Disclaimer: All rights to warrior cats go to Erin Hunter, and I do not claim to have come up with the idea for this, lolkittie64 did.

Epic Rap Battles of the four clans!

Hollyleaf VS Ashfur!



Defender of the code? Well isn't that a joke.

No wonder you weren't included as Starclan's final hope.

There's never been a bigger hypocrite alive.

All that guilt weighed on your shoulders? I don't know how you survive.

When I trapped you in that fire, I should have let you burn.

You shouldn't die quickly; it's more than you could earn.

You couldn't make your mind up about your stupid future.

Meddie cat or warrior? someone should just shoot ya'.

You must take after your mother, she was indecisive too.

Oh yes, that was also a lie, who would have knew?


I don't care about your tricks and games.

After mum dumped you, your life went up in flames.

You're just a clingy psycho-boyfriend with no life to own.

No kits, no mate, and no skill, I've shown.

So the default response, to being ditched,

Is to kill her kids, well fate is switched.

Because, let me ask, who ended up dead?

I think that deal was turned on its head.


Well let me remind you, you rules-obsessive,

You broke your code, then learnt your lesson.

Wen that tunnel collapsed on your pathetic head,

It would be better for all of us if you just STAYED dead!

And you were accepted into Starclan? Well that's some Sh*t!

Whoever controls the transition, they really should quit!

If it were up to me? Dark forest right away!

I think we could only call it fair play.


Ha. Fair play? You must have gone mad!

Trapping cats in a fire? Now that's bad!

And not to mention, going against your own clan?

Going with Hawkfrost just to get back at your ex's man?

Your nothing but a liar, a psycho, your insane!

All that smoke must have got to your brain.

I'm glad I killed you when I did.

What you would have done otherwise? Starclan forbid.