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{Chapter Two: Dear, could you get Ronald a stretcher?}

(The Great Hall: 10 minutes Later)

When Harry, Neville and Hermione arrived in the Great Hall nearly ten minutes d and later, they were ambushed by Fred and George Weasley.

"Hey Gred, Forge," Harry said, smiling at the twins, though they did not return the smile.

"Hermione," Fred said, (or at least that's who Harry thought it was) "are you okay? We heard what Ron said in the Common Room, and I am very, very sorry. We, Gorge and I, had absolutely no idea what my Mum and Ron were thinking." He looked very genuine, and Harry, Hermione and Neville never heard him like this before.

"Thank you, I do feel better now, thanks for asking," she paused, "That reminds me, what happened to Ron? I heard Neville and then we left," The twins smiled deviously…not a good sign.

"Oh, sweet, sweet Hermione, Ron will, um, be very confused for the next week or so," Gorge said.

"and the-"
"whole Gryffindor-"
"Quidditch Team-"
"were in there-"
"when Ickle-Ronnikins-"
"said that-"
"so we beat him up-"
"and left him a surprise-"
"and then we had Oliver Wood-"
"Obliviate him," George finished, smiling at them.

"Wow, um, what surprise? Please tell me that it doesn't effect me in anyway? Or Neville or my love here, Hermione?" Harry said fearfully.

"worry," said Fred. "Okay, every time he picks up food here, it will turn into hundreds of spiders!" Harry and Hermione turned to each other and smiled, for both of them knew all to well about Ron's phobia of spiders, after that disastrous trip into the Forbidden Forest.

"Thanks, guys, at least we know that you too are good to us," Harry called to the Twins retreating backs, they were heading for the Gryffindor table, on the other side of the hall. "I wonder, what else has Ron lied to us about, and maybe Ginny too? We can look over this later, after dinner and maybe in the library?" Harry asked after the Twins made it back to the table.

"I dunno Harry, let's check later," said Hermione.


Hermione, Harry and Neville were enjoying a particularly delicious dessert when Professor McGonagall made her way up the Gryffindor table, right towards where Hermione and Harry were. Harry took a bite of Treacle Tart when McGonagall made it to them. "Yes, Professor?" he asked, confused to why she was up here. Her lips tightened.

"Mr. Potter, Miss. Granger, Mr. Longbottom, could you please tell me why you friend, Mr. Ronald Weasley is in the Hospital Wing, looking particularly, what is the Muggle term? Ah, 'jacked up'?" Professor Minerva McGonagall is known to have a wicked sense of humor and liking for Muggle terms, but to Harry, Hermione and Neville, she is rather scary.

"Professor, Harry, Hermione and I are not Ronald's friends anymore, that backstabbing, two timing twat..." Neville trailed off, muttering angrily, mostly about: 'Used to be friends' and 'Lied to us'.

"Mr. Longbottom, what do you mean, I thought you, along with Mr. Potter and Miss. Granger were all friends of Mr. Weasley, or has something happened. Anyway, the reason I came to Mr. Potter and Miss. Granger is because in the Hospital Wing, Mr. Weasley is muttering about you too. And I thought you might know what has happened.

"Um, Professor, could we please tell you what happened in your office? Preferably with Fred and Gorge, as they were there also? Please, Professor?" Hermione asked nervously.

"Fine, come up straight after dinner," she said, her lips still rather tight. McGonagall walked back up to the Head table, and took her spot next to Dumbledore. That reminded Harry of something Ron had said earlier.

"Hermione, Neville, didn't Ron say something about his Mum saying you'll be his slave?" Harry questioned.

"Um, Harry I don't think that I was there at the time, though I might have been coming down the stairs, what do you remember, Neville?" Hermione said, eyes filling with tears that came with remembering what Ron had said, all of those mean words, she gasped, " Wait, what? What is about me being a slave to him, not a-a-a sex slave?!" Hermione now began crying, thinking about that realization on what Ron had said, as what both Neville and Harry recalled.

"Oh, Hermione, My Love, Ronald Billius Weasley will NEVER lay a hand on you anymore! But, it's okay, don't cry, let's head up to McGonagall's: OI, FRED, GEORGE get over here, come with us to Professor McGonagall's to tell her happened with Ronald," Harry called the last part down towards the other end of the table, were Fred and Gorge were talking to Lee Jordan.

"'Kay Harry-kinz," they said in unison, making their way down the walk, and out into the Entrance Hall, Harry, Hermione and Neville followed. What they didn't see was both Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore leave the Hall, following the trio, plus the Twins. Walking up the winding corridors of Hogwarts Castle the Twins, Harry, Neville and Hermione talked about Ronald and why had he gone so low and call Hermione Mudblood, the fated word. After nearly 5 minutes of small talk, Hermione asked what does Mudblood mean:

"Guys, from what I heard, I can tell it is bad, but actually, what does 'Mudblood' mean? I can guess it means Muggleborn," Hermione asked, pondering the meaning of it.

"Hermione," said Harry, " \Mudblood is a horrible word from someone of your birth, a Muggleborn, so yes you are right on that account. Okay, it means 'dirty blood' so saying that since you have Muggle blood in you, you're unfit for learning magic. It is a word that usually doesn't come up in normal conversation, at least that is what Voldemort's followers thought, I think it is definitely not right in any way, shape or form. My mother was a Muggleborn also, so don't put yourself down, you are my 'Mione," Harry smiled sadly, and gave Hermione a quick peck on the lips and continued, "During Voldemort's first reign Muggleborns were almost always referred to as Mudblood's, or at least that is what I read in one of the books I saw in the Library during First-Year."

"Oh, look, we are here, wait... Professor McGonagall isn't here yet, we'll just wait I guess," Neville said as they arrived in front of the Deputy Headmistress' office, he slid down the wall, onto the stone floor beneath him. Harry and Hermione followed suit and sunk to the floor too. As did Fred and George.


"Ah, here is Professor McGonagall," said Hermione, pointing down the corridor, where she was stalking towards them.

"Children," she said crisply, "come in, sit."

"Yes. Professor," they chorused. They all trooped in, mentally preparing on what to tell McGonagall about what happened with Ronald, and what he had said to Harry as he left.

"Okay, so please tell me, what happened to young Ronald. He is in a right state and we just called Mrs. Weasley," Professor McGonagall said, sighing.

Both Neville and Harry told the story, taking turns. Towards the end Fred and George piped up, adding in what they had done to him.

"Ok, I see as you four, were all provoked with Mr. Weasley's in insulting of Miss. Granger, so only 10 points from Gryffindor for fighting in the Common Room, you all may go." Professor McGonagall shooed them out. When everyone had left, she sat back on her chair, thinking about what happened; also about what Ronald is getting himself into, Hermione and Harry are very powerful: both Witch and Wizard, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Both Harry and Hermione had a restful evening with out Ronald.


About 2 days later, Ronald came limping into the Common Room, glaring at Harry and Hermione, who happened to be snogging in the corner.

"OI! Potter, what are you doing, get your hands off of MY girlfriend!" Ronald yelled. 'Bloody Hell,' thought Harry, 'why doesn't he even think?'

"Excuse me, Ronald, 'MY' girlfriend? I thought, as I told you 2 days ago, Hermione is my girlfriend and, seriously, what do you mean? She has nev-" Harry was cut off by a very loud Hermione Granger, and very angry.

"Ronald! I have NEVER BEEN YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND I NEVER WILL! Got that in your thick skull, eh?" snapped Hermione angrily.

"Shut it Granger, 'cause when Dumbledore gives you to me you'll be my slave and I will be a proud Pureblood, so shut it, Mudblood." said Ron smugly, turning back to Harry who had made his way up to 'The Bottomless Stomach' as Harry oh-so eloquently named it. Well, let us just say that as soon as Ron turned around well, he was absolutely screwed, *smack* *crack* .

Ronald looked up at Harry; "Oh, you are going to get it..." Harry gave him a look that would scare wrestlers; Harry's eyes were golden with power, not their usual emerald. A hissing could be heard, Ronald had pissed his robes, in front of the whole Common Room, Harry then proceeded to kick Ron where the Sun-Don't-Shine, sadly getting his shoe wet in the process. Before anyone knew it, Ronald was unconscious.

Harry took care of his shoe, "Calor Caeli," he whispered, then called to Hermione "Dear, would your put Ronald on a stretcher and send it too the Hospital Wing? And don't be afraid to make it bumpy."

"Of course, I'd be glad too,"


OC Spells: "Calor Caeli" means "Hot Air" in Latin.

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