Summery: In the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter is tormented with dreams of all the different ways his life might have gone if he had only made different choices. Harry is given the choice to go back and do his life over. Speaking to snakes, jumping across rooftops, socializing with half-demons and purebloods, and having a best friend who lives in a magical diary isn't the most normal of childhoods. He...might not have thought this through.

Rating. This is not a fluffy, slightly angsty ball of fluff. Uncomfortable things happen throughout this series, including but not limited to: abuse, emotional manipulation, attempted sexual assault, starvation, constant questioning of the characters morals and values (-seriously, note that. If I get a flame later on because you see some shit you don't want to see I am going to mock your intelligence and your reading level. Harshly. I may even call your mother names and insult your manhood. I beg your pardon ladies. ;) )

Warnings: Violence. Mental and Emotional Abuse. Emotional Manipulation. Characters with flexible morals. A Harry encouraged from a young age to think independently and form his own opinions. Other magical schools. Demon and Magical Creature culture. Pureblood politics. Verbal Sparing. Possessed Diaries. Cunning criminals. Time Travel. OCs.

AN: Hi there. I'd make a bunch of excuses about why I've been gone, but I am far too lazy to engage in such nonsense. Let it be known I became caught up in my brother's life for a bit helping him get situated. On the bright-side I have an obscene amount written out for both Alchema: Child of Strength and Very Bad Boys. I'll try to spread out postings evenly. No promises. Ever. If I do give a promise in the future just remember that I am a filthy liar folks. Cheers.

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Chapter updated: 11/25/2014

Yes I am finally going through and sprucing this up here and there.

Here is a snippet of what's to come in the next book, Child of Strength.

Oh, you tell me to hold on

Oh, you tell me to hold on

But innocence is gone

And what was right is wrong

Quirrell propped his chin on his hand. "The Headmaster would argue that we must choose between what is right and what is easy."

"With all due respect that is utterly, and nearly revoltingly, convenient manipulative propaganda. What is right and what is easy? Rubbish! What is right and wrong is similar to what is true and what is not. Just like the truth, what is right is always right and what isn't true remains untrue just as what is wrong remains wrong, regardless of its...convenience. We can pretend otherwise to our hearts content, I won't deny that's always an option, but playing make-believe doesn't change reality no matter how long you play the game. Those who choose to believe their imaginings over reality have a delightful label. It's called Insanity."

"Prince! Prince! Prince!"

Some Ravenclaws began taking notes as they would during a lecture in class. After a moment the Slytherins did as well while the Griffindors bribed the Hufflepuffs into taking notes for them.

"And who chooses which is right and wrong in your world?"

"Don't be stupid. We know, usually without having to think about it, if what we do is right or wrong. It is justifying our motivations to the self-righteous sheep of the world which is where things get tricky. Whom they choose to believe chooses what is right and wrong that day. Same as any other world I think."

Quirrell smirked then checked his watch. "It is time for us to go to dinner. I think I like you Prince. Would you like to meet up and argue again sometime?"

"I would. Would you like to join in on my study group from time to time? We can keep your speech tendencies to ourselves I think." Violet eyes glanced over their audience, all of whom gulped and nodded.

"I would."

Quirrell was then on seen wearing what may have been a Team Prince shirt under his teacher's robes but no one had managed to confirm or deny it thus far.

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