For Madi Merek's Flash Fiction Contest
Check it out at: wp.(delete)me/p4diqp-82

Prompt: Really hot picture and the word "steamy"
Word Count: 200

Notes: I got 2nd place. And though the characterization is a bit vague, I—most of the time—visualize Edward and yeah.

Against the metal, so cold beneath my flesh, goosebumps racing from where your fingertips tickle from my shoulders to my decolletage and down, down, down. You whisper sweet, sweet words in my ear. Holding me close. Squeezing me so, so tight. Tracing the lines of my agonized longing as I trace the colors on your arms, your neck, hidden beneath your clothes.

"Here…" Your breath so warm and steamy on my face as you exhale your pleasure over and over, one thrust and then two, stepping closer, until all I can feel is the desire speeding through your veins and into mine until we're intertwined together, forever, or at least for just this moment.

"You…" I can't think. I can't talk. I can't breathe. And I hate how it all comes so easy to you. How you render me incoherent with just the barest touch of your lips, your fingertips, that pointed passion from below.

"Me…" You're teasing, lifting that perfect side of your face into that stupid sexy smirk I hate and yet love so much. Hoisting my thigh just barely. Stopping me from pulling you in. Tortured by how close you are, by how far you are.