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What would you do if you were the richest woman in the world? What would you do if you had more power than a Supreme Court judge and the ability to influence an entire city? What would you do if you had the looks, charm and charisma to snap up any woman you so desired? Seven billion people in the world and most of them would probably give similar answers as to what they would do, but for Quinn Fabray the answer wasn't so simple.

You see, Quinn had all those things. She had more money than she would care to admit, more power than she could ever want or need, intelligence that could intimidate even the most successful businessmen and enough charm and good looks to attract any woman she could want. But the reality which Quinn lived in, was nothing more than a game to her. She took her position as the head of Fabray Enterprises very seriously, but everything outside of that, how she was viewed and portrayed by the people around her and the press was a complete joke, a façade if you will.

The Quinn Fabray they knew, the one they wrote about, the one they mingled with at high society soirees, that was who they expected her to be. A charismatic woman with incredible wit, a flirtatious streak a mile wide, a penchant for the finer things in life, and a roving eye that meant she never appeared with the same woman on her arm twice in a row. She was, for all intents and purposes, the female equivalent of Bruce Wayne. And just like Bruce Wayne, there were parts of her life that were off limits to anyone outside of her small inner circle. So she lived up to the reputation she was known for, to keep prying eyes and ears out of her personal life.

The thing about Quinn was, she never really cared for all the materialistic things in her life. Her love of the high society lifestyle she was accustomed to was simply a cover up. Underneath it all, underneath the designer clothes, the flash cars, the pretty women who appeared on her arm when she stepped out at public events, Quinn was a woman who much preferred the simpler things in life. She didn't need all the material things she had, she didn't enjoy the lifestyle she was known for by the public and she didn't want the power she had.

Which probably makes you wonder, well, why does she bother then? Why would someone who has enough money that her great, great, great, great, grandkids could afford to live a lifetime without working, put herself through that when she could comfortably live in complete obscurity? The reason, because Quinn realised very early on that with power and wealth, came responsibility. A responsibility to sustain a society that was good to its people, a responsibility to help build a society that could provide a bright future for the generations to come, a responsibility to make sure the people of New York were looked after.

And she couldn't do that as an unknown because, as human beings, we often fear the unknown. The people needed a face that they could build their hopes on and that's why Quinn established this public image. Yes at times her perceived "womanising" ways and reluctance to settle down often put her at odds with people, but for the most part, they respected her as a business woman, as an innovator, and were often moved by her charitable ways. For Quinn the public image was created for the purpose of allowing the people to consume and invest in, much like with celebrities. They could have whatever they wanted from 'public Quinn', but private Quinn, that was hers and hers alone.

So, there Quinn stood, in her typical business power suit, wearing a pair of 8 inch Louboutin heels that gave her a dominating presence, mingling with her fellow associates, business partners and others within the industry, her finger circling the top of her glass of wine as she tried desperately to listen to whatever it was the man, whose name she couldn't, remember was talking about, but her mind was clearly elsewhere. She literally caught the tail end of the conversation as she felt a slender arm loop through hers and she turned to find her date for the night smiling at her with a seductive grin.

"…..and this merger could be the best thing to happen to both companies," the man said and all Quinn could do was tip her head at him, when somebody mentioned the man's name she kicked herself for forgetting it. Mike Ross, Mike Ross, you should know this Fabray he runs Ross's Renewable Energies, step up your game, she thought to herself. "Well Mike hopefully you're right. It's time this city really started investing in the renewable energies field and hopefully Fabray Enterprises can help create those steps that will lead people toward that goal," Quinn stated and everyone standing around in the group nodded their approval.

"Quinn, I'm tired and it's getting late, maybe we should make leave," the Russian model on the blondes arm suggested, her voice thick with desire. She didn't want to go home per say, she wanted to take Quinn home so she could have her way with her. A few years ago, Quinn's not so little friend downstairs would have twitched in anticipation and the blonde would have gladly taken the model home and fucked her into oblivion before ditching her the next day. But times had changed. Not that anyone standing around them would know that. In fact they were expecting just that to happen.

"If you'll excuse me ladies and gentlemen, it's time for me to take this dashing young lady home," Quinn said as she gingerly placed her hand on the small of the models back, making a show of being a complete gentlewoman as she graciously and mannerly excused herself from the conversation and smiled and shook hands with people as she made her way out. At the door, two servers were standing there waiting for them, helping them into their coats before the doorman led them to Quinn's town car and opened the door for them to climb inside.

"That was fun," the model smirked as she leaned into Quinn's side, getting up in her personal space and running her hand up the blondes' thigh, getting higher and higher. Quinn raised her eyebrow and glanced down at her companion, her lips quirking up at the corner into a half grin before shaking her head and looking up at her driver. "David, could you take us to Ms. Bazhenov's home please," Quinn said and the driver nodded his head. "Yes Ms. Fabray," he replied and pulled out into the heavy traffic.

On the drive through the city, Quinn was engrossed in her cell phone, the model completely unimpressed at being ignored, but too caught up in the idea of getting Quinn into bed to voice her frustration. When the car arrived outside the model's apartment building she turned to the blonde and offered her hand to Quinn as David opened the door for her to climb out. Quinn knew what the model was doing, offering her hand, and she had to chuckle to herself at the fact the Russian really believed she was going to go inside with her. Taking a hold of the delicate hand, she pressed a courteous kiss to it which left the model more than a little confused.

"Thank you for joining me tonight Erika but this is where we part. I hope you had a wonderful night," Quinn grinned and Erika looked more than a little miffed. "You are serious?" she asked in her grammatically incorrect English and Quinn tipped her in a yes manner. Erika huffed and shook her head as she picked up her clutch and then glanced back at Quinn with a scowl, "This, the last time you use me Fabray," she growled before climbing out of the car and slamming the door in a huff. David watched in amusement as the model made her way inside and out of sight before he climbed back into the car.

"Take me home David," Quinn sighed as she rested her head back against the headrest and slouched down in the seat. David nodded his head in the rear view mirror and turned his attention back onto the road, making his way towards the outer city limits and towards home. Quinn slept the entire way back, exhausted by the night. Sometimes putting on a front was more tiring than it was worth and in recent years she had really considered bowing out of public life and sitting back and finally enjoying her life. But she needed to keep up the front, she needed to maintain her power so that she could protect the most precious thing in her life.

You see, while Quinn was the almighty and powerful in New York, there were still others out there who would do anything to be in her position, people who wanted that power and wouldn't think twice about harming Quinn to get it. Fortunately she was in a position of power that afforded her protection from all levels of the law, but that didn't mean those people wouldn't try to hurt her in other ways to get what they wanted. And that was one of the only things holding Quinn back, the desire and the need to protect what she valued most.

Quinn opened her eyes just in time to watch out the window as David drove up the lengthy driveway to Fabray Manor, a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of the city that was built upon acres and acres of land, and, out of the prying eyes of the public. Reaching in to the inside pocket of her coat she removed a diamond encrusted platinum wedding band and slipped it on her ring finger, smiling when it was back its rightful place. Once David pulled up at the door, he climbed out and made his way to the passenger door, opening it for his boss and helping her out. She thanked him and excused him for the night and then, made her way up the steps and to the open door where one of her maids was waiting to greet her.

"Good evening Ms. Fabray," she said, taking the woman's coat and folding it carefully over her arm before closing the huge oak door behind them. "Is there anything I can do for you? I could whip you up a small meal," she asked and Quinn smiled at her and shook her head. "No thank you Sofia. Could you just brew up some herbal tea and bring it to my room please," Quinn requested and the maid nodded her head before turning and making her way down the hall towards the kitchen.

Quinn reached up her hands and rubbed her neck, cracking it as she stepped out of her shoes and then bent down and picked them up in, her feet too tired to walk much further in the tall heels. Walking up the main staircase in the large foyer, she took a right at the top, climbed some more stairs and then turned left heading towards the wing that housed the master bedroom. Upon reaching her room she couldn't help the smile the crossed her face when through the door, she heard the sound of lullaby. Placing her hand on the door handle she pressed it down, pushed the door open and stepped inside.

"Hi," a soft cheerful whisper greeted her, as she gently closed the door behind her, her eyes lighting up at the sight of her wife sitting in the large armchair next to the blazing fire that doubled as both heat and light in the spacious bedroom. As Quinn leaned down to drop her shoes on the floor, off to the side out of harm's way, her eyes lingered on the stunning brunette who slowly and carefully stood up from the armchair bracing herself on the arm of the chair with one hand, wobbling slightly before finding her balance and slowly making her way across the room towards her wife, Quinn never failing to notice the limp in her walk.

"Hey Rach," Quinn smiled as she moved towards the brunette, coming to a stop when they were face to face before leaning down and kissing the shorter woman, her hand curling in her wife's brown locks as she cupped the back of her head. When they pulled apart, Quinn gazed down and basked in the feeling of joy that settled in her heart. "Hey beautiful," she beamed, eyes roaming over the face of her sleeping four day old daughter as her hand cupped the back of her baby's head and gently stroked soft dark hair with her thumb.

"We missed you tonight," Rachel whispered softly, afraid to speak too loud out of the fear of rousing the sleeping baby. Quinn's attention returned to her wife and her face softened as she cupped a tanned cheek in the palm of her hand. "Not half as much as I missed you guys," she replied in all seriousness, bringing her lips to her wife's once more and kissing her passionately. It was in moments like this that Quinn wished she could lock herself away in the mansion and just spend the rest of her days with her wife and daughter, maybe think about adding another couple of kids to their little family. But reality always came crashing back down on her. A knock on the door sounded out and echoed around the room and Rachel called for whoever it was to come in.

"Your tea Ms. Fabray," she said as she placed the tray with the pot of tea and two cups on a table near the door. "Thank you Sofia, that'll be all for tonight," Quinn said and watched as her maid retired for the night. A yawn passed Rachel's lips and Quinn pecked her on the forehead as she placed her hands under her wife's that were cradling their daughter and gestured for her to pass her over, which she did. "Get into bed babe, you look exhausted," Quinn whispered her eyes showing nothing but concern and it brought a small smile to Rachel's lips.

"Okay, but only if you join me," she responded placing a hand on her wife's forearm and giving it a stroke. The blonde nodded and kissed the top of the brunette's head, "I will in a minute, I just wanna hold this little one for a while then I'll be right behind you," she said and Rachel nodded as she made her way to the king sized bed, her hand resting on her right hip as she limped across the room. Quinn took note of her wife's stilted walk and furrowed her eyebrows in concern. "Rach are you okay?" she asked. Rachel just gave her a tight lipped smile as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Yeah I'm fine, I've just been on my feet all day and my hip is acting up," she responded noticing that her wife still looked on edge, "I'm fine Quinn I just need some rest." This seemed to ease the blondes worries for the time being as she turned her attention back to their sleeping daughter. Rachel meanwhile, reached down and rolled up the leg of her pyjama bottoms, revealing her titanium prosthetic leg, a false foot mounted to the bottom to make it appear more real so she could wear shoes. Pushing the material of her bottoms up past what would have been her knee, Rachel removed the prosthetic limb and carefully lay it down on the floor before climbing under the covers and into bed.

To this day, Quinn marvelled at the strength of her wife. After everything Rachel had been through she was still standing, still moving forward. Sure she had her bad moments and they often pained Quinn when she thought of the horrors her wife must have witnessed, what she must have been through, but she did everything in her power to be there for Rachel, to comfort her, to be there for Rachel to lean on, metaphorically speaking, and that was all that she could do, and that was all Rachel ever wanted her to do. But Quinn knew that when their daughter was older and able to understand, she would tell her about how much of a hero her Mama was and how brave she was and how proud she should be of her, just like Quinn was, every single day.

"Goodnight Peyton," Quinn whispered as she walked over to the crib next to their bed and lay her down. Leaning over the edge she pressed a soft gentle kiss on her daughters head and then brushed her thumb against a baby soft cheek, "sweet dreams." Standing back up, Quinn walked over to the dresser and removed a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms and quickly got changed, removing all jewellery except for her wedding band, and then crossing the room and climbing into bed, cuddling up to her wife and spooning her from behind.

"I love you," she whispered against the shell of her wife's ear, and Rachel laced her hand with her wife's over her stomach and smiled, turning her head so she could look into hazel eyes. "I love you too," she said before lifting her head from the pillow and kissing her wife. As far as she was concerned the public could have who they thought Quinn was, because as far as she was concerned, she had the real deal, and that was good enough for her. Laying her head back down, she basked in the feeling of Quinn snuggling closer and burying her head in dark brown locks as they both settled down for the night, locked away safe and sound from the prying eyes that intruded on Quinn's life every single day.

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