The Digidestined and Cooking

It was late afternoon by the time Tai opened the door of the apartment to come inside. With a tired expression evident on his facial expression, he dropped his sports bag by the front door, swiftly shifted his feet out of his muddy shoes and dragged his feet a few steps forwards.

Looking around, he noticed there was the smell of burnt food in the air and presumed his mother had been attempting to make dinner. He cringed slightly and sighed, hanging his head low while he shuffled past the counters to head onwards to the fridge.

Upon arriving there and ignoring the smoke cloud that was bundled on the ceiling, he swung open the fridge door to inspect its contents. He was parched, especially after a rather gruelling soccer practise session, and was in dire need of a cold drink to relieve his dry throat.

After a few moments, he pulled out a bottle of juice and plopped it on the table behind him before reaching into a cupboard and taking out a glass.

As he started to uncap the lid of the juice bottle, a sudden shrieking sound made him jump and he quickly fumbled to keep the juice bottle in his grasp. Relief clearly showed on the frightened teenager's face as he securely kept the bottle in his hands while he also kept it from spilling.

Taking a glance over at the stove, he noticed a pot that had a lid on had a stream of steam coming off of it. The strange substance inside of it was unknown to him, and quite frankly, he didn't really want to know what awful concoction his mother had managed to bring forth this time.

With a shrug, he lifted his juice bottle to pour the contents into his glass, but a second sudden sound had him missing the glass and causing little droplets of the juice to fly all over the counter.

A grunt of frustration later, Tai swivelled his head around to the pot just to see it sitting there all innocently as if it didn't just cause him to make a mess. It just had the steam coming off of it, but the noises it occasionally made surprised him and he was getting frustrated with it. Plus, the shocks weren't good for the poor guy's nerves.

One last time... He thought, annoyance clearly evident from the way he tightly gripped his juice bottle in one hand. Just as he lifted it, a louder noise sounded, which caused Tai to let go of the bottle and it dropped to the floor, splashing half of his leg and then it rolled along the floor, creating even more of a mess.

Tai turned to face his newest enemy and glared at it for awhile, before stomping off to a long cupboard to arm himself.

With quick movements, the teenager had managed to put on his mother's pink, fluffy apron (which Tai never really got why she wore it, since her cooking skills were so bad), a kitchen hat over his gravity-defying hair and he now wielded a spatula as his weapon.

In response, the lid seemed to jump and made a whizzing noise, and Tai nearly lost his shit.

It's not every day that you find yourself fighting with a pot, but this one was particularly aggressive and dangerous. Why, just the way it behaved a second ago had Tai questioning if he was going to survive this ordeal.

Slinking up closer to the pot, the teenager eyed his opponent, spatula ready in hand in case it decided to try anything funny. After two steps, the lid of the pot jumped again and Tai sprang back, lifting up a shaky spatula to protect himself. After deeming that it was indeed not going to spring on him, Tai got to his hands and knees.

He was a smart kid, you know? Of course he thought to be slow with the pot because it was wild and unpredictable. Plus, it wouldn't see him until the last moment and then he shall have the upper hand in this battle.

When he was right up against the stove, he slowly lifted his head up to be eye-to-eye with this wild beast. His spatula next to him, he eyed out his opponent, trying to figure out the best way to attack.

"It's you against me here, bud. One on one. A fight to the death. Winner takes all while the loser wallows in his despair of his ultimate defeat. With neither one wanting to lose, this will indeed be a battle to go down in the hall of fame for the most gruesome fighting and awe-inspiring strength displayed..." Tai muttered to himself as his eyes narrowed in concentration.

Another short, whistling sound and Tai reacted in a way that only a fool would. Of course he freaking touched the lid, as if to whack it away, but instead, (who would've thought this would happen?) he found himself jumping up and down on the spot while waving his burnt hand like a mad man.

"Hot! Hot!" He yelled, waving to somehow try cool it down, "Son of a bit-"

"I'm back!"

"-but, oh, this food smells delightful," Tai quickly said as his mom walked through the door. He grinned innocently up at her while hiding his hand that was in excruciating pain behind his back.

"Oh dear, why are you wearing that?" His mom asked, placing the mail on the counter.

So, that's where she had been... Tai thought, having a sudden epiphany.

He casually smoothed over the pink apron and looked his mother dead in the eye. He couldn't tell her his embarrassing tale of attempting to fight a pot that had something boiling in it, so he instead made up something even more embarrassing to make up for it.

"I thought I'd try to see what being a woman is like, but boy, am I glad to not be one!"

His mother wasn't sure if she should slap him for the unintentional woman-belong-in-the-kitchen-joke or whether she should consider getting a job to pay for this kid's psychiatric help.


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Ending Segment

Tai enters stage

Tai: Whoo! A whole chapter of me (even though *cough* I was poorly written and my mom was made fun of *cough*)

Joe enters stage

Joe: You should get that cough checked out. Wouldn't want it to be some dreaded disease or something.

Tai: *grumbles* Way to bring down the mood with your Joe-ness.

Tai gets hit on the head by author because of undying love for Joe and drops down from magical hole on stage

Joe: Be sure to take your daily vitamins!

Izzy enters stage

Izzy: According to the calculations I spent hours analyzing on my laptop, I can conclude that the next installment of this un-prodigious story will finally have someone other than Tai.

Joe: So does this mean we finally get the love we deserve?

Izzy: Indeed it does. Expect silly shenanigans and random ramblings, I think.

Joe: We actually have no idea what's going to happen, so brace yourselves; the next chapter of Daily Lives of The Digidestined is coming.