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Plot: This is my take/answer to Proud Mudblood's Second-Year Challenge. This is where, instead of in the Great Hall, Harry is with Hermione in the Hospital Wing where she is un-Petrified. Where still in the Wing, Hermione realizes she has feelings for Harry, and not just brother-sister, and gathers her courage to kiss Harry on the lips, thus creating a chain-reaction.


1. Ron get's jealous! (and may be Idiot!Ron) ~~ [accepted]
2. Ginny is disappointed, but realizes they are made for each other. ~~ [accepted]
3. Ron must refer Hermione as a 'Practice Girlfriend' and gets attacked by Harry ~~ [accepted]
4. The story has to go through 3rd and 4th year ~~ [accepted]
5. Hermione must find that Harry can get emancipated before 3rd year and gain the title of Lord Potter ~~ [accepted]
6. Using his status of Lord Potter, Harry must find a way to free Sirius before 4th year. ~~ [accepted]
7. Harry must still live at Durzkaban (a.k.a. The Dursley's) but with Sirius ~~ [possibly]
8. Sirius becomes the new DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) but somehow Harry must still be entered in the Triwizard Tournament and be Portkeyed to the graveyard and Voldemort resurrected. ~~ [accepted]
9. When Harry is in the graveyard and Wormtail takes Harry's blood, Harry must say, "I willingly give my blood," and it can affect Voldemort however you want, it is your choice. ~~ [accepted]
10. The rest is your choice.

(By the way, I got the challenges/guidelines from Chronicles of Camelot…)
"Normal Speech"



{Chapter One: Realizations, love}

Walking into the Hospital Wing, Harry James Potter, aged just 12 (Well, almost 13) made a beeline to the farthest bed in the room. At this moment that bed lay occupied by one Hermione Jean Granger, age 13. Walking over there fast, (not running, otherwise Madam Pomfrey would have his head) he sat on the side of his 2-year best friend.

After making himself comfy, Harry grabbed Hermione's hand and gripped it, praying that the Mandrake Draught would be finished soon, he needed his Hermione, ('His Hermione?' he thought, blushing at the thought), back to talk too, she was fun to talk too. All Ron liked to talk about now-a-days was Quidditch or food. Harry really missed Hermione, really.

Harry thought back to this past year, mostly his feelings from when Hermione first was found Petrified. 'Okay, first I was scared, 'cause she was my second friend, then I continued to be scared then unhappy at Ron, who just chatted on like nothing happened to their best friend. Okay, then I was unhappy and sad too. I guess after 'Mione was Petrified I had no happiness, she fills the void in my life, the love and happiness that I need. I think I love her.'

During those long hours in the Hospital Wing Harry began to open up to Hermione, telling her everything about his childhood; from the abuse to school to having continuous mental and verbal abuse too. Though he knew that she couldn't here him ("Mr. Potter, Miss. Granger cannot hear you in a Petrified state, it is not worth it to talk to her right now," Madam Pomfrey had said) he still tried to.

Harry began now telling Hermione about the time at school when his cousin, Dudley, was with his friends playing "Harry Hunting" at school and he ending up on the school roof. He said that he got a 'double beating' that time, even more than that one time Harry had turned has teachers hair blue.

Harry described the feeling he had when he appeared on the roof, thinking that Hermione may know what had happened. 'Mental note- ask Hermione about that…what are the magical modes of transportation: Floo? Brooms? Cars?' he thought.

Looking over at the clock on the far wall, Harry realized that it is probably time to go before Madam Pomfrey throws him out first. Standing up to go to the Great Hall, he swooped down and kissed Hermione on the cheek, promising her that he would be back later. Starting to get up, he saw Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall bustle into the Wing.

"Mr. Potter, the Mandrake Draught is ready, do you want to administer it to Miss. Granger? Minerva and I can do the others," Madam Pomfrey said, handing him a flask of thick Draught.

"Sure, Madam Pomfrey, I'll go right ahead, anything to help Hermione," Harry said brightly to them. He then turned back to Hermione, not seeing the twin smirks on Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall's face, also when McGonagall whispered to Pomfrey.

"Ten Galleons that Potter and Granger get together by the end of the term," she said, smiling, thinking about her two favorite students (not that she would say that out loud, but it was true.) getting together, she thought it was perfect match, maybe a match made in Heaven.

"Agreed, but ten Galleons and a bottle of Firewhisky, and that it is within the next few days, you're on, Min.," Poppy Pomfrey replied. They turned to un-Petrify the rest of the students.

While that exchange happened, Harry was working on getting Hermione un-Petrified. Pulling out his wand from a hidden pocket in his cloak, he waved it over Hermione's jaw, whispering, "Reglutino Maxilliam," and her jaw opened enough to let him pour the potion down. Slowly but surely he got it done, he just wanted Hermione back, to honest, he really missed her.

When he finished pouring the potion down he sat on the corner of the bed again, squeezing Hermione's hand, he whispered, "I love you." He knew that the potion was working because her hand was beginning to relax. After maybe 10 minutes, Hermione's eyes opened. Harry leaned over her face, looking into her pretty chocolate-brown eyes. "Hi," he said.

"Hi, Harry," She said faintly, staring in his swirling emerald eyes, thinking how beautiful they were.

"How do you feel?" Harry asked. Hermione smiled, then frowned, 'I need to tell him that I heard about his abuse and neglect…and maybe my feelings too.' she thought

"I heard what you said, all of it…I can't believe that those monsters did that to you," Tears grew in her eyes at the thought of the Dursley's and his abuse. Harry suddenly stiffened. Hermione noticed and started to cry, tears of sorrow and sadness, feeling really how bad the abuse that Harry had to endure for ten years, and it only get worse as he got older and started going to Hogwarts.

'I can't believe that Harry had to suffer through that and now he is really sweet, caring, kind and lovable!' she internally cried, and the exterior copied.

"I didn't know you heard that, but if anyone did, I am glad that it is you," Harry smiled at her, wiping away a few stray tears. Harry relaxed. Minerva and Poppy had heard talking by now, and heard about the "abuse".

'When I get upstairs, I am going to kill Albus for sending Harry to those Muggles, I said that they were to worst sort of them,' Minerva internally fumed, thinking about her cub.

Quietly they walked over to the pair of children and listened in on their conversation. (They knew that that probably wasn't the best thing to do, the children were having a moment.)

"R-really? Thank you…" She grew quiet, "I also heard what you said before, you know, just like 10 minutes or so, 'I love you,'" Harry turned away, expecting rejection from her. He hadn't meant for her to hear that, that was almost as bad, if not worse, then hearing her say that she had heard him talking about his abuse. The thing is, he meant it too, he legit meant it, though he was probably a long way from finding the courage, "No, no, no, that's not what I meant, I mean, I think I might too…"

From Minerva and Poppy's point-of-view, it looked very sweet, and almost innocent, they heard Harry's next reply from their spot, loud and clear; "Really, thank Merlin," he looked extremely relieved, "I really meant it too…I realized that I had feelings for you a few weeks ago, right after you got Petrified…I was so scared…" he looked down and blushed.

"Oh Harry, I realized I had feeling for you on that Halloween, last year…when you saved me from that Troll… I thought I was too young then…now I look up to you, you are the most wonderful person, and … um, KISS ME YOU FOOL!" she practically (uhum, almost…kinda, yeah…) yelled to him, pulling him close to her. Harry happily complied, pulling her close for their first kiss (and the future had a lot more coming for the couple.

They broke apart about 10 seconds later. Harry spoke first after they broke apart, "Uh, will you, Hermione Jean Granger, become my girlfriend?" he asked. The women in question smile and kissed him again.

"Does that answer your question, kind sir? Well, yes, Harry James Potter, I would love to be your girlfriend. I love you," she said.

Minerva and Poppy watched them, turning to say how cute they were, "Poppy, I owe you 10 Galleons and a bottle of Firewhisky…I think we should asked Mr. and Mr. Weasley who won the bet… they'll definitely know," whispered Minerva, who had not noticed that the couple had stopped kissing to look at them.

"Um, Professor, what bet do you mean? And how long have you and Madam Pomfrey been standing there?" faintly said by an extremely embarrassed Hermione.

"Oh, just the one set up by Messrs. Fred and George Weasley came up with to predict when you two are going to get together, and by the way, congratulation on you two getting together. To answer your second question, Miss. Granger, about 10 minutes." Both Harry and Hermione looked down, an extreme blush on both of their faces, turning them a nice shade of tomato red, enough to rival the Weasley's hair.

"Madam Pomfrey," spoke up Harry, not-quite-recovering from his and Hermione's blush, "when can Hermione leave, it's about dinner and she must be hungry, right?" He directed the last part to Hermione. She nodded to indicate that she was.

"Miss. Granger can leave now if she is feeling up to it, I would think that is hungry." Hermione nodded and got up, smoothing out her rumpled clothing.

"Yes, please, thank you, Madam Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall," Hermione said, addressing both of the adults in turn.

The happy couple walked up to Gryffindor Tower so Hermione could get some new clothes and so Harry could tell Ron and Neville. After giving the password, ("Pumpkin Pasty") Harry sent Hermione up to change.

In the corner of the Common Room, sat Neville and Ron playing a heated game of chess.

"Hey, Ron, Neville!" Harry greeted happily. Ron looked at him weirdly.

"Mate, what's gotten you in such a happy mood? Has Hermione woken up?" Ron said, and Harry noticed some sort of hungry gleam in Ron's eyes…maybe just because that it is almost dinner? Harry made a mental note of that .

"Yeah, and guess what!? 'Mione and I are dating!" Harry said happily.

"Oh, that's great Harry! Looks like Fred and George owe me some Galleons!" Neville exclaimed.

"Great job mate!" Ron said, "Could you get me one too, I need to practice,"

"Wh-what do you mean? 'Could you get me one too, I need to practice?'" Harry asked, getting an very bad feeling about what Ron had said about Hermione.

"Wait, you didn't get Hermione as a practice girlfriend? Why would you want her, she is just a know-it-all and our resident bookworm…" quietly, almost in a whisper, he added, though he didn't know that Harry could hear that one word, " a Mudblood." Ron probably just made the biggest mistake in his entire life... yeah.

"What did you call my 'Mione?" Harry's voice was as cold as steel, he only spoke in a whisper, but the whole Common Room heard. He was at level one mad… which was very, very, very bad for Ronald who just happened to be at the receiving end of it. Ron, on the other hand was completely unaware about the damage of what he just said.

"Um-um, I-I," Ron said, getting very nervous (and sadly, for our poor dear Ronald, his nerves causes him to run his mouth, and that, ladies and gents is ever-so-slight bad for our resident Dumbledore- but don't tell him…shush) Harry was on to him…

"TELL ME WHAT YOU SAID, RONALD BILLIUS WEASLEY!" Harry yelled, going from level one mad to level two very quickly… Harry now had everyone's attention.
Ron suddenly seemed to gain confidence, though he was still very nervous, Harry wanted answers, so Ron told him: "I called her a know-it-all (by the way, is true) and our resident bookworm and a.. Mudblood, because that is what she is…a dirty-blood Muggle! She doesn't deserve to live here, to learn magic! Only I, a Pureblood wizard, by 17 generations should! Anyway, I can and WILL have her as a slave, just as Dumbledore promised! And you, filthy Halfblood will have nothing, I will be richer and more famous that Harry. Bloody. Potter!"

Ronald Billius Weasley covered his mouth, thinking that he had just ruined ol' Grandpa Whiskers plan. The plan was simple for Ron's part: befriend Harry, keep him weak and not learning. Several people gasped when Ron said Mudblood, especially since he said it not once, but twice.

Harry saw red, throwing off his outer robes, he wheeled around and through a punch to 'The Bottomless Stomach's' (as Harry had dubbed him at the first 'Mudblood') jaw, causing an audible "crack!" to be heard. "Never. Insult. My. Girlfriend. Again." Harry growled to Ron.

Hermione came down right then, hearing what Harry said and how Ron was clutching his jaw. "What is goi-" Harry cut her off:

"C'mon 'Mione, we are not wanted here by 'The Bottomless Stomach'," Harry said to Hermione, gently pulling her by the arm out of the portrait hole. Before they made it out the heard Ron's voice once again:

"Fine then, Potter, go with your Mudblood whore and not your best friend!" Ron had realized the jig is up. Another crack was heard and they heard Neville scream at Ron.

"They were your friends, what is wrong with you!" Neville had screamed.

"Oh, side with them, Squib, fine, go run over to Potter and his Mudblood," Ron retorted, though it sounded like he was in pain. Harry clutched Hermione as she had begun to cry into his robes, but they had paused to listen to the rest of the conversation. Harry was whispering soothing words to Hermione.

They now heard Neville, "Fine, I will, because at least I know how to act as a friend, Weasley." Neville stormed out, nearly running into Harry and Hermione.
"Hermione, are you okay? I'm sorry for what Ron said to you, he is just an arse, a large, completely unattractive arse." He patted her shoulder to show he cared. Hermione gave a watery chuckle at what Neville had called Ronald, Neville really was a true friend in Harry and Hermione's book.

"Th-thanks Neville, thank you that you care," she said and turned to Harry, "How did this all happen? Though, some parts are great…" She trailed off.

"Realizations, love, realizations," Harry replied.

{*** End of Chapter One}

OC Spell(s)
*Reglutino Maxilliam: Unstick Jaw; a Charm, used to unlock/stick a person's jaw.

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