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EMPTY – (adjective) - Containing nothing


Emma didn't shout it. It wasn't a long drawn out cry of despair. There were no desperate or useless pleas to come back to her; to not leave her.

It was just a simple and quite heartbroken denial of what she'd not a second before borne witness to.

Killian was gone.

A numbness took hold of her body. Shock most likely. Like a protective cocoon of nothingness that stopped her feeling anything in that moment.

There was no anger, no tears, no lingering hope…just acceptance.

Deep down she'd known this would happen. As the Saviour she didn't get to have a happy ending. That's why she'd fought so hard not to let herself care for the pirate.

But it was a battle she'd lost long ago she suddenly realised and now he'd paid the price.

Her little epiphany would've scared her if he were still alive, but as it was it meant naught.

Later, much later when she allowed herself to feel again she knew she would regret every single damn time that she'd pushed him away.

She would cry over the realisation that she'd never again see his expressive cerulean eyes directed at her with such warmth and love that it almost always took her breath away.

She'd lament the fact that she'd never get to hear the rich timbre of his voice telling her exactly what she needed to hear, good or bad, just once more.

She'd just mourn him.

But right now, as she stood staring down at the fallen man, all she felt was hollow. Like someone had sucked the very essence out of her body just as Zelena's curse had sucked out her magic.

She moved her hand to her chest and tightly clutched her coat where it lay over heart. It had shattered the moment Killian had hit the ground and now there was nothing left but a huge gaping hole, not only in her body, but also in her life.

There would be a time, maybe in a second, a minute, an hour when she'd have to face up to all the emotions that she knew were being kept at bay but until then she wanted to stay like this…

She wanted to just stay empty.


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