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"Elsa, what have you done?!"

"She's ice cold."

The words, fresh from her parents' lips, echoed through her mind as she stood at the door, watching as they readied themselves to venture from the castle. Anna was cradled in her mother's arms, swaddled in her favorite purple blanket, as her father helped them inside the waiting carriage.

What had she done? This certainly was not the first time Elsa and her little sister had ever played with her powers, but nothing like this had ever happened before. It was pure, innocent fun and nobody had ever gotten hurt. But somehow, tonight, that wasn't the case. Anna had taken a blast of winter magic to the head and now… she wasn't moving… and some of her hair turned white…

Elsa didn't know what was going to happen and it terrified her to think of the possibilities. But Papa had an idea; somewhere they could take her to try to get her well again and Elsa hoped more than anything that she would see her sister wake up and hug and kiss all over her… if only he'd allow her to go along.

What if Anna never got better? What if she never got to see her again?

"But I want to go too," she cried as she ran to her father.

The King turned before stepping into the carriage, resting his hand on his eldest daughter's shoulder. "I think it's best if you stay here."


"Gerda," he beckoned to the woman standing off to the side. The servant – a short, plump woman, sweet and kind – was the closest thing the girls had to a nanny. "See that Elsa gets put back to bed immediately."

"Yes, your Majesty." Gerda bowed her head and stepped towards the girl as he made to climb into the carriage.

But he paused when Elsa threw her arms around his waist. "It was an accident!" Tears streamed down her porcelain-like cheeks. "I promise I'll be good. Please. Papa, I want to go! I want to be with Anna!"

He looked down at the eight year old with an oddly pained expression that flickered across his face before he blinked it away. "Enough, Elsa. We will talk about this when we get home." Then, he disentangled himself from her hold, guided her back to the servant and hoisted himself inside the carriage.

"I'm sorry, Anna!" She called after them as the horses pulled away. Please don't die.

Gerda wrapped a gentle arm around the little girl's shoulders. "Come along, dear." Elsa allowed herself to be led to the stairs, but not without one last glance over her shoulder. The woman patted her softly as she urged her forward, "everything's going to be just fine. You'll see."

But Elsa knew, she knew, everything was not going to be fine. She could sense it; feel it in the tingling of her palms, the harsh cold that stirred within her.

Not fine at all.

"Princess Elsa. Please, come away from the window and get back in bed. You must get some rest. Your father—"

"I'm not tired," she cut in flatly, focused intently on staring out the window to the castle gates.

"But you've barely slept all night and the sun is about to rise," Gerda coaxed as she approached the window seat and peered around, attempting to force some eye contact. "And you look exhausted."

"I want to see them when they get back," Elsa murmured. "I have to see Anna."

"I promise to wake you when they return, Princess." Gerda reassured her as she gently grasped her cold little hand, stepping in the direction of the girl's bed.

"No." Elsa snatched her hand away. "I'm staying here." She turned and looked at the woman pointedly. "You may go," she told her, easily dismissing the servant with all the authority in her tone that her title permitted her. Despite being eight years old, she still currently outranked every other person within the castle grounds.

"Y-yes, your Highness," Gerda replied, slightly stunned.

Elsa turned back to the window, resting her forehead against the glass

She observed the young princess for another moment, still unsure if she should be left alone given the circumstances – the King had instructed her to put her to bed. But what more was she to do? She sighed heavily before reluctantly leaving the room.

Gerda wasn't wrong in saying that she was exhausted; she could feel the fatigue settling into her tiny little body. The increasing sunlight made her eyes hurt, her head was beginning to throb and she just wanted to lie down. But there was no way she would sleep now. She couldn't. She had to stay awake, to see for herself that Anna was home and well

But what if Anna doesn't come home?

What if I killed her?

Elsa shook her head frantically, willing the thoughts away. "No," she whispered. "She's not dead. She's not… She can't be."

Elsa glanced over at Anna's bed, pink covers still pushed back and jumbled from when her sister had last been there, blissfully unaware of what was to come when she excitedly threw them back and scampered over to Elsa's bed. Anna's babydolls – mini-Elsa and mini-Anna – lay up by the pillow, waiting for her return to snuggle them close.

Tears welled in Elsa's eyes, a lump in her throat, and frost...

She watched, wide-eyed, as it quickly spread throughout the room. It crept from the window seat, down to the floor, up to the window, then the walls and across the ceiling. Consuming every inch with its soft, delicate patterns.

What's happening?!

Her powers had never done this before; they were always pretty and fun to play with, but they were never this out of control. Except for a few hours ago in the ballroom, they'd done this then too. Right after…

Her eyes slid closed as a sickening feeling tightened in her throat.

What if she comes home and I—I hurt her again?

Elsa curled her knees up to her chest and hugged them close, burying her face against the soft sleeves of her nightgown. "Please, come home, Anna," she begged, her tears soaking into the fabric. "I promise, I'll be more careful."

It's too late. Anna's hurt and Mama and Papa are going to be so angry…

"It was an accident," she whispered into her arms. "I'm sorry."

They'll hate you.

Thoughts of her little sister's bright-eyed, smiling face played in her mind; but they were quickly snatched away, replaced with the replay of her magic striking Anna's head, knocking her to the ground, unconscious. The way she looked in her mother's arms, so quiet, still and un-Anna-like, wrapped in that blanket because she'd been cold, ice-cold Mama said. The way Papa held them as he studied the child with concern. And the way they both had looked at her, with those sad eyes – she didn't like the way it made her feel – they'd never looked at her like that before, so uncertain and full of fear.

How could they ever love you again?

Elsa choked back a sob.

You deserve to be punished for what you did… For killing your baby sister.

Elsa clamped her hands over hear ears, a vain effort to muffle the tormenting thoughts. "No... Stop…"

You were so bad.


So bad.

Ice prickled on her palms as she squeezed tighter and tighter. She cried out, panicking. "Anna!"

She's gone...

Why wouldn't it stop?!


That last word had been the end of it though, because the final thing she heard was the sound of her own blood-curdling scream. Blackness rolled in and her world went quiet.

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