Disclaimer: All rights to warrior cats go to Erin Hunter, and I do not claim to have come up with the idea for this, lolkittie64 did.

Epic Rap Battles of the four clans!

Cloudtail vs Swiftpaw!



Look whose risen from the dead,

Swifty's back!

My claws are sharpened,

Ready to attack!

And who am I facing? Oh, the Kittypet!

This battle's won and it hasn't even started yet!

So, I died, but saving a friend!

I fought my hardest till the very end!

Let me listen, what did you do?

Silence, I hear? I thought so too!


You're just an apprentice, so you can talk!

You can wag your jaw, but can you walk the walk?

Just keep in mind, Brightheart chose me over you!

Our life began, but yours was through!

Listen closely, Swifty, you'll wish that you hid!

I'll shred you to pieces, just like the dogs did!


Don't you dare bring Brightheart into this!

Oh, and if you can shred me, take a shot, you'll surely miss!

I may be younger, but I'd beat you down anyday!

You were Brightheart's second choice anyway!

See these claws? They're headed right at your face!

This apprentice is about to put you back in your place.


So, you've got claws? I never could tell!

Should have used them to stop you getting killed, but oh well!

I may have been a kittypet but I'm a warrior at heart!

The reasons Bluestar made me one, I don't think we should even start!

Now look, my fangs are bared, I'd leave whilst you can!

This big bad warrior's gonna chase you back to Starclan!