Donna and the Doctor stuck their heads outside the TARDIS, peering curiously at their surroundings before stepping outside.

"Looks like…" The Doctor started, looking around again. "21st century London. Yep."

"What are we doing back here?" Donna asked.

"Dunno, TARDIS brought us here, so there must be something…"

"Doctor," Donna said suddenly, tugging lightly on his shirt sleeve, "why is it only raining over there?"

"It's not raining," the Doctor said, glancing at her. "Look, sun's shining."

"No Doctor, over there. It's raining but only over there…"

Finally the Doctor followed her gaze. "Oh, I see what you mean. Well, that must be what we're here for. Shall we go check it out?" He asked as Donna looped her arm through his and allowed him to lead the way.