This is a response to a prompt by PJ on AO3, chapter 64 (filled 21/June/2015): "[...] If you have a chance I'd love some jealous Gendry. Have him try to be a big brother and spend some time with Edric only to find out that he has a crush on Arya."

Gendry didn't really know how to react to finding out about his siblings, but he was trying. Mya had promised to go out for a beer with him, when she stayed in town for more than one night. And today, he was making his way to Edric, his youngest brother. He had seen him around school, hanging out with Shireen and Devan, when he went to pick up Arya; but they hadn't spent much time together

"Hi, Gendry," Edric said from the bench.

"Hey, Edric. Sorry I'm late. Tobho needed me to finish working on a car."

"You could call Dad, he would help you with the money." Edric told me, and that was one of the things it bothered Gendry about Edric - he seemed to still look up to their father, even after all the shit he had done. Neither Gendry, or Mya ever mentioned it to him.

"There's no need. I like working. And I wouldn't dare quiting of Tobho - he's been helping me my half life."

"Right," Edric said, as they started walking through the park. Neither were very good making conversation, so their walk was rather awkward in the beginning.

"So how's school?" Gendry asked, it was generic question - a simple question, that was easy to start conversation.

"It's been good. My grades are looking up. Shireen is helping me with english and history - so I actually got an A on both test."

"That's good. I've never been that good at english. History was a bit better, especially since Jon helped me."

"My best one is still chemistry, and I really like it. I wouldn't mind doing something in that area."

"Really?! Who's your teacher? I had Pycelle - he was the most boring teacher in the world."

"I'm lucky. I got Qyburn - he's really cool. We do tons of experiments." That did seem most interesting than Gendry's chemistry classes.

"Yeah... I heard the same about him. But I couldn't change teachers or anything. Jon was the only way to get through those classes. Also we had Sam to explain everything to us - there's no one smarter than him."

"I think Shireen could fight him for the title," Edric told him, and Gendry laughed.

"You may be right. They should meet. Next time Jon and Sam come South, be sure to bring Shireen around."

"Thank you, Gendry."

They continued walking, until Gendry noticed an ice cream parlor, and thinking that could give them another topic of conversation, andd because ice cream is always good.

"Do you wanna stop for ice cream? I can pay if you need."

"Sure, but I can pay my own."

They ordered their ice creams, and ended up sitting down at a table; after awhile Gendry could tell Edric was acting weird.

"Are you okay, Edric? Do you need anything? You can get another flavour if you don't like that one."

"No, it's nothing like that. But I would like to ask you something."


"So you're close friends with Arya Stark, right?"

"Yeah... she's my best friend."

"She's in my year, and we have a couple of classes together..."

"Okay..." Gendry couldn't understand what he wanted.

"And we've talked a couple of times, and she really likes Shireen - so she has even hang out with us. And I want to ask her to the dance, but I have no idea how I should do it. Some guys have asked, and she's always said no - she said she was going with Lommy and Hot Pie as friends, and only because her mother insisted," Edric finished, and Gendry couldn't beliebe his brother had a crush on Arya. "But I know Hot Pie is thinking of asking a girl in freshman year, so I was hoping Arya would say yes too. So any advice?"

Gendry was conflicted, he didn't want to give him advice about how to date Arya, but this was his brother, and they were trying to built a relationship.

"I really don't know. Arya doesn't date." She really didn't... they kissed once, but they never talked about it again. And now it was pretty much impossible, with him being 18 and her under 16. He wouldn't stop Arya if she liked some guy - they were friends first, after all; but he wasn't going to help a guy get her, even if it was his brother. "You shouldn't ask her, she doesn't take that well. If she likes you, she will ask."

"Really?!" his brother asked with hope in his eyes, and Gendry felt bad about what he said. "Should I hint something?"

"Maybe. But it should come from you, you know. It won't be the same if what you do it's what I would do."

"Thank you, Gendry. That helped," Edric said, before he went back to his ice cream and they changed the subejct.