Hello everyone, and welcome to the prologue of my Naruto story! This may not seem like it is connected to the Naruto franchise at first, but I promise it will all make sense. This chapter will also be markedly shorter than the others, so don't worry. Alright, lets get right into it!

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from the Naruto franchise. They are owned by Masashi Kishimoto.

Prologue: Another World Stirs

Senshi strode down the rocky, grey beach with his hands clasped behind his back. He was a large and imposing figure, his long, stark-white hair hung down to the small of his back in a finely kept braid, and he wore a fine suit of jet-black armor. At a distance, he might very well have appeared to be a very large human, though upon closer inspection his pale skin and the presence of two large horns protruding from his brow indicated that he was something else entirely.

Around him, Senshi watched as countless others of his kind busied themselves with loading food, weapons, and other such materials onto massive, black metal ships. The ships themselves were sharp-looking and angular, which gave them the appearance of gigantic black swords about to cut through the ocean rather than boats. As he surveyed their progress, a smaller member of Senshi's race wearing similar, if not less magnificent, armor approached him cautiously.

"I bring word of our progress, General." The smaller one said timidly. Senshi turned his white, pupiless eyes towards him.

"And?" his voice was low and commanding. The smaller one straightened.

"Our Ships number in the thousands, the crewmen number in the hundreds of thousands. We will have ample room for all of our weapons and arms, and if we maintain our schedule, the foodstuffs should last us the entire voyage." Senshi nodded curtly.

"What is the latest estimation of our time at sea?"

"Our latest report says we'll be at sea about six years, sir. But they assure us the boats are more than capable, we-"

"Of course our ships are more than capable!" Senshi spat, causing his subordinate to recoil in fear. "That wretched princess managed to cross this ocean hundreds of years ago in a wooden piece of shit." He turned his gaze out towards the ocean, watching as the sun began to disappear over the horizon, casting red light on the water.

For nearly seven generations, his people had planned and toiled and worked towards this day, and at long last it had finally arrived. With the final preparations almost complete, all that would stand between Senshi and his glorious conquest would be six short years of traversing the expanse of ocean between his homeland and the land of humans. After a lifetime of waiting, six years would be nothing. Senshi was patient, he could wait. Turning abruptly back towards his subordinate, who had been struggling to keep pace with the much bigger being, Senshi growled.

"I want you to deliver a message to all the ship captains. Tell them that come sunrise tomorrow, we begin our journey. Tell them that tomorrow, we begin our conquest to crush those who take what is ours by right." Senshi's eyes narrowed. "Tomorrow, we set course for the land of the Ninja." Senshi's subordinate nodded enthusiastically, then scurried off towards the nearest ship. Senshi turned once more back towards the ocean. A curved smile grew on his pale face. Soon. He thought to himself.

Billows of dark smoke began to pour ominously from massive stacks atop the many ships.

Very soon…