She was so angry with him she just couldn't get herself in check, how dare he? Who the hell did he think he was, after everything, she went to the top of the stairs and screamed "Dixon!" she saw his eyes dart up to her, everyone else in the block stopped dead they turned around to watch the next episode of the Daryl and Beth Show.

Daryl looked around the room then stormed up to her trying to grab her arm so they could have this discussion in private, Daryl preferred his personal life kept well personal. He took a second shot at grabbing her and she pulled her knife from its sheath and stuck it to his throat, he stopped dead narrowing his eyes at her "You think your pretty fucking clever don't you?"

"I told you to stay out of my cell, I told you to leave me alone!" She glared at him.

He grabbed her wrist and twisted her so she was locked next to him and her knife was on the floor

"And you told me you loved me" He whispered into her face, the hurt and pain in his voice made her finally meet his eyes, and he could see the tears welling in hers.

"Then why?"

"Why what? Why do I want you to leave me alone? Why did I tell you never to touch me again? Jesus Daryl if you have to ask? If I have to explain it to you then, like I said stay out of my cell, stay out of my life and stop hurting me!" a sob escaped her and Daryl released his grip on her arm, letting it drop to her side she stared at him a little longer then scooped down to pick up her knife shoving it away, she turned on her heel and disappeared, he let out a sigh.

Daryl slammed down the stairs two at a time, fucking women, he noticed everyone was staring at him "What you never seen two people argue before? Damn" he stormed outside into the yard and let the cold night air swallow him, lighting a cigarette he headed towards the fence, always made him feel good to kill something when he was in a bad mood, to dark to go hunting have to settle for some walkers. He started taking out the walkers through the fence with his hunting knife, thinking about Beth, she had finished things, he had bloody well given her everything, and she had thrown it back in his face, left him like everyone else had in his life, he felt tears stinging the corners of his eyes and he blinked hard, he wasn't a girl, he could hear Merle's voice mocking him in his head, "What's up Darleen? Couldn't even keep a teenage girl happy?"

"Shut Up!" He screamed as he stabbed another walker in front of him.

"Well I hadn't actually said anything but ok" Daryl turned to find Michonne stood there with her hands on her hips staring at him.

"What? I suppose you've come to lecture me to?"

Michonne looked at Daryl, they had an almost kindred relationship, they hardly spoke but when they did it was for a good reason "Your an idiot!"

"Tell me something I don't know" he kicked at the ground with his boot and waited to hear her out.

She shook her head and walked over to a grassed area near the fence and sat down, legs straight out in front and hands casually behind her propping up her skinny frame and stared at the fence. Daryl walked over and squatted next to her, lighting another smoke.

"Daryl Dixon, you can tame a wild beast, you can track a deer for hours, you can shoot a walker at 30 feet but you can't see what the hell is going on right in front of your face." He went to interrupt her but she shook her head to shush him "I have spent weeks now training with Beth, teaching her to defend herself and kill those idiotic things the wrong side of the fence." she stuck her chin out to indicate the groaning monsters behind the fence. "And do you know what I have to put up with for three hours a day? Daryl's done this, Daryl's done that." she shook her head and looked at him "She's in love with you, you had to fight to be with her, you had to fight to keep her safe, you had to fight your own god damn demons to let her in, and now you walk away like a simple minded idiot."

He took a long drag of his cigarette and thought about what she had said, she let the silence flow, turning her head back to look at the fence. "I hear ya, but I don't understand Michonne, I ain't really good with women"

Michonne puffed out her breath and smiled sometimes he was so innocent "She's insecure too, Daryl! She's young, innocent, well till you corrupted her." Her grin turned the corners of her mouth up, when she noticed his frown deepen. "Daryl she needs to know your not going to leave her, she needs to know you love her. If you can't tell her then you will loose the only thing in this world that can see through your shit and love you!" Michonne didn't wait for him to say anything she stood and walked away from him, he sat and watched her go.

Daryl rubbed his hands over his face and slowly rose to his feet, what if he told her and she laughed and rejected him? What if it really was to late and he had lost her forever? Could he take another rejection? He hadn't realised that his feet had carried him back to the prison, huffing to himself he pushed the door open and went into the main room, Rick was sat talking quietly with Carol so he went up the stairs quickly to his perch, knowing that Beth was in the cell just opposite, he sat on his make shift bed and stared into the darkness, could he go back? Could he be the old Daryl? He knew all along that girls like her never loved men like him, but Michonne said …..."

He was pushed out of his thoughts but the sound of crying, he looked up sensing someone close, realising she was standing right in front of him, openly weeping, defeat and pain filling her whole body her shoulders drooped, he put his hand up and grabbed hers pulling her into his arms, she curled into his chest and cried, he knew she had lost so much but he didn't know how to make it better, he felt for her but everyone kept talking about love, how was he suppose to know if he loved her or not? Hershel had been gone from them now for over two months and that is when their problems had begun. He rocked her slowly, kissing her on top of her head, eventually she cried herself to sleep and Daryl pulled his blanket over her so she would be comfortable, he sat next to her waiting for the morning to come.

His eyes snapped open and he looked over to his right she was gone, damn he thought they would be able to talk this morning. He looked into her cell and she wasn't there but her knife and sword were gone, what the hell? He ran his hand through his hair "Shit!"

He ran down the stairs into the main living area, Carol was in there "Hey, you um seen Beth?"

Carol looked up "She mumbled something about training and disappeared outside"

Daryl thanked her and went out into the yard, expecting to see her and Michonne on the front lawn laying into each other as was usual, but they weren't there, Michonne was up in the guard tower.

He turned slowly, surveying the whole of the yard, she was nowhere to be seen, when he got to the far guard tower he stared hard something wasn't quite right and he clicked her bike was gone, he ran back indoors taking the steps up to the perch two at a time, mumbling under his breath about stupid women. He grabbed his weapons and his bags for his motorbike, then through himself back outside and across the yard, he took sometime to strap the bags onto his bike, then jumping onto to start her spinning up stones he raced for the gate, Rick was stood there "Which way Rick?" He didnt have to ask twice, Rick told him where she was headed "And you let her fucking go by herself?"

Rick didn't answer just swung open the gate to let Daryl free, when he found her was going to kick he bloody head in!

Daryl sped down the road watching for any sign of her, he had gotten closer to town when he saw her bike pulled into the hedge by the side of the road, what an idiot he had been to teach her how to ride, and then provide her with a means to kill herself to? He shook his head and pulled his bike up next to hers, he was fuming now.

He tracked her across the grass further into town, it was the sound of fighting that made him pick up speed, he couldn't leave her alone for ten minutes. He crept closer to building in front of him, peering around the corner he saw her parry her opponent then step under the arm he swung at her Daryl took aim and let and bolt fly into his head, he dropped instantly "I had that under control thanks" Beth shouted out loud in his direction

"Anytime" Daryl stated as he came around the corner.

"You don't have to be my hero anymore!" she stated to him, grabbing up her bag she slung it over he shoulder. Daryl followed her slowly watching her from behind, he was getting angry again and he really just wanted to talk.

"What the hell Beth? you go out by yourself, I find you fighting some dude so I kill him and your the one that gets to walk away?!" He was so angry yet the last bit sounded so weak she stopped in mid-step.

"I said I had it" she said, Daryl walked up behind her, he wanted so badly to pull her into his arms and tell her everything she wanted to hear from him, that he would love her forever, that he would stay with her but all he did was stand there staring aimlessly, she took off again towards the shop and he followed silently.

"I needed time" she said as she swung open the door to go through, Daryl caught it with his left hand, waiting as she went into the shop with he katana drawn. They quickly discovered that the pharmacy wasn't empty, so she started looking at all of the shelves picking up things that she thought would be useful "Do you remember our first ride out?" she asked as she looked around, Daryl grunted so she continued, he was now gnawing on his thumb, she rolled her eyes at him. "We went to that pond and we swam in the sun, we made love on the decking. Do you remember Daryl?"

How could he forget? It was full of first times, first time she had ever said she loved him, the first time he had felt wanted, needed, cared for and what had he done? He had walked away from her, Damn having issues, he closed his eyes tight, seeing it play over in his mind.

"Daryl?" her voice came from right in front of him "I said do you remember?"

"Yes." he said without looking up.

"Then you remember I told you I loved you?" He could feel himself shaking, this was it this was the moment were she said it, thanks for the laughs Daryl now get out of my life, but he wasn't going to let her go away that easy, he grabbed her and lifted her swiftly off her feet kissing her hard, his tongue fighting with hers for dominance, they clutched at each other, he bit her bottom lip slowly and she moaned in pleasure and tipped her head backwards, his lips travelled down her neck nibbling, and kissing, she moaned again Daryl, encouraged went further down to the opening of her shirt, kissing her slightly exposed breasts where her top button had come undone.

"Daryl" she moaned "Daryl!" her voice changed and he suddenly became alert, but it was to late he felt something hard hit his head then he was out cold.