Last one but a good one, I am pleased with this little chapter, keeping it all on a high note xx

Beth bounced out of bed first thing in the morning, pulling on her tight jeans and a warm hoodie over her t-shirt, then her strong boots, slipping her knife into the boots and a second into the sheaf at her hip, she pushed her sword over he back securing it in a safe position at her back, she made her way downstairs, grabbing a plate of food quickly she ate it down and stood up making her way to the exit, making her way over to her bike.

"Where exactly do you think your going?" his gruff voice came from beside the sheds.

"Out, want to get me some things." she said.

"Ain't going on your own" he grumbled.

"I am a big girl Daryl." she sighed at him.

"No woman of mine goes off out there without me, you find some guy sexier than me and run off with them" he joked, she rolled her eyes at him and jumped on her bike revving the engine.

"Catch me if you can" she said taking off towards the gate, Carl swung it open quickly and she darted around the smallest gap, opening her bike up on the dirt track, she knew he would catch her his bike had more power than hers but it would be fun to play chase.

Hitting the tarmac she opened it up further, she could hear him coming up behind her and she opened full throttle, then wind ripping through her hair she smiled at the freedom, she felt heading towards the nearest town she knew what she wanted she just needed to find them. Stopping her bike at the first house she kicked down the stand and got off, Daryl pulled in behind her, following suit.

"You ride that bike like an idiot" he grumbled unstrapping his crossbow from the front of his "you going to tell me what we are looking for?" he asked her following her up the steps of the first house.

"I don't and stuff" she answered banging hard on the front door.

"Stuff, and yes you do" he was standing next to her looking suspicious.

"Well you taught me how to ride, you taught me how to ride a lot of things" she smiled as she opened the door stepping back so Daryl could kill the walker that was coming towards them.

"There are times woman that I wish I had never done that." he rolled his eyes going off towards the kitchen looking for dead things to kill again, she smiled and walked off up the stairs towards the bedroom, it took them twelve houses before she had found everything she had wanted, she came down the stairs to find Daryl stood at the front window, his hand held up to silence her she was instantly on alert, pulling her sword up she looked around for the danger, he turned slightly.

"Herd" he stated, she nodded moving quietly to the dinning room collecting a chair and handing it back to Daryl, then went back to collect another to secure the back door, nothing they could do now but sit it out, he pointed up the stairs and she followed him up there.

"Might as well get comfy" he said jumping on the huge bed in the room and cocking an eyebrow at her.

"You have a one track mind Mr Dixon" she smiled and walked off, towards the bathroom next door she went in and locked the door behind her opening her bag she pulled out the stockings and basque she had found looking at herself in the mirror she decided why not, she changed quickly, it took her a few minutes to clip the stockings into place, she had never worn anything like this before and she was sure after a few intense words there must be an art to it. She slipped on a pair of extremely high black heels, she had found in another house then let her hair down running a brush through it she had found on the shelf above the sink, she walked carefully back to the bedroom and took a deep breath as she opened the door, Daryl was led on his side on the bed fiddling with something when she walked in.

"Wanted to say something to ya" he said without turning over to look at her, she pursed her lips at him.

"And that would be?" he flipped over on the bed and looked her up and down as she pulled a pose she had seen one of the women in his magazine pull.

"Fuck" he growled.

"Bet that wasn't it" she giggled, as she walked more fully into the room remembering to close the door behind her, she sat down on the edge of the bed stretching her legs out infront of her, so he could see her more fully. She felt his hand tentatively move up her stockinged legs, his calloused fingers catching slightly on the soft material.

"You look like a fucking wet dream" he sighed.

"Your not dreaming Dixon" she led right back, placing her head on the pillow "What were you playing with?" she asked him.

"What?" she pointed towards the other side of the bed. "Oh just one of them polaroid camera's, was just seeing if it worked." he mumbled his hand continuing its investigation of her body.

"And does it?" she sighed.

"Not sure" he kissed her shoulder.

"Try it" she smiled at him, he looked stunned for a minute then pulled the camera across, she suddenly felt really nervous, but as he pointed the camera at her she looked up into the lens and put her finger into her mouth, she continue to pose, recreating the different positions she had seen in the magazine, she could tell from the look on his face and bulge in his trousers that this was turning him, every time one of the photographs came out of the camera he placed it on the end of the bed and took another, her heart raced she could feel the wetness between her legs growing, every time the flash went off, she pulled her panties to one side, taking a chance to really try and push him over the edge she pushed one of her fingers inside her, the camera went off again then her finger was joined with his tongue.

"Can't do it no more" he said she removed her finger and pushed it into his mouth, he sucked it reverently then placed his head back down to her "So fucking wet" he grumbled, his tongue tickling her swollen nub, she was panting hard, she could feel the explosion coming but when it took her she screamed his name "Going to take you now" he pulled himself up between her legs and pushed himself into her in one fluid movement, pushing deep and fast, she felt so full. "Your so tight, so warm" his movements grew faster and more desperate as he got closer to his release pushing her towards her own, as his head bent down and took the flesh of her semi naked breast into his mouth she felt her own release fold over her, her muscles clamping down on his member, pushing him to the edge, he called her name out like a prayer and collapsed one her.

"Fuck" he said again.

"That was..." she sighed into his hair, his head resting on her chest, she felt him pull out of her and move over to the side of the bed, pulling up the photographs they had taken.

"Don't need no magazine's no more, got me my own porn star" he cracked a smile at her blushing, she went to swipe the pictures from his hands but he shook his head no. "Mine" he said to her, she frowned seemed like such a good idea at the time.

"Daryl what did you want to say to me?" she asked, he looked up at her then placed the pictures on the side he went to the end of the bed slipping the heels from her feet then pulled the duvet up over her he climbed in beside her.

"Wanted to thank you" he said curling up behind her wrapping his arms around her.

"Thank me for what exactly, winding you up, being a pain in arse in general, riding my bike like I stole it? You can stop me at anytime you know" she said sleepily.

"I wanted to thank you for teaching me." he whispered.

"Teaching you what, think your the one that's been teaching me" she felt his arms pull her tighter against him.

"Teaching me to love, I have really enjoyed learning to love, can't wait for my next lesson." pulling her hair to one side he kissed her shoulder tenderly.

"Keep doing that and your lesson won't be too much longer" she sighed.

"Another hour and I might keep you to that" she felt his hot breath against her should and shuddered, she closed her eyes letting the sleep wash over her.

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