When Kyle saw the name of the sender, his heart immediately dropped. Sheila Broflovski. The message read as,

'Kyle, we need to have a talk. Come home immediately.'

This could only mean one thing. She saw it. She definitely saw the photo. Considering his parents knew Cartman was gay, they probably knew exactly what it meant. Kyle glanced up worriedly in Eric's direction, who looked at him questioningly. He glanced back down at his phone, his heart beginning to race as he tapped back a response.

'What are we going to talk about?'

"Who is it?" Eric asked, taking note of Kyle's worried expression. Kyle glanced up at Eric hesitantly.

"It's my Mom," Kyle uttered, just as he got a response on Facebook.

'Kyle. Don't play dumb. I raised you better than that. Come home right now.'

When Kyle looked back up Eric had left his side. He glanced around the room looking unnerved. He decided to text back, his heart pounding in his head, in his hands.

'We can talk. We're talking right now. I don't have to go over there.'

Maybe he could make a compromise here. For how much he respected and loved his parents, he didn't really want to be right at the mercy of their anger. Sheila's response came immediately.

'Do I have to come get you?'

Kyle's wrist was suddenly grabbed and he yelped in surprise, yanking away slightly. The grip on him was frighteningly solid. He was slightly relieved to see it was Eric holding him, not his Mother. Eric pulled him forward.

"We have to leave." Eric murmured, his eyes glancing toward the window. Kyle stared questioningly at Eric who glanced over at his doorway. Eric stepped towards the door to lock it, then turned on the TV in his room. "Come on." He said to Kyle while opening the window. He quickly climbed through it, toeing the treebranch below him.

"Where are we going?" Kyle asked hesitantly, shoving his phone in his pocket.

"Somewhere your parents can't find you, dipshit." Eric grumbled, carefully slipping down from the window. Eric's vagueness made Kyle hesitant but he ended up complying. It's not like he wanted to be at the mercy of his Mother right now. He followed, slipping out of Eric's house through the trees.

They took a very rugged path, squirming through bushes and ducking through alleyways, climbing continuous fences. Every time Kyle saw the flash of a car's headlights he could feel himself panic, wondering for split seconds if they'd been caught. They eventually made it past the neighborhood area, reaching downtown. They were getting further and further away from home, nearing the rural areas of south park. Kyle was finally starting to process what Eric might be thinking.

"We're not running away, are we?!" Kyle hissed under his breath, keeping his head low as they passed by people walking down the downtown sidewalks.
Eric glanced back at Kyle, a slightly frustrated look on his face. "No, god Kyle, I know better than that. We're just finding a place to hide out."

By the time they'd reached their destination the sun had set, and the two boys were out of breath. Now Kyle and Eric walked into a familiar, dense wooded area. With their knees tired now, they stumbled into a familiar clearing. The leaves in the trees that towered over them almost completely covered the dusk sky, traces of moonlight peeking through and dancing calmly on the ground as the leaves moved in the wind. There was no way anyone could find their way in unless they'd been there before. It looked somewhat different during the dusk, but inviting nonetheless.

"What are we doing here?" Kyle asked, not really quite sure what the plan was. The two of them took in the ambiance of the forest for a moment, Eric's grasp lessening on Kyle's hand until only their fingers were touching.

"If I actually punched your Mom in the face you'd probably be pretty mad." Eric said. It sounded like a joke, but he didn't say it like one. "Your parents probably wouldn't listen to you. They'd just lock you in your house and keep you away from me. So I'm thinking, you can just talk to her while hiding until you reason this whole thing out."

Kyle stared questioningly at Eric, unsure about this whole thing. He wasn't exactly all for the idea of disobeying his parents like that. They'd probably be incredibly pissed whenever he decided to come back. But maybe Eric was right about this. He had to take control of his life by any means necessary, and had to resist others controlling it. Even if it meant making them worry. Kyle's phone went off, a ringtone blaring from it. His Mom was calling him. He declined the call immediately. His thumbs went to the screen again, taking a deep breath.

'Type to me. Ask me whatever you want.'

Kyle gave a slight exasperated laugh. "This is so wrong. I can't believe I'm doing this." Really, it was crazy. If someone had told him a month ago that he'd be hiding from his parents to keep his relationship with Eric Cartman safe, he would've thought they were insane. Yet, here he was, and it made total sense to him. It felt nearly like something he had to do. Eric's fingers dragged agross Kyle's forearms, urging him to sit down.

The dusk was transitioning to a night sky, the grass Kyle and Eric sat in illuminated only by the glow of Kyle's phone. He received another text.

'Do you think this is funny, young man? Running away from home?'

He answered back, 'I'm not running. I'm hiding. I don't think you'd respect my opinion in person.'

"She's not being very receptive." Kyle sighed, glancing at Eric beside him. Eric crossed his arms.

"Figures. That control freak bitch won't even fuckin negotiate." He growled in an irritated manner.

"Don't call her a bitch." Kyle said nearly automatically. His phone went off again.

'You really think you're going to get me to feel sorry for you by hiding like this? When we find you you're going to be in so much trouble.'

"She's threatening me." Kyle said aloud. Eric's arm came around Kyle, and he leaned in to read over his shoulder. Kyle looked up at Eric apprehensively. "...Maybe this was a mistake."

"They won't find you here." Eric reassured him. The look on Eric's face was somewhat different than what he was saying. There was a slight hint of anxiety in his eyes. "Maybe talking to your Dad would be better."

Kyle shook his head. "My Dad doesn't give me an inch. At least with my Mom, I can hope to gain some emotional appeal... Maybe." He turned to his phone to type another message.

'You saw it, right?'

The picture. He just needed to confirm this before he started talking about it. Even though he was positive that he knew the answer. Sheila answered.

'Of COURSE I did'

Fuck. Knowing that was coming didn't make the impact of it any easier. Kyle frowned, pursing his lips. Eric seemed to be trying to comfort him by rubbing his shoulder. Despite appreciating it, it did very little for him while he stared at those words.

'I look really happy in that picture. That's because I am. I'm happy with him.' He typed back. He could only hope those words would wake his Mom up a little. Upon sending the message Kyle noticed Eric's lips caressing his cheek. He loosened up slightly at the contact, warmth spreading across his cheeks. His phone buzzed again.

'You're 15 years old. It's natural for you to want to go against the way you were raised. To spite your parents. Kyle, come home before you make this any worse than it's already gonna be.'

Christ. Is that what she thought this was? She was so quick to be dismissive...

'If I come home, will you accept who I am?' Kyle typed.

'You're FIFTEEN! You don't know who you are!'

The words made Kyle wince outwardly. Even though emotionally Kyle felt like his Mom was wrong, he was young; it's not like he had everything figured out. She had a point in this sense. Driven by frustration, he quickly typed back.

'I know enough about who I am to know who I like. That's more than you can say about how much you know me.'

Eric's hand came over Kyle's hand, coaxing it down. Kyle looked up from the screen to gaze into Eric's eyes. He looked unnerved, but it was obvious he wasn't trying to show it.

"You think they'll try to keep you away from me?" Eric asked. Kyle frowned.

"They'll definitely try." He answered. He was sure about that. Kyle found Eric's hands squeezing on both of his. Eric then suddenly brought their lips together, kissing him needfully. Kyle's phone slipped out of his hands, landing on his lap as he was kissed deeply, trying to shake off the surprise and find the pace of the kiss. Despite his anxiety he could feel his physical needs coming to the front of his mind. But still. "Is now the time?" He whispered, in the midst of a parting of their lips.

"It might be the last time." Eric sighed in an breathless manner, kissing Kyle again, removing his hat and threading fingers through Kyle's curly red hair. Eric's words echoed loud in Kyle's mind. This being the last time they did anything like this wasn't just a possibility anymore. It was almost definitely going to be the outcome of this.

His parents would probably force him to stay in his room whenever he wasn't at school, constantly check on him, tell him how wrong he was for being happy with a boy. This might really be the last chance he got.

Kyle pulled Eric close, now kissing feverishly, running his hands through Eric's hair. He could feel Eric's hands pressed tight against his hips. Kyle sighed into the kiss, his hands coming over Eric's shoulders, squeezing tightly.

"S-Shit..!" Eric suddenly hissed, flinching back. It broke the intimacy a little bit, and Kyle felt a twinge of guilt, remembering Eric's bruises.

"Sorry, I forgot..." Kyle retracted his hands from Eric's shoulders.

Eric only pulled Kyle closer. "Don't stop. I'll deal with it."

Kyle frowned, tentatively grasping onto the fabric of Eric's jacket. As he carefully unbuttoned it Eric shrugged it off of his shoulders. Eric wasn't so eager when Kyle started taking off his shirt, but it eventually came off as well. Even in the dim lighting of the woods, he could see dark bruises smudged in the light skin of Eric's torso. All over his chest and some on collarbone and his ribs. It was almost as if Stan intentionally struck all the places Kyle liked to put his hands.

"God Dammit, Stan..." Kyle grumbled. Eric laughed lightly despite himself.

"We can improvise." Eric smiled softly. Kyle nodded pushing his hips up against Eric, eventually maneuvering so that Eric's back ended up on the grass. Eric seemed surprised by Kyle's sudden act of pinning him, but Kyle's crotch grinding into his own convinced him that this was perfect. Kyle squeezed gently on Eric's wrists as his lips and tongue slid against Eric's. He rocked his hips against Eric's at a tantalizingly slow pace. Eric moaned softly, his hands gripping on Kyle's waist as he continued to grind into him.

At the sound of Kyle's phone buzzing the two of them stopped what they were doing, freezing in place. His Mom had probably just replied. He moved to get off of Eric, but Eric's hands held him in place.

"She can wait."

Kyle sighed. "She can't. I need to talk to her."

"Kyle... I need you." Eric pleaded, his grip tight on Kyle, his voice trembling ever so slightly. The tone of Eric's voice made Kyle's heart melt. Kyle leaned down to Eric, their foreheads barely touching so that he could look into Eric's eyes.

"You need me, huh?" Kyle said, a little teasingly. But he couldn't help being overwhelmingly touched by those simple words. Eric brushed Kyle's hair out of his face, smiling up at Kyle as if savoring the look of him.

"It's pretty cold out here." Eric replied, catching onto Kyle's teasing tone. Kyle laughed softly, bringing their lips together. Eric held tightly onto Kyle's shoulders as they kissed. Kyle didn't want to keep his Mom waiting too long; their conversation was important. But maybe for just a little longer he could keep Eric warm. Eric's hands went all over Kyle's body as they usually did. With this context it seemed like he was doing it so he'd remember how it felt, to touch Kyle this way. He might never get to do it again. When their lips parted, Eric sighed. "We'd be fucking so hard right now if I didn't have these god damn bruises."

Kyle glanced up at Eric, bewildered, but then scoffed in an amused manner. "I'm fine with this."

"I'm not. These bruises hurt like hell. It's fucking distracting." Eric said softly, stroking Kyle's cheek. For Eric to say those words with that tone was strange. Kyle was hearing very loving words instead of the ones actually being spoken. He nuzzled Eric's cheek softly. His smile left him as soon as he glanced over to the phone again. Eric nudged Kyle up with his hands very slightly, supposedly as permission. Kyle climbed off of Eric and checked his phone. This time it was actually his Dad. He gulped unconsciously, checking the message.

'I told you this would happen, wouldn't I? I told you to stay away from him. Now you're brainwashed into thinking you like him, just like he wanted. Listen to me, Kyle. Don't let him control you like this. This isn't what you actually want.'

Kyle rolled his eyes, groaning. "My Dad seriously believes you tricked me into being gay."

Eric's boisterous laughter told Kyle that he found it even more ridiculous than Kyle did. "I can do that? Damn, I'm good." He laughed, shaking his head.

Kyle smiled slightly, but his smile disappeared when he went back to typing.

'Should I just let you control me instead, Dad?' Kyle bit his lip, his heart sinking slightly. 'That's what this is about, right? You want to be the one that's controlling your son's life so he can look good for the family..'

Kyle could feel himself getting angry now. He stared right at his phone until he got a response.

'You're not listening to me, Kyle. That's not actually what you think. You're being tricked.'

' I'm NOT a mindless drone for other people to control. I can think for myself. I AM thinking for myself. And this is what I want. You're the one who's not listening, Dad. You're the one who's trying to trick me.'

"When did you start liking me anyway?"

Eric's sudden question caught Kyle off guard, his once clenched fingers loosening around his phone. He stared at Eric blankly, not fully processing his question. Eric clarified more. "I mean, was it before or after we started fooling around?"

Kyle glanced down at his phone, then looked at Eric again, shrugging slightly. "...Honestly, whatever feeling I had for you got a lot stronger after we started fooling around. ..But, I think there's this part of me that always liked something about you. - Even though before all this, you were a real piece of shit."

Eric's surprised expression formed into a smirk. "I'm not a piece of shit now?"

Kyle smiled weakly. "You haven't done anything shitty lately. So I guess not." This was mostly teasing. Kyle knew Eric had been improving. He'd been making a conscious effort to be good for Kyle.

Kyle paused, then laughing softly. He remembered back in his childhood, those uplifting feelings of hope he'd get when he thought Cartman had changed. How happy it would make him for those moments. He never understood why it made him so happy to think that Cartman was getting better. But it always had. Thinking about it that way it was almost like this moment, realizing that Eric had been getting better, was on par with a childhood dream of Kyle's coming true. It wasn't exactly what he'd imagined it to be. But it was perfect nonetheless. Perfect because it was real.

Kyle scooted into Eric's lap, holding him close again. He felt Eric stiffen up with their chests pressing together, the fabric of his jacket brushing against Eric's bruises. Kyle ducked his head to press his lips softly against the bruise of his collarbone.

"Kyle," Eric breathed out, fidgeting slightly from the touch. It was hard to make out if Eric's reaction was positive or negative. Admittedly Eric didn't even know himself. The feeling was so intense yet intimate.


Kyle sighed softly as he checked his phone again. He rested his head on Eric's shoulder as he read the message.

'If you don't come home right now, I'm calling the police to look for you. I'll have Eric put in jail if I have to, Kyle.'

The warmth in Kyle's body seemed to leave him in the instant that he read these words. His Dad was a lawyer. These weren't empty threats. Kyle cared about Eric, and his Dad knew that well. The last thing he wanted was Eric's life to be ruined because of this. Kyle looked up at Eric and realized he'd read the text himself. Eric's eyes had become misty, defeat spelled out on his expression.

Kyle stroked Eric's hair in an attempt to comfort him. "I gotta go home." He said softly. Sadly. Eric nodded with his eyes cast to the ground. Kyle typed back on his phone.

'Okay, you win Dad. I'm on my way home.'

Kyle stood up, pulling Eric up with him. Once Eric put on his shirt and jacket again, Kyle gripped onto his hands. "Come on, walk me home."
On the walk home there was a deafening silence, nothing but the rustling of the leaves in the dense woods. In the passing flashes of moonlight, Kyle could see Eric's eyes glistening. Kyle gripped tighter to Eric's hand. "They won't be able to keep us apart forever." Kyle said softly, his voice starting to tremble. He felt like he was going to cry himself.

"One day they'll forget about this and stop being so careful. Then we can sneak around again."

Eric choked out a pained laugh. "By the time they forget about this, you'll already be over me. You'll find someone better than me."

Kyle's stomach clenched up, feeling hurt by the words. But he understood that it was Eric's fear more than his prediction. "I won't."

"...You can't promise something like that..." Eric said solemnly.

Probably the most painful part of that was that Kyle was scared that he might be right. It's natural for people to grow apart, especially when they had no contact with each other. They were nothing special, no exception to the rule.

Kyle leaned into Eric as they walked. He held the pain at bay. He wanted nothing more than to focus on these moments, on the fact that he still had Eric for now.
When they finally turned the corner to Kyle's house it was about 8:30 pm. Their families were there. Gerald, Sheila, Ike, Liane. And Stan and Kenny were there along with Wendy. Kyle felt Eric's hand grip tighter to his, his steps stuttering. Both of them were heavy-hearted with dread. When Gerald saw the two of them holding hands he hurried over to yank Kyle away from Eric.

"That's enough! I don't expect Eric to have any shame, but you should know better, Kyle!" Gerald growled. Sheila came over and pulled Kyle into a tight hug, holding him protectively.

"My poor baby! Don't worry, once you spend some time away from him you'll come back to your senses." Sheila assured Kyle. Kyle finally managed to tear his eyes away from the ground, looking up at his mother questioningly.

"What're you going to do?" He asked weakly.

"You're going go to a private school from now on. You're not getting your phone until you graduate, and I'll be keeping a close eye on you when you're at home. You won't be around this boy any longer." Sheila answered.

Kyle frowned worriedly. "I won't get to see any of my friends anymore?"

"Sure you will. Stan and Kenny can come over whenever they want to." Sheila said.
Kyle glanced up at Eric, seeing nothing but pain in his eyes. He probably knew something like this was coming as well as Kyle did. Eric said nothing, made no reaction. But the look in his eyes said everything. Seeing Eric like that was torture. Kyle wanted nothing more than to hold Eric and tell him it was okay. But it wasn't. They weren't going to be able to speak to each other anymore.

"You're going to ruin Kyle's life just because he liked someone you didn't like?" Kenny asked, completely taken aback by the whole situation. It seemed to surprise the parents that Kenny even spoke up since he was the quiet kid.

"We're not ruining his life! We're protecting him. He's young. He doesn't know what he's doing." Sheila retorted, squeezing on Kyle's wrist.

"Ms. Cartman, I think it's about time you kept your boy under control. Keep his filth away from our son." Gerald growled.

Liane nodded, touching Eric's arm. "Of course. I'll take my son home." Eric jerked away from Liane's touch, his eyes hardening. Liane backed off slightly with an apprehensive stare. "Eric, don't be this way."

"That's enough, Eric. You're lucky your Mother isn't going to punish you for this. You deserve the worst for taking advantage of my son's emotions!" Sheila said sternly, waving a scolding finger at Eric. Eric gave Sheila merely a passing glance. Despite feeling a mix between being utterly defeated and increasingly enraged he knew better than to say anything now. He didn't want to make the situation any worse than it already was.

They'd taken everything. Kyle's phone, his freedom... any chance of him seeing Eric again until he graduated. Kyle's mind was screaming for him to fight back somehow. Show them that his life wasn't theirs to take. But what could he do? Any resistance he showed would just make things worse. His parents had him in a vice grip. He couldn't do or say anything to show them that this life was his own.

This was the last he was going to see of Eric. ..The last expression he'd see was this look of fear, this look of sheer pain.

"Let's go, Kyle. You're going straight to bed after all the trouble you've been giving us." Sheila chided while pulling Kyle back. Kyle couldn't tear his eyes away from Eric even while being pulled by his Mother. He planted his feet in place for a moment, stopping his Mother from dragging him. "Kyle!"

Kyle decided they wouldn't win completely. They couldn't take this final memory away from him. He'd say this infront of everyone, and there wasn't a damn thing they can do about it.

"I love you, Eric." Kyle spoke loud and clear, his voice overflowing with emotion. It seemed to make everyone freeze for what seemed like forever. In his peripheral vision he could see the surprised and appalled looks of his parents. But the most important look was the look he would keep forever, that wide-eyed, stunned expression of Eric's.
He always felt like Eric knew, but this was different than just knowing. He said the phrase. He wanted Eric to know without a doubt. He wanted Eric to remember, because Kyle knew he didn't want to forget.

Eric's surprised expression turned to a tearful one, biting his lip. He wanted nothing more than to run over to Kyle and steal him away. For everything else to disappear. He balled his hands into fists. "I love you too..." Eric choked back a sob. "I love you too, Kyle," He said it louder, made sure Kyle could hear.
Kyle smiled with tears in his eyes. Sheila pulled him towards the house, scolding him the whole way. Gerald and Ike followed her. At least this way his last memory of Eric wasn't completely ruined. He'd always have that to hold onto.

Stan and Wendy silently went home, leaving Kenny, Liane and Eric standing out on the sidewalk. Upon seeing Eric's broken expression Kenny stepped forward. "I'm here for you, man. Whatever you need." Kenny said, rubbing his shoulder. Without thinking Eric somehow ended up in a hug with Kenny, sobbing into his shoulder. He wasn't even allowed to see Kyle anymore, for a few years. All he would have was what he remembered.

Kyle soon found that his parents made good on their threats. He soon found himself in private school. He kept telling himself to make the best out of it. But the pain hit him hard. There was this empty feeling in his chest most days. They'd failed, and it was his fault. He was the only one he could possibly blame. He didn't know who uploaded the photo... he didn't know if he'd ever find out.

It was something he was constantly reminded of. The word had somehow gotten to his private school. Not because they cared about gay relationships, but because Eric Cartman's name was notorious. Kyle was seen as 'that kid that was crazy enough to date a psychopath' more than he was as 'that gay kid.'
Kyle managed to find happiness in this circulating picture, however. Because it was something visual he could keep. This picture of them together, holding hands.. smiling at each other. They looked... so happy... He felt a conflict of pain and happiness every time someone showed it to him, asking if it was really him.
3 months passed. Kyle would sometimes cry himself to sleep. He found himself distraught at the thought that he might be forgetting about Eric. His parents couldn't take this from him. They wouldn't take the actual love. He wouldn't let them. He couldn't let them.

He would still see his friends, every chance he got, because he couldn't make friends at his new school. These snooty rich kids weren't his people; he couldn't stand them. The saddest part was that he could tell that Stan and Kenny weren't enjoying themselves around him, because his mother was constantly supervising him. Kyle told himself to be strong. Told himself to fight. But the thought of him having to endure this until he graduated was torture.

One night before Stan and Kenny left, Kenny insisted on hugging Kyle. He told him everything would be okay. Later that night as he took off his jacket, he found a letter in his pocket that Kenny allegedly snuck in while hugging him. Upon opening it, his heart skipped a beat when he recognized it as Eric's handwriting.

I can never stop thinking about you. Kenny told me about how sad you always look. I hope you're missing me as much as I'm missing you. I miss everything about you, Kyle. I don't know when Kenny will get this to you, but I hope you still love me. Because I still love you. I love you so much. I always loved you, and I will always love you. I'll never stop even if you don't love me anymore and find someone else. You're the best thing I've ever had.
- Love, Eric
Don't forget about me

When Kyle finished reading his throat was heavy and tears were stinging at his eyes. In the envelope was also a printed picture of the photo taken at the party. Kyle nearly burst into tears when he saw it, barely holding himself together. His Mother was at his door, so he had to be careful. The moment she heard him sniffling she knocked on his door, and he hid the photo and letter under his bed. She came in and had a long talk with him. He didn't remember what about. All that mattered to him was that those feelings were still there. And he swore to hold onto them as long as he could.

When he was forced to go to sleep he pulled out a flashlight from his drawer. He grabbed a pen and paper from his backpack and started writing. He wished he was allowed to have his internet connected. But the only time he was allowed to connect to it was when his parents were in the room. He wished he had something instead of his shaky hand struggling to write on paper in the night with the while tears fogged his vision. Nonetheless, it was something.

I really do miss you, Eric. My parents are fucking tyrants. It's like they're seriously trying to break me. I think without this picture it'd be much easier for them. Thank you for giving me this. I really needed something to hold onto. I smile every time I see it. I still love you. I never want to forget you. I need to figure something out, it's fucking hell without you. I got this message on November 1st, wrote it the same night... Please send me more. I miss you so much it hurts.
- Love, Kyle.
I love you so much, Eric.

His message wasn't quite as mushy as Eric's was. But he decided against rewriting it. That wasn't his style. He wanted this message to sound exactly like him, to let Eric know that he was still the way he was when they were together. He stuffed the letter in his pajama pocket. He felt his heart flutter in a way that reminded him of the way things used to be. That familiar warmth that he hadn't felt in months. He slept and dreamt of Eric. It wasn't even an intimate dream. He just dreamt of them bickering at each other, laughing about stupid shit they watched together. He missed that life so much.

Things got a little better in the following weeks. He was able to receive and send messages to Eric thanks to how good Kenny was at planting and pickpocketing. His parents didn't even suspect anything. Through the messages they kept themselves updated on their days. There was always a small bit about how much they missed each other. But there was otherwise this taunting quality in their letters that seemed so familiar. Kyle felt riled up, alive again for the first time in months.

He'd usually be against the whole 'waiting for somebody' notion. But there wasn't a drop of doubt that he was going to keep loving Eric. He wouldn't let go just because his parents wanted him to let go. He wouldn't let them win. Not them, not the person that spread that photo. Not anybody. Eric gave him a liberation that nobody else would give him. There was no way Kyle was about to let him go.

December 4th, Tuesday 6:00 PM.

Apparently Kyle had been good enough to go out to the arcade with Stan and Kenny. Though it was something very miniscule, Kyle appreciated it all the same. He had to be home by 9 PM, but Kenny suddenly decided that they should leave at 6 PM.

"Come on man, this is my first time I've been allowed anywhere," Kyle said nervously. Kenny's soft smile took Kyle off guard. He didn't understand what it was for.

"Don't worry, you won't be going home."

Kenny and Stan eventually led Kyle to a familiar looking car. A woman stepped out, and Kyle's heart pounded. Liane... Kyle's parents had advised her to keep a close eye on Eric, and from Eric's letters, she'd been doing so pretty decently. What was she doing here? More importantly, why was he being led to her?
Liane smiled at Kyle when she saw him. "Good evening Kyle," She cooed in a sweet voice. Kyle stared blankly at her, on edge and suspicious. He looked at Stan and Kenny questioningly. Stan sighed.

"We'll explain it on the drive over. But to clarify... we're taking you to see Cartman." He said, putting a hand on Kyle's shoulder.

Kyle felt his stomach do a few backflips at the notion. Even if they were going to see Eric, why would Liane help them? Against Kyle's better judgement, he got into the car and allowed Liane to drive them home.

"I'm sorry for everything that's happened, sweety. You really didn't deserve all this." Liane said softly as she drove them to Eric's house.

"Wait.. I thought you said that being a homosexual is a sin." Kyle said apprehensively.

"Everybody sins." Liane replied. Kyle frowned, feeling confused and slightly frustrated at the idea that Liane was trivializing the change in her opinion.

"Listen Kyle, Liane didn't actually think that. She was warned by Wendy that Cartman would be bad for you, and Wendy convinced her that you guys being together was a bad idea." Stan explained. Kyle paused, his mouth dropping open.

"...Why would she... god dammit!" He growled.

"Sorry dude. I should've suspected something from how much she always objected to your relationship. But she felt guilty about it and confessed about it on Thanksgiving." Stan explained, averting his eyes from Kyle. He seemed ashamed of himself.

"Does Eric know about that?" Kyle asked, his tone still angry.

"No, Eric doesn't even know we're taking you to see him." Kenny answered for him. "I've had my talks with Liane. I got her to agree to take you to see him last minute."

The anger left Kyle, suddenly feeling anxious at the thought of seeing Eric again. "..What if my parents call?" Kyle asked hesitantly.

"We'll just have Kenny pretend to be you. Easy." Stan replied simply. Kenny nodded. He had always had a good voice range, and Kyle's voice sounded similar to Kenny's anyhow.
They pulled up to garage and Kyle suddenly felt his heart drop into his stomach. He glanced at Stan hesitantly. "So... you're ok with me being with Eric now?"

Stan shrugged. "You guys are stubborn. Cartman won't like anyone but you and vice versa. So whatever makes you happy, man."

"You don't need our approval, Kyle. Go get your man." Kenny said, urging Kyle out of the car. As Kyle walked up the steps he became hyper-aware of his outfit. He'd told Eric about his shitty uniform in letters and how they were making him neatly cut his hair, but he briefly wondered if Eric would recognize him. But hell, despite how agonizingly long it felt, it'd only been 5 months. Eric wouldn't forget him that easily.

He soon realized that Liane and the rest of them were patiently waiting in the car. Jesus, they were going to let them have alone time too? This seemed too good to actually be happening. Kyle quickly made his way up the steps, up to Eric's room where he heard a game going on. Eric's response to the knock on his door was an annoyed "What?"

Kyle smirked to himself. "Should I wait for your game to finish?" He called through the door, a teasing quality in his voice. Despite the sound of the game still going, Kyle heard quick footsteps going to the door, the sound of the door unlocking. He couldn't help smiling when he saw that look on Eric's face once he opened the door. It was so similar to the look he last saw when he told Eric that he loved him. Almost as if his life had been paused, waiting until this moment to start up again.

"K..Kyle, you..." Eric gasped. It was obvious that so many emotions went through him in that moment that he could barely get a word out. "How did..?"

Kyle draped his arms around Eric's shoulders, pulling him into a kiss. He'd already gone through the phases of surprise himself. Now that Eric was here all he wanted to do was to skip all that and savor every second from now until 9 pm. Eric reacted by kissing back passionately, his arms wrapping around Kyle in a warm embrace while they kissed. They stood in the doorway like that for minutes on end, just kissing and holding each other. The game in the background was mildly distracting, only being pulled to Kyle's attention when they caught their breath.

"Sounds like your team's mad at you." Kyle joked, noting the angry muffled voices from Eric's computer. Eric turned to the computer only for a few seconds, closing the game he was in.

"Boo fucking hoo. They'll win the next game." Eric said nonchalantly, going back up to Kyle and pulling him onto his bed. Kyle's thighs bracketed Eric's hips as they continued to kiss. Kyle hadn't been able to touch and squeeze the places he liked to the last time they did this, thanks to those bruises. He was more than happy that they were long gone. Eric pulled back slightly, though still holding Kyle close. "Seriously though.. how did you escape?" Eric asked softly. He still seemed like in disbelief of Kyle's presence.

Kyle laughed softly. Eric made it sound like he'd been in prison. But he supposed that he had been in one of sorts. "They let me go to the arcade since I've been doing good in school. And I guess Kenny set something up so I could meet up with you." He answered, nuzzling the crook of Eric's neck.

"Ken's a fucking blessing." Eric sighed happily, trailing his hands up Kyle's back. He pushed his lips to Kyle's again. "God, I missed you..." He murmured between kisses.

"I can tell," Kyle laughed softly, looking up at his hand written letters plastered on Eric's wall above his bed. "Nice wall, dork."

Eric raised an eyebrow at Kyle. "Dork?" He echoed. "No one says that, Kyle. Have your mormon classmates been rubbing off on you?"

Kyle's cheeks heated a little in embarrassment, because they probably had. "Whatever, you know what I mean."

"I'm guessing you meant 'fag' or 'pussy', because that's what a normal person would say." Eric remarked.

"Yeah well, I'm gonna call you a dork just to spite you." Kyle retorted playfully, nibbling at Eric's cheek.

"Well at least you got something out of that geek school. You look great in this outfit." Eric said, tugging Kyle's tie.

Kyle smirked, only mildly surprised that Eric had complimented his school uniform. He always seemed like the guy to appreciate that kind of thing. "Just don't ruin it."
"I'd never." Eric said, his grasp trailing up the length of Kyle's tie. "Take it off, I'll ruin everything else." His voice had reached that tone that Kyle loved so much. The seductive tone that he hadn't heard in way too long. Kyle undo his shirt the instant he heard that voice, almost forgetting about his tie. Eric reminded him about it, loosening it as they kissed. He took off the tie quickly, mindfully discarding it on the dresser. His slacks came off just as quickly and easily too. Still he made sure to not wrinkle them, knowing he needed to make sure he didn't leave evidence that he was here. When he turned back to Eric he saw that the lube was already out, the condom being rolled over Eric's hardened cock.

"Right to the point, huh?" Kyle teased. Eric pulled Kyle close, hoisting him on his hips.

"I missed everything about you. Every word, every smile, every inch of your body." He replied breathily, lustful eyes staring into Kyle's. "Didn't help that you looked so neat in that suit. Now I just wanna make a mess out of you."

Kyle moaned lightly as Eric nipped his collarbone, Eric's hands threading through Kyle's neat hair. He curled it in his fingertips while he sucked on Kyle's neck. Kyle bucked his hips, pushing their erections together. Eric shuddered at the contact. His fingers went to Kyle's entrance. It'd been a while since Kyle felt stretched, but that just made the experience better than he'd remembered it.

"Don't make too much of a mess. I still need to go back after this and act like nothing happened." Kyle reminded him. He didn't really want to kill the mood, but it was true and he didn't want to get caught again. Eric's fingers lubed Kyle thoroughly, Kyle gasping as Eric thrusted his fingers.

"Your parents don't matter right now. Nobody does. Nothing exists except for us in this room." Eric said as he pushed up against Kyle's prostate. Kyle arched into it.


Eric pulled Kyle's chest to his, necking him gently to make sure not to leave a bruise. "I love you so much, Kyle..." he said in a breathy moan. Kyle found himself grateful that he made the word comfortable between them. It seemed to make the appeal of this that much more intense, more intimate, with just a single phrase. Kyle perched himself up, kissing Eric tenderly on the lips. As Eric kissed back he caressed Kyle's skin, his hands eventually going to Kyle's hips, lining his entrance with the head of his cock.

"God... I want this to last forever.." Kyle moaned recklessly, lowering himself on Eric. Their movements were drawn out as if both of them were savoring it, the two of them holding each other close as they were consumed by the feel of each other's bodies. Kyle glanced up at the letters on Eric's wall, his hands plastered on Eric's back as they rocked. "Fuck, Eric, I fucking love you," He whispered in a sharp breath.

The mixture of arousal and love was perfect, better than he'd remembered. They came and kissed, never letting go of the other even while sweat drenched the two. There was about half an hour where neither of them said anything, just kissed and held each other.

"I wonder if they're still waiting outside," Kyle eventurally murmured. Eric blinked up at him, staring blankly.

"People are waiting outside?" He asked. Kyle played mindlessly with Eric's hair.

"Mm, yeah, your Mom, Stan and Kenny." Kyle answered. Eric seemed confused at the answer, glancing towards his door. He was curious now but he didn't exactly want to get up. That meant not being near Kyle.

"I thought my Mom thought we were sinning." Eric muttered.

"Uh.. about that." Kyle said hesitantly, wondering if he should tell Eric. "She was warned by someone that we shouldn't be in a relationship. So that wasn't really her opinion. She was kinda just saying that."

Eric frowned. "God, I fucking knew it! It was Stan, wasn't it?"

"No, it was Wendy." Kyle sighed. "And relax, will you? I only have an hour left with you before I have to go home."

Eric sighed, making his tense muscles ease. "She probably posted that picture too." He grumbled.

"We don't know that much." Kyle said. He'd been pretty pissed too when he found out, honestly, but he didn't want Eric to be pissed like he was. "But anyway... things are getting better lately. Maybe if I keep doing well they'll give me my freedom back."

"Hah. You better win some kind of award. Part a red sea or some shit." Eric joked. Kyle smiled, kissing Eric softly again.
The two of them spent the last hour talking, playing games in Eric's room. The sense of familiarity that the two got from it was so liberating. Kyle was thankful that he wasn't broken by his parents, that he'd gotten a chance to be reminded of how this felt. He never wanted to forget.

The two of them decided that they should take pictures together before Kyle left. Eventually 9 PM came around, and Kyle had to leave. They spent the last minutes kissing, telling each other how much they loved each other. They were nearly teary eyed, half with happiness of being able to see each other, the other half sadness with having to leave again.
As Kyle walked back to the car, he brushed his fingers against the photos they took together. Something to hold onto until he could see Eric again, however long that would be. He dreaded going back to his prison that was disguised as his home. He fought the sensation to run back in, to insist on staying in that house. But he couldn't do that. That would be too reckless.

The whole art of sneaking was to exploit the smallest facets, while not being reckless. Kyle smiled to himself, because considering how many times they got caught, Eric and Kyle sucked at not being reckless. But if they did it long enough, maybe they'd master that art.