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Chapter One

It had been a couple weeks since Anna had begun training under Elsa at American Airlines as a flight attendant. It still puzzled Elsa as to why her boss Hans threw his girlfriend Anna into her work field just to be closer to him. They were traveling non-stop and with Anna at her side that meant she had to see Hans more often as well.

They were headed towards LAX now and to Elsa's surprise Anna actually picked up on everything rather quickly because the first day didn't promise much.

"So we have one day off in Los Angeles. What are you going to do?" Anna turned to Elsa with an exciting tone to her voice. Her serene smile followed after that lifted up her pink, freckled cheeks and caused Elsa to ogle every time.

"I suppose I will just rent a hotel and rest. Maybe read a book? Why? What are you going to do?" Elsa sat down in her landing seat. Anna quickly sat down next to her.

"You're not going to go explore or do anything?" She persisted as she fumbled to fasten her seat belt around her waist. Elsa leaned over to help her buckle up, aside from being great at her job, Anna was still afraid of take off and landing every single time. It became a habit for Elsa to secure Anna in her seat and hold her petite hand.

Elsa locked her hand in Anna's to prepare and leaned her head back against the seat. "Well, I usually felt weird doing things alone, I did wander around a lot my first year working here, but ever since then, I just only did my job, slept, or, met up with another flight attendant Kristoff for meals occasionally. You should actually meet him in a couple days. I think you guys would get along well."

"Wellllll.." Anna went on. "You won't be alone. You and I can do whatever we want." She turned to Elsa and winked. Elsa's face turned red, for some reason the strawberry blonde beauty had weird effects on her. She didn't mind at first but they started to occur to her more frequently.

The plane began rocking a bit as they neared the landing run way. Anna's grip increased. Elsa was still at a loss for words and Anna was afraid she frightened her off, so she continued the conversation.

"Is your friend Kristoff cute?" Anna said over the slight turbulence.

"Yes, he's cute. You have a boyfriend though, remember? Our boss?" Elsa smirked glad that the attention was away from her.

"I didn't mean for me, you aren't seeing anyone. How come you don't date him?"

Elsa's face shot back to red. Elsa was definitely interested in females more than males but she wasn't sure she wanted to reveal that to her new friend yet. 'Friend? When did I consider her my friend?' Elsa realized as she began thinking but realized she was trapped in her own head again. She responded as the plane landed.

"He's not my type I suppose. You're a little nosy, aren't you?" Elsa smirked again half teasing. Anna's face grew beat red as she looked to the ground.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have interfered like that in your personal business. I mean, I hardly know you and here I am saying all of this. Please can you forgive me?" She talked to the ground.

The plane pulled up to the gate and the passengers began standing up and grabbing their luggage as the seat belt light turned off. Elsa nor Anna realized that the airplane had halted.

Elsa sat their confused with how apologetic Anna was, this wasn't the only time she had apologized profusely to her. She grabbed Anna's chin and tilted it until their eye's met. The freckled girl flinched from the touch.

"You don't have to apologize like that to me. You did nothing wrong. I was only joking with you, Anna." She asserted and noticed that tears had already welled up in Anna's eyes. 'What is going on with this girl?' Elsa pondered as she gave a reassuring smile attempting to make Anna cheer up. Her emotions changed instantly and a huge grin appeared on her face. "So what are we going to do now Anna? We have the whole day?" Elsa changed the subject as she looked around and realized the plane was empty. She didn't think Anna's smile could grow anymore but now it took over her whole face.

"Well the weather is nice so I figured we could go check out some parks, and, maybe go see the ocean?" Anna squealed as she was already on her feet and unbuckled before Elsa could blink an eye. She then unbuckled her own seat belt and gave the other woman a look of disbelief.

"Did you already have this planned out?" Elsa toyed some more and then winked at Anna, realizing this made the other girl twitter her fingers and blush.

"Maybeee." Anna chimed and then grabbed her luggage and began running off the plane. "Come on!"

Elsa smiled and grabbed her own luggage. She followed behind at her own pace.

Once they were both off the airplane and out of the airport. Elsa tilted her face up towards the sun, closed her eyes, and soaked it in. 'Yeah, going out would be good for me.' She realized as she brought her face back down and opened her eyes. She looked around frantically and realized Anna was gone. 'What the..' Elsa began thinking but then heard a loud honk and a "Elsa! Over here!" She focused in and saw on Anna waving out of a taxi. 'Man that girl is fast..' Elsa shook her head and handed her bags to the cab driver and hopped in the back seat next to Anna. The whole interior decoration was black and Elsa realized this wasn't an ordinary cab, this was a personal driver. 'How could she afford this? I guess Hans probably has the money to spend on her. This is kind of cool actually..' Elsa trailed off, until Anna pulled out her cell phone and the random light caught Elsa's attention. She noticed a text on the screen that said "You better be at that hotel when I try to call you." But Anna quickly exited out of it, hoping Elsa wouldn't see even though she had no idea she was looking. Elsa turned away embarrassed feeling bad for being a snoop on accident, 'But who would make such a strange threat? Hans? Maybe her parents?' Elsa turned and looked out the window and wondered about the mystery girl Anna who appeared out of nowhere.

The driver got back into the car and turned to the back seat. "Are we going to the hotel you are staying at tonight, miss?"

"Yes, please." Anna responded with a smile at the driver as he turned front face and started the vehicle. She then began speaking again. "Is that okay with you Elsa? We can go back to my hotel," Anna then leaned forward and whispered into Elsa's ear, "Then we can go and do whatever we want." Anna exhaled slowly as she pulled away causing Elsa to tremble unnoticed by Anna, from the warmth and the word choice Anna chose. She didn't understand why Anna had to whisper that and what she said could be taken provocatively. 'Maybe I just have a dirty mind..' Elsa considered. She brought her attention back to Anna who was making a 'Shh' symbol with her finger over her mouth. Elsa quickly looked back out the window of the now moving car admiring the palm trees. 'She is totally hitting on me. This is not good, she is my boss's girlfriend!'

She freaked out as she surveyed the situation. They pulled up to the hotel and Elsa had no idea just how long she was in thought. She stepped out of the dark car back into the bright sun light and pavement that emitted heat upwards on her bare legs. Her mouth fell as she realized the place they Anna is staying at is a 5 star hotel that looked over the ocean. She didn't notice Anna come up behind her.

"Is this fancy enough for you?" Anna played as she bumped her hips into Elsa frightening her.

"Is it fancy enough for you?" Elsa mocked back, wondering if Anna was trying to rub it in her face about her nice place.

"What do you mean, you're staying here with me. I mean, unless you don't want to?" Anna stood in front of Elsa with a worried look on her face.

'How could I say no to that?' Elsa grunted softly. "I mean, I will if you will allow me but I could easily get my own place and not bother you?" A natural smile appeared on her face when she realized that Anna actually wanted to be in her company. She didn't really make friends that often because she was standoffish and now this really adorable girl wanted to share experiences and a fancy hotel with her.

"Nonsense!" Anna patted Elsa on the back playfully. "You don't bother me at all, and, plus I want to help you in any I can because you have been helping me out with this whole situation.."

'Situation? You mean work?' Elsa was still baffled but just accepted it, she didn't want to pry into a girl she hardly I knew. "Thank you so much!"

Anna jumped onto Elsa and gave her a huge hug. "Okay no more delays, let's get our stuff upstairs, change, and, have a great night!" Before Elsa could realize Anna was already running into the hotel. Elsa looked up at the sun one more time and then smiled again. 'I'm happy these new things are happening to me.' She grabbed her rolling suitcase and walked into the sliding doors of the fancy, exotic resort.

End of Chapter One!

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