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In a Fortnight

"Anna." Elsa released from her mouth slowly as she leaned her back against the bathroom stall inside of JFK airport in Terminal 8. She wrapped her arms around her legs and wept quietly. 'How did I get to this point?' Elsa thought as she looked upwards at the dingy tiles on the ceiling.

Elsa had always been an independent woman. Aside from intelligent and intellectual she was also alluring with platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes. At the age of 25 she had now been working as a flight attendant for the past four years. After dropping out of college when she felt she had learned everything she needed to know and grew bored, she quickly realized that traveling was what she needed. She was broke at the time so the only plausible and easy way she thought to do this was well working on an airplane, that way she could go anywhere.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is where Elsa first got the job through American Airlines. She usually wore her hair in a braid and wild but since she began working, the airlines insisted that tying her hair up was more professional. When she started working there things in her life began to change drastically. She lived for it though, she never had a reason for anything to be too consistent. She didn't get much time off from flying from one city to the next pushing carts and delivering drinks and food down cramped aisles on the planes, just a few hours here and there between flights. Occasionally she would find herself with a day or two off, but rather rarely. However she hardly needed the time, she just needed to stay busy so she wouldn't have to think of her boring life. Although she was getting what she wanted out of life, there was something missing. Elsa never knew what it was until the day Anna started working with her.

One Year Ago

"Elsa!" She heard her name as she was about to board the plane with the other flight attendants. The blonde turned about swiftly and recognized the man's voice calling her name was her boss, Hans. He had only joined the company a few months prior and she assumed he pulled some strings and knew some people to get his position. She rolled her eyes before he was near enough to see and then politely responded.

"Yes sir, how can I help you?" The tone was slightly sarcastic but not enough to where he could tell. His smug smile just being thrown in her face. She wanted to puke.

"I have a new recruit joining us today. Her name is Anna and I want you to help train her."

"But," Elsa began but Hans continued.

"She will be following you around for the next few weeks, and I want you to show her everything there is to know. Oh!" Hans wrapped his arm around Elsa's shoulders. She tried to move her body in the opposite way but was found trapped. "Be extra nice to her and don't be hard on her. She's my special girl."

He released his grip on her and began strolling off in the direction in which he came from, waving at a few people as he left her sight, brown haired sideburns and all. Elsa thought she deserved at least some sort of seniority but he was pretty sure that man was always picking on her. She didn't want to have to teach some new, probably dense girl how to be a flight attendant.

"Oh, that man is..uhh!" Elsa started to complain again but was startled when she was tapped on the shoulder from behind. She jumped and turned to see a woman standing behind her, smiling sweetly.

Elsa's face went from enraged to a near blank expression and her cheeks turned rosy quickly. In front of her was a woman probably only an inch shorter than her. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied in two braids that lay gently on each side of her head down to her chest, freckles decorated her face in the most complimentary way, and, her eyes were a deep gorgeous blue. Elsa gulped.

"Hello, I'm Anna. I believe you just spoke with Hans and he said you'll be instructing me?" Anna had her arms behind her back with a small luggage bag at her side. The carpet at this terminal looked like a sick green to Elsa for the past four years but now the way the sun shone in through the window and gleamed upon Anna's hair, it really looked radiant. Everything looked beautiful in the moment for her when she looked around. She shook it off after she realized she was spacing out.

"Erm yes. My name is Elsa. I have been working here for a decent amount of time and I would be happy to show you the ropes." Elsa attempted to smile back at the girl but her smile was crooked and only raised up one side. "Follow me please, we should board the plane immediately."

"Where is this one going?" Anna asked to Elsa's back as she followed her through the gate and onto the plane. 'You should already know where this one was going.' Elsa thought already starting to be annoyed. 'How did she not know where this plane was going?' She replied,"We're going to Dallas/Fort-worth International Airport, you should know these things."

"I'm sorry Hans didn't tell me anything, he just said he wanted me to work with him so we could be closer."

Elsa blinked and then continued down the aisle of the plane after what she heard. 'This is strange...'

Once they got to the station Elsa lifted up her luggage bag and put it in their designated overhead compartment. She helped Anna with hers and gave her a brief on the overheard compartments and safety, locking and unlocking carts and trays, the bathrooms, the food and drinks, and, passenger safety. By the time she was finished it was time for take off.

"Okay so we have to sit here and buckle up for the departure process just like all of the passengers." Elsa explained as she sat her self down gently in the designated chairs and patted the seat next to her, letting Anna know to sit there. Anna took a seat and quickly buckled up before Elsa could even get a chance. She looked to Anna.

Anna looked back. "I'm.. I'm sorry I've never been on a plane before."

Elsa was just baffled by this entirely and did her best to hide. 'What am I going to do about this?' She sighed and was slightly pissed but oh well. If the girl ends up being really horrible at her job she could just fire her, even if she was cute.

The plane began to start moving towards the run way at a slow pace and Elsa looked over again to see Anna tense up in her seat. She had to say something.

"It's okay Anna, I got you," was what slipped from her lips. Anna looked up at Elsa with the most endearing face she had ever seen. 'Keep your cool Elsa. Sure she's cute but you have to do your job.' Anna bit her lip and Elsa realized the plane had finally made it to the run way. The engine's began growing louder and louder as she heard a small squeal from her side. At the exact moment the plane took off Elsa felt a small warm hand press into her cool one. She grabbed back without hesitation.

Present Time

Elsa balled her fists up to hold in some of her rage. 'And that's where it all started..' She thought to herself, still shut in the stall.

End of Prologue

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