The sun was shining brightly through the windows as a teen-aged boy opened his brown eyes. His sister, who was a few years younger than he was and was currently sharing his room with him since they lived in a small apartment room with their mother, looked like she had just woken up as well. She was seated on the floor at their cupboard, organizing the clothes she was going to wear today.

The boy grumbled and lifted his sheets to get out of bed. The sun shining on his face was getting slightly annoying and he didn't mind waking up early on apparently such an amazing day.

Yes, today was the day when he would finally get to living a normal everyday life. To be honest, saving the world from monsters that weren't even born in this world was exhilarating in itself, but it was also exhausting and now that everything was once again peaceful, he felt rejuvenated that he was going to live normally for once instead of trekking hopelessly in an alternate world where Digital creatures roamed and wrecked havoc.

To put it short, he and a bunch of other kids had saved the world by fighting monsters with monsters they had partnered up with. An overall amazing experience, to say the least, and it had left him with good memories and bad ones too. Tears, sweat and hours of confusion resulted in an unbreakable bond between his friends, and also a freaking awesome as hell dinosaur that he had the pleasure of calling his best friend.

As the boy smiled stupidly, remembering the little guy, there was a knock on the front door, which was miraculously heard from he stood and he jolted back into reality.

Wondering who on earth would be knocking on his apartment door at like ten in the morning (what inconsiderate people), he trudged along, going out of his shared room, along the hallway and finally to the front door. Sheesh, a whole ten steps. Do these people even realize how selfish they are being?

With a hefty tug, the boy swung open the door and faced the one thing he had not been expecting. Before he could even react, he heard a "Pika-pikachuuuuuu" and a million jolts of electricity strung through his body, crisping him up like well cooked bacon on a Sunday morning. Not that he would know anything about well cooked with his mom, but that's a story for another time.

A voice brought the crisped boy back to life and he looked up to see a blonde boy casually lifting up the yellow mouse creature that had just electrocuted him. With his other hand in his pocket, the boy tsked and threw the creature over his shoulder and evidently, over the banister of the second story of the apartment building.

"He's not even supposed to be in this story dammit," the boy hissed, scrunching up his face and he looked over the banister and watched a cleaning lady sweeping up the remains of the poor Pikachu.

With a grunt, the crispified boy got to his feet and waddled on to the blonde and they both stood at the edge of the banister, looking out over their amazing view of the city that they had saved. The wind slowly blew back their hair and trickled on their faces, making the silence welcome.

A few moments of this bliss passed before...

"Tai, what are you doing?" the blonde asked, not even bothering to look back at the crispified boy.

The boy had his arms around the blond, smiling into the wind and looking like a very poorly reincarnated scene from The Titanic.

"I thought we were having a moment. You know, like what's his face with the boat and wind." Tai replied, his arms still wrapped around the blonde's body.

A few moments of silence happened before the blonde swiftly turned around and violently threw his fist at Tai.

"Get real jackass! You're supposed to be normal remember?" The blonde sighed, exasperated that this intro is turning out as bad as it is.

Tai groaned and rubbed his cheek where he had just been punched. "Jeez, Matt. You don't have to be so violent. Or wait, are we meant to be violent? Is that normal?"

Matt's face was serious for a few minutes as he stared at Tai, looking at him like he was the most idiotic thing to ever walk the face of the Earth. Then with a sigh, he turned his head and said, "I don't know."

"You made me wait for that?!" Tai sputtered.

Matt shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and spoke up again. "Whatever. At any rate, we should be heading off to school. We're living a normal life now, so we've got to do normal things."

Tai nodded enthusiastically and set off along the path to the elevator. Matt followed him with a bored expression on his face and they both went into the elevator to head down a floor. Unknown to both of them, Tai was still in his sleeping attire.

His little sister stood by the door, looking confused as they stepped into the elevator.

"Don't they know it's a Saturday...?" she asked herself.

"Hey Matt! Tai!" A girl's voice shouted out to them and they both turned to see their dear friend, Sora, who was running towards them with waving hands.

When she caught up to them, she smiled brightly and asked, "Where you two headed off to? And why are you in your pyjamas Tai?" She asked, eyeing him up and down.

He looked down to see he was still indeed wearing what he had slept in and before he could stutter out words which would probably embarrass him even more, the ground beneath their feet suddenly rumbled.

"What's going on?" Sora asked, holding her arms out to balance herself as the ground continued to shake.

"Oh look," Matt's voice droned out and both Sora and Tai looked up at him, "The sky's opening up."

"Could you say that with a little more character or emotion?" Tai shouted, whacking him across the back of the head.

"Stop it guys, look!" And Sora ever so gracefully pointed her finger towards the dark hole that was so evident in the sky. It was creating a dark whirlpool and the wind was blowing over them heavily.

An evil laugh echoed out and drowned out the voices of the supposed-to-be-frantic-crowd-of-screaming-citizens-that-weren't-actually-there-because-they-had-better-things-to-with-their-lives-than-to-be-here.

"The Digidestined..." The evil voice crooned out and the face of their mortal enemy started to slowly come down from the hole in the sky. Thunder rumbled in the distance and lightning flashed across the sky, creating the dramatic effect the writer wanted to portray but is too lazy to find any other way to do so. "I have come for revenge!"

At that, millions of creatures fell down through the hole, and of those millions of creatures, only the flying ones survived because that's way too long a drop to not fall to your death.

And thus, Matt, Tai and Sora found themselves facing an onslaught of a quarter of the forces, where they were all bugs and birds, with some of the creatures who can just float for no legitimate reason.

Heroic music played out as a white hole opened up in front of them and out popped their Digimon partners. Yes! Biyomon, Agumon and Gabumon were reunited with their human partners as the city crumbled around them due to the insect infestation that was currently going on.

With a background of waves crashing against the shore with the sunset blaring out a startling orange, our heroes embraced each other in delight, for it had been a few days since they had last seen each other and that's a terribly long time.







"Show more emotion dammit!" Both Tai and Sora yelled at their comrade as they sent him flying off into the approaching hoard of Digimon wanting to kill them.

The sunset background dropped and Tai grinned at his dinosaur partner. "You ready to save the world?"


(Back to scene before overly-dramatic Digimon appearance)

Tai was waving his arms dramatically, "No! No! No!" he shouted, pointing at Matt and Sora, who were preoccupied with other things. Sora was reading a book on flowers while Matt had out a piece of paper and was writing song lyrics on it.

~ On the road again

Choosing our paths downtown.

I have no idea what I'm writing

La de dah laaaaaaaaadaaa-own ~

"This is meant to be a normal story depicting our normal lives without being involved with Digimon. Our partners and tale's of kicking the villain's ass aren't meant to come into this!" Tai yelled, trying to get their attention.

"Oh?" Sora half-hummed, turning another page of her book.

"Sounds boring." Matt stated, scratching out one of the 'a's in the "laaaaaaaaadaaa" of his lyrics.

"Don't call it boring!"

Ending Segment

(With your hosts of today; Tai, Sora and Matt!)

Tai: Welcome to the Daily Lives of The Digi-destined!

Sora enters stage wearing official-like clothes

Sora: Here, you will see us attempting to live our lives normally. This story is basically a bunch of one-shots with us doing normal, every day things in a somewhat comical manner... if you're lucky.

Tai: Hey now, hey now-


Tai: -this author is highly capable of writing rubbish when the mood pleases her and ... oh yeah, she's a procrastinating lazy-ass so who knows how this will turn out.

Matt enters stage with hands in his pockets

Multiple audience members swoon

Matt: Anywho, in the next chapter we shall come face to face with Tai's mom's worst nightmare, which quickly turns into Tai's.

Tai's mom faints from the terror of it all

Tai: Why am I always the one tortured?

Matt: It doesn't matter. It'll probably be boring anyway.