Tattooed Heart

2,206 Days Before

She caught him looking at her from across the lunchroom.

She sat alone, surrounded by books and papers, with a pencil in her hand and a sketch book in front of her. She was trying to concentrate, but she couldn't focus when she could feel his stare burning on her flesh.

His friend's were laughing loudly behind him, trying to catch the attention of their leader, but he was intently staring at the little blonde girl; who he didn't know even existed until three days ago when she dropped her sketch book in front of him and he got a glimpse of amazingly detailed art. He remembered her scurrying to collect the book, and when she came up, red faced, he just stood there. Like an absolute idiot. And before he could introduce himself like a gentlemen his mother taught him to be or at least compliment her on her art, she ran away down the hall, towards the crowd, where she was lost from his eye sight.

He never got an opportunity to talk to her that year.

1,825 Days Before

He felt a surge of jealousy when she walked into school the first day.

The boy's arm was slung over her shoulder, and both of their heads were thrown back in laughter. Her face was red with amusement, but his was red with anger.

Obviously, the boy had beaten him to her.

1,816 Days Before

His only thought while he stood before her was, I don't stutter.

But that is exactly what he was doing.

He had finally caught her only in the hall today. She was usually either flanked by a mocha skinned girl, or the tan boy she was with the first day.

She looked nervous in his presence, always looking around. Almost as if she was looking for a way to escape or for someone to grab her arm and save her. He hoped that wouldn't happen.

He always felt on his toes around her, and was always telling himself to digest the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach, because he was a man, and men didn't get butterflies, right? He didn't even know this girl but he knew something about her was steering him towards her every day.

So he took a deep, deep, breath and a mustered up the courage to ask a strange girl one simple question: "Will you go on a date with me?"

1,815 Days Before

Christina helped her get into a blue dress that was the color of the summer's sky, and because it was dark and raining Christina told her that she was the brightest thing she had seen in days. She was giddy with nervousness, and couldn't stop bouncing on her toes, or chewing on her lip; Christina was trying to get her to break the habit, because it was tarnishing her lips.

When the doorbell rang, she couldn't help but squeak with fear and hide in her closet. Christina was forced to grab her arm and haul her out of her room. She gave her an encouraging push towards the steps, which she went down.

She found him conversing with her parents. Her father looked skeptical, and eyed his leather jacket, while her mother talked aimlessly to him. As she entered the room his eye's fell on her instantly as her mother's talking become background music to him, he only focused on her.

She apologized multiple times as they entered his car, which he replied with "it's fine", and "Don't apologize". The car was silent except for the quiet music coming from the radio, which she nodded her head to, but to him, she was the loudest thing in the car. He thought she looked wonderful.

He took her to a coffee shop, because it was raining, and guided her to a table by the window, to watch the rain, which she adored. They both ordered coffee, and talked about anything that came to mind. She thought it was cozy, and she showed him how to doodle on the napkins lying on their table. She couldn't but laugh when he tried to draw a simple rose. He let her continue and watched as she stuck the tip of her tongue out in concentration, and she could feel him watching her but she didn't mind this time. They sipped the coffee and discussed the weather, which is the only thing they could think of because they already talked about their favorite colors, and constellations. They asked thousand of questions back and forth to keep occupied. She was never bored.

After a while he decided to drive her home, where he walked her to the door in the heavy downfall, and even though she knew he mother was watching from the living room window she still kissed him on the cheek, and she smiled slightly when he blushed furiously.

And with one last question she asked, "Do you think I'm beautiful?"

To which he replied with one, truthful word, "Yes."

1,812 Days Before

He joined her at lunch, with her friends.

Christina was welcoming, and filled the silence with talking when it got quiet, and Uriah told ridiculous jokes. She taught him how to draw a rose today, on real paper. He tried multiple times before the bell rang, and she had to collect her books. He decided to admit to her that drawing was not a talent of his, to which she agreed honestly. They had both laughed, but he was still determined to learn how to draw that one rose, because it was her favorite flower.

He carried her books, and walked her to class; even though his class was nowhere near hers. But he didn't mind, even though she claimed she didn't want to make him late.

He was happy to do it, and told her to stop arguing because he was going to walk her. She agreed and when they arrived at the class's door, she kissed his cheek, took her books, and walked into the class after flashing him a smile over her shoulder.

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