It was... what day was it? This stupid game had gone on for a week. The "Reaper's Game?" How ridiculous. What made it even worse was the partner he had this week. A boy named Yoshiya Kiryu. Or as he liked to go by, "Joshua." Otherwise known as the snottiest person he ever met. The days he spent with him were almost insufferable.

But this time, Neku wasn't just playing the game for himself. He was playing for Shiki too. His second entry fee, Shiki Misaki. She was his previous partner in the last round of the Reaper's Game. She had won, and he had re-entered the game. Only this time, they took Shiki as his entry fee.

But why her? Why Shiki? The entry fee for the Reaper's Game was what the player valued most. So what he valued most was Shiki? Did he really feel that way about her? Did he love Shiki Misaki?

"Neku"a familiar voice chimed from behind him. "Neku, are you listening?" the one behind him said in a more annoyed tone.

"Yeah, of course I am Joshua." Neku said as he turned around to face the other. "Anyways, has the mission come in?"

"Yes, it has." he says with a sly smile. "Today's mission is to get to Ramen Don." he says in a matter of fact tone. "Shall we get going then Neku?"