Sequel to: The Broken Mirrors, Broken Still

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Blood quickly pooled around the body of a lifeless girl. It trickled from her forehead, gushed from her throat, and spurted from the large wound on her side. What was left of her clothes wasn't flattering, but then again, being a rape victim didn't make for one feel good. Her eyes rolled around in her head, her limbs losing all the feeling. She wished she could've cried, her eyes would've spilled enough tears to clean away all the blood, but simply sobbing would injure her more.

She wished that someone would help. She couldn't move, couldn't scream, all she could was lie in the hot sun, the grass under her wet and sticky with her blood. She was near a forest, she could hear a stream bubbling and a waterfall…. Oh how she would've loved to see that waterfall, dip her toes in the cold water and watch the sun sparkle against the water. Watching the fish swim around her feet, she would've pulled her feet out quickly for fear of getting nipped at. But now, she could barely move, let along take off her shoes.

Her boyfriend had told her about the waterfall. He had visited it before. He was there, waiting for her now. Maybe he would come and find her. She knew he was probably the only one in the forest now. He must've heard her screaming before, unless he had already submerged himself in the water. That had sounded nice, she had put her bathing suit under her clothes today, hoping to go for a swim. A tear spilled down her cheek. He wouldn't find her. Breathing was harder, crying was the only thing she could now. Tears spilled down her cheeks, washing away a bit of the blood on her ears.

She struggled to take her last breath, her chest becoming tight and heavy. Her eyes remained open as her heart stopped and her chest collapsed. She was dead, and no one knew.



Annabella Levy looked around, then sighed. She figured that her cousin would be home soon enough, but she couldn't bear another minute waiting. Her little cousin, Laramie, was screaming and picking at her shirt. She wished her Aunt Gwen would get her, but she was probably busy making food for her husband. He ate like a cow, never stopping. Anna sighed and looked down at her cousin. "Lara, shush. I can't play now, I'm busy waiting for your sister to come back."

Laramie's face twisted into pain and anger. "But you said next time you came over you would play with me."

"Look, Lara, I'm sorry, I'm really busy today, and waiting for your sister doesn't make it any easier. I'll take you to the mall next week, will that make it up to you?"


Jesus Christ…. Anna rubbed her forehead. "What would then?"

"I want… uhm…" Lara looked up, trying to think. Her curly brown pigtails fell back as she stared at the ceiling.

Anna kept tapping her foot, waiting. "Well?"

Lara looked up at her cousin and grinned. "A pony!"

"I can't get you a pony, Lara. How 'bout I take you out for ice cream and a movie?"

Lara started crying. "I wanted a pony!"

"I'll take you to the mall too?" Anna covered her ears, wincing, and hoping that she would agree.

Smiling, Lara hugged her cousin. "Thanks Anna!" Laramie ran off upstairs.

Anna fell back onto the couch. She looked down at her watch. 5:53. Dammit, they were supposed to be here almost an hour ago. "Aunt Gwen, do you have any idea where they went to?"

"Damien and Mallory went to a lake for a swim. It's really nice, it has a waterfall. I went there with Glen once. Jake was going there too, so naturally Heavynne tagged along. Why? Is she still not here?" Gwen made her way out to the living room.

Anna sighed. "Mallory, Heavynne, and I were supposed to go to the mall tonight to get dresses for the prom." Anna looked out at the window. It was starting to rain. It was hopeless. Heavynne would never get back anytime soon. At least if she could go home, she could take a nap. "I guess I'll go then. Heavynne & Mallory won't be back for awhile. Bye Aunt Gwen." Anna grabbed her keys off the coffee table and trudged outside.

Gwen watched her niece go. She sighed and went back into the kitchen to make dinner. She might talk to them later, when she wasn't so pissed off for being stood up.


"Grandma? I'm home?"

"Anna, why so early?"

She put her keys down on the coffee table and fell back on the couch. "They never showed. They went with their boyfriends to a lake… I guess it was more important. I'll go out later to find a dress."

Mrs. Jacobs looked down at her granddaughter. She saw Anna's miserable mood and decided not to bother her. Her life had always been hard and she had been looking forward to getting a dress. Lately, Anna hadn't been having such a good time.

Her mother had died a few days after she was born, and her father killed himself when she was five. She had no family to speak of, except her uncle's family and her father's sister, Basia, who lived almost too far away to see often. Until recently, Anna had been happy with her boyfriend, Mike, until he decided that she wasn't pretty enough for him.

Anna was crushed, she still was crushed. She couldn't believe Mike had left her for Emily Williams, the school whore. Then again, he almost always wanted sex from her. Anna sighed. It was her senior year, she was 18, and she had no one to go to prom with. Life sucked, and it only seemed to get worse. "I'm going to bed. I'll eat later if I get up." Sighing again, Anna trudged up the stairs and fell onto her bed.

Turning on her side, tears spilled down, streaking her bed sheets. She looked over to the picture of her parents. The sobs became harder and she curled her arms around herself. Everything seemed so bad. Desperation seethed through her body and she threw the picture against the wall. They weren't here, and they never would be. Her life was falling apart, but she only hoped that it couldn't get worse.

Anna was plagued by bad dreams of blood and gore. She woke up repeatedly during the night, sweating and trying to catch her breath. Morning didn't seem any better. The sun was too bright, she looked awful, as if she had been crying all night, which wasn't so far from the truth.

It was nearing sunrise and breakfast wasn't on the table. "Grandma? You okay? Where's breakfast?" Looking around, her grandmother wasn't anywhere in sight. She walked around a bit, the occasional yell for her grandmother, but no answer ever came.

She went to her room, the door was closed. She knocked on it. "Grandma? Are you okay?"

Opening the door, she saw her grandmother cradling the phone in her hands. "What's wrong? Why are you holding the phone?"
"Anna, I don't know how to say this… but… she's dead." Her grandmother's face was twisted into pain.

Taken aback, Anna walked up to her. "What are you talking about? Who's dead?"

"Mallory. She was raped and killed. She's dead, Anna."

Anna looked down at her grandmother. "You're lying. She can't be. She was supposed, yesterday… we were… no." Anna ran out of the room. "She can't be dead… They're lying. It's not true. Mallory… no…" Tears slipped down her cheeks and she curled into a ball on the floor. She couldn't have another person die. Not again, not now. It couldn't be worse. Anna couldn't want to die anymore. Mallory, her best friend, her only friend, was dead.

There wasn't a single thing to do now but cry. Anna couldn't muster the strength to move. Crying seemed better. Mallory didn't deserve that, and Anna couldn't take the pain. The thought of Mallory's dead body made her pass out. She only wished she could've done something. Mallory never deserved to die. Not that way, not now.

To be continued?

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