upon feeling my tongue being surrounded by hot wet heat.

She moans and it makes my cock twitch from under my tight pants as she grinds down on me and pinches my cheeks tighter, causing me to kiss her harder even though this is my first kiss too. It's perfect though, I know it is.

And as I kiss her hard and hotly, I feel her hands let go of my cheeks and slowly go down my body, passing by my boobs before stopping at my pants' zipper. I groan when I feel her palm brush ever so not innocently at the bulge I have. She giggles at my frustration and brings her hands to my hands that are resting on the bed sheets.

She holds them and brings it up while we kiss some more, battling for each others tongues to be the dominant one when all of a sudden I feel her put my hands on her chest, squeezing my hands to make my hands squeeze her plump breasts too. It makes both of us groan and then giggle when our teeth bump one another.

She hisses when I boldly fold her bra down and cup her breasts, tweaking the hard nipple playfully before pinching it between my forefingers. She groans, breaking our kiss to throw her head back and arch to my touch while grinding down on my clothed cock harder, causing me to gasp and bite my lip hard—it wouldn't surprise me at all if it started to bleed.

Santana chuckles and continues to roll her hips on me and all of a sudden I'm so frustrated with her just grinding on me that I flip our positions and throw her back on the bed, making her squeal in surprise at the sudden force.

She eyes me hungrily before pulling my sweater down on her and connecting our lips again in a searing kiss. Its all hot and smoky when I feel her unbutton my zipper, tug it all the way down and sneak her hand in the hole to lightly touch my cock.

And just like that, I buck my hips and fall half on top of her, causing her to giggle at my actions.

"Fuck…" I gasp, never knowing how amazing it feels to make someone else—better the one you love—touch your most intimate part.

"You like that?" husks Santana as she pushes herself up and leans on her free elbow to kiss the corner of my lips, chuckling while caressing my cock that's hiding inside my pants. "Mhmm, its so hot." She adds, moaning.

I moan as well and thrust on her hand, wanting some sort of contact when she snickers at me and pulls me down for a real kiss. While we kiss, she brings my hard cock out of my pants as it hangs outside the hole of my jeans—where my zipper is unzipped. And to others it'd look confusing from behind because I'm still on my pants and you can see Santana slowly stroking something but if you look in front, you'll see her rubbing the tip of my cock as it lets out some precum.

We moan at the feeling of my wet cum come out to Santana's palm as she uses it as lube to stroke my cock to its hardest and longest size—if it wasn't at its best already. I'm not new to sex, I mean yes, I'm a virgin but I've always watched porn—being the techy nerd and curious virgin that I am and it never fails to give me some sort of knowledge on sex.

Feeling myself about to explode because wow—I never knew being intimate felt this good, I try to distract myself by rubbing Santana's clothed center which okay—No. It did not help at all—it actually made it much worse because now she's crumbling and being a whimpering mess and stroking my cock harder and faster while telling me to rub her harder too.


"Ugh." Santana moans, throwing her head back to break out of the kiss as she tries to get some friction from my fingers which I try my best to pleasure her. "Come on." She growls, squeezing my dick hard to make me do something.

It works, and now to remove the pain of not wanting to embarrassingly cum first, I push her lacy panties to the side and slowly insert a finger in, groaning when I feel how wet she is. It so hot inside of her and I can't help myself when I push all the way in and stay there, waiting for her to calm down because who would've thought Santana was a needy horny girl?

"Fuck me." She begs, moving her hips to help me start what I just gotten myself into.

Ha, get it? Gotten myself into. In. You know, In. Yup, not a good distraction too.

I nod my head and start pumping my fingers (yup, added a second on) in and out of her, loving the sounds that comes out of her pouty lips while I start to fuck her pussy hard, slamming my palm in and out of her in a fast pace, the wet smacking sound of her folds causing me to get so turned on as I start to fuck her hand hard too, thrusting my hips up and down as she screams and clenches my finger tight before letting go of my cock and pushing me away by my chest, signaling for me to stop.

I pant and look at her worriedly, wondering if she realized having sex with a nerd is a bad thing before I saw her smirk and lick her lips sensually.

"God—" she moans, cracking her neck in pleasure. "Wow—who knew you could fuck blondie." She giggles, tilting her head to the side as she trails her hand down her body and rips her panty out of her body, throwing it to the floor with a grin still plastered on her lips as she reaches down, grabs my cock, strokes it a couple of time before leaning in to my ear—real close.

"Is this your first time?" she asks me, her sexy sultry voice causing the goose bumps to appear in my body as I clench the sheets tight.

Gulping, I nod slowly. "Y-Yeah." I breathe out, hoping to sound sexy to her which yay works because she's whimpering and biting her lip with so much lust.

Popping her lips, Santana chuckles and adjusts herself on the bed. "Okay." She hums, smacking her lips. "Then you my lucky blondie—" she husks, leaning in to nudge her nose against mine affectionately. "—can do absolutely anything you want. Your choice." She finishes, smiling at me with the most sincere smile ever.

And wow, Santana's just so beautiful when she's vulnerable and drunk. Hm.


It wasn't like I had a choice in this matter. I know I never had a choice anyways. After all, this girl was irresistible, and who am I to deny her?

Who am I to deny her—under me, asking me if she could take my virginity away? Who am I to deny an offer to make love to the love of my life? Which could possibly be the only and last time? Who am I really?

So with a nod, I gulp and settle her back down on the bed gently before lavishing her lips with a searing kiss, then letting it go with a pop as I suck on her right nipple while pinching her left one, making her distracted so that by the time I line my cock to her entrance, I enter her slowly and nearly cum right then and there because wow. So that's what sex feels like.

Santana moans loudly, biting her palm to keep herself steady when she feels my cock enter her even deeper, and its no shock to me really—I'm quite big on the size.

"Fuck, that's huge." She groans, causing me to giggle at her—feeling confident all of a sudden as I push myself more into her and again, wow. Santana feels absolutely amazing.

"You—You—"I stutter out my question, blushing a dark shade of red as I watch Santana quiver at my touch which is weird because that should be me.

And oh yeah, there goes my confidence. Out the window, bye.

Santana finishes my half-asked question though. "Yeah, I'm okay." She husks out, eyes clenched shut in pleasure as I pull out only so that the tip of my cock is in before going back inside her, causing us both to scream in pleasure.

I hiss a bit because the edge of the zipper accidentally hit my sensitive cock and I don't know why but I find it kind of hot how my member's just peeking out of my pants while fucking Santana—scratch that, love making I mean.

"Faster." Moaned my crush/bully, tugging at my sweater hard to show how much she wanted me and honestly, its really hot in here because I'm still clothed as a baby and she's naked as a baby.


Taking a deep breath, I start to thrust, remembering all those sex-ed porn videos I watched at home before finally getting comfy and thrusting into Santana like I mean it, leaning forward to steady myself on the bed as I keep fucking her pussy like a dog in heat—so I guess I won't be asking myself why teenagers have to be so horny nowadays.

Touche at you Brittany.

"Yea—" Santana moans, biting her inner cheek. "There, oh." It seems like I found the spot and I grab her under her thighs to put her in a bit higher position so I have a better angle before going back in and drilling her wet pussy like she asked me to.

Santana hands shot up to my neck and she's groaning. "Oh fuck there!" she shouts, nodding her head while peppering kisses all around my face. "Uhu-h" she chokes out, squeezing my cock with her pussy.

I moan and adjust myself some more before going back to fucking her hard, I couldn't help but spill out my thoughts. "Fuck you're so hot." I moan, licking my lips—I need to push her over the edge soon or I'm a goner. "I bet—you love my cock." I spit out, blushing because I'm wishing she didn't hear me stutter there.

Santana nods her head furiously and suddenly stops, her pussy squeezing my cock hard as I thrust into her deep as in deep and we both stop moving as she screams my name and cums hard, her wetness leaking out of her pussy and drenching mine as I pull out and cum at her abs, jaw dropping at the sight.

Santana collapses and falls on the bed, pulling myself on top of her as she giggles and gives me a chaste kiss.

"Mhmm…" she moans, giggling while kissing my nose and I'm really wondering if this is Santana or not. "Are you sure you're a virgin?" she jokes, combing my hair.

I smirk and snuggle closer to her, but not before tucking my soft member inside my pants again and zipping it shut. "Not anymore?" I question back, causing her to roll her eyes at me playfully before brown eyes start to droop.

Smiling at her because she's so beautiful and amazing, I kiss her forehead and tell her to sleep.

Santana nods and drifts into the dreamscape and seconds after admiring her beauty, so did I.

Okay so hello, that's right I'm back in school, with fresher clothes and gum in my mouth because I forgot to brush my teeth this morning but that's not the problem here. Nope, the problem is I'm heartbroken and sad. Want to know why?

I woke up today by myself in Noah's guestroom with sticky bed sheets. Santana's clothes were also gone and I panicked for a while thinking it was just a dream before looking back at the sticky sheets and yeah okay—it was most definitely real.

Not wanting to cause a scene after I hear Noah ramming the door, I escaped through the window, went to my house—changed very fast and went to school with a broken heart.

Santana just left me.

How could she?

And as I close my lockers after grabbing my books, I'm suddenly being pulled by the back part of another favorite sweater of mine and into an empty astronomy room.

Blinking my eyes to adjust to the brightness coming from the windows, I see Santana with a fixed glare on my face.

I gulp and try to look for an escape route, ignoring the intense beating of my heart.

Santana scowls at me and marches to my face, poking hard at my chest. "Fuck you." she growls, clenching my sweater tight as she threateningly glares at me. "How dare you take advantage of me."

Eyes widening, I shake my head at her. "No—Santana I didn't—"

"Don't you dare lie to me." She hisses, bunching my top higher, crumpling it so hard I feel like its about to rip. "What in the right mind told you—a loser nerd—that you could have sex with me?"

I shiver and feel tears pooling on the edge of my lids. "I didn't—" I start, taking slow deep breaths. "You were so—You wanted to—"

"I didn't want anything from you." she shouts, pushing me back so I'd hit the teacher's desk as she rubs her forehead, frustrated.

After a while, she runs back to me and points at my chest, poking it harder than a while ago. "You better not tell anyone. Not your parents, not your dolls—not your comic books and especially, not boy Chang." She curses at me, her scowl turning deeper if possible.

I feel my heart breaking but I had to be strong. "I wo—I wont." I mumble, ignoring the heavy feeling of my chest.

So she didn't feel it?

Santana clucks her tongue and pushes my books away from the desk, letting it fall to the ground. "You better not." She repeats, crossing her arms together as she smirks. "Or I'll tell the whole school about your secret member." She snarls, eyes narrowing at my crotch as I blush.

"Deal?" she says, pinky holding up to me as I cower away a bit before relaxing, tilting my head to the side as I examine her held out pinky, not knowing what to do.

Santana rolls her eyes and shoves the pinky closer to me. "Don't ask. Just something that I do, so cross on it." She demands, taunting me a I slowly pull out my pinky and intertwine it with hers before she lets go, walks to the door and looks at me one last time.

"Don't tell anyone about that too." She mumbles, walking out and slamming the door shut as I fight my tears and pick up my books.

What kind of fairytale is this?

There you have it! the first chapter of Fuck Buddies.

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