Chapter 14: What am I now?

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"Glen… Glen, look… I just." Gwen leaned out the window, she looked to the left. That was the house. Gwen, for the talk and boast, couldn't bring herself to even step out of the car. She didn't knot what she would say or do if she got near Jeff or Raven.

Glen shifted the car into drive. "Look, we'll go get a place close to here…" He knew she was losing it. What the hell was happening here anymore? Everything was so skewed, so strange. Glen's whole life was a mess of memories that didn't make any sense. He could deal with all of that; that wasn't the issue, but he saw his wife. She knew she was going to snap.

"Okay, whatever you say." She wasn't being sarcastic, it eased her mind when he took control. She had to figure out a plan, a smart one that reached her goals. But, in a minute, she realized that she hadn't made any goals yet. Yes… there was much planning for her to do.

It was probably better that Gwen and Glen hadn't stopped in. The scene in the living room wasn't pretty. Raven's meltdown was fullblown by this point. If he was in the living world, he obviously didn't want to be there. Anna had gone off… maybe just a little bit, but who was to tell? She had found a sheet of acid in her father's pocket. Not a hit, a sheet.

She freaked.

Jeff wasn't too much happier, but he was a little more tempted to take it.

That didn't go over to well. The phone call saved him. Jeff hadn't been waiting for work, or the class, but there was something about performing that he couldn't get enough of. It also allowed Anna to calm down… away from him. "Anna, I have to get ready."

She rolled her eyes. So you're going to leave me here to watch him?"

"No, I never said that. He stopped for second, looking back at the pair. "You guy will come, won't you?"

Raven rolled back onto the couch. "Please don't make me."

"You don't have a choice!"

Anna looked to Jeff. She had never heard his raise his voice. "Yeah, I'll go get ready."

"Glen, why are you wrestling tonight?"

He shrugged, leaned in for another slice of pizza. "You didn't ask who."

"Who?" She finished off her beer.


"Oh my god, you don't think Anna will be there?'

Glen smiled. "I think tonight will be a reunion."

Anna was ready. She had never been to a wrestling show in her entire life. She had shunned the orginazations that destroyed her family life. Now, she hoped she was ready. "Am I going to be backstage, with you?"

Jeff's arm camed around her shoulder as he pushed the car door closed. "Of course. When it's my match you can have a seat up front."

She smiled at looked back to her father. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing… just memories." He looked up at the building.

Raven smiled at her. "No, you're the great discovery."

She turned away and muttered, "Thanks. Hey… I have to go check in with Lucy again… I'll talk to you sometime…" She muttered, disenchanted and moved away slowly.

Raven sighed and threw his head back into the wall. "Dammit… what the hell did I do now?"

"Hmm… were you just hitting on Dr. Jacobs?" To Raven's surprise, it was Jeff.

Raven shook his head and looked up at his old friend. He probably didn't even remember that day.

"Glen, why do you always have you wrestling gear in the trunk?"

"Gwen, why have you been asking me that same question for the last twenty years?" He pulled the bag out.

"I'm hoping one day your answer might change." Gwen leaned back and stretched out her arms. "Do you think they're here yet?"

He nodded. "We'll find them. Hey, have you called to see how the kids are doing?"

"No, Basia would've called if something was wrong. Laramie should be ok. The twins are probably getting drunk like normal teenagers do."

The deep rumbled from Glen's laughter shook her body. "Come on, Mom of the year, let's go find them."

Anna was wandering around backstage alone. Jeff was off doing his pre-match rituals. Her father was chatting up some of his older friends. She was left alone. She had wanted to be Jeff but with her father around, she didn't feel like herself. She was still hung up about the fact that her father had come back tripping on acid. Acid? Anna had never touched a cigarette let alone the harder drugs he was used to. Anna scuffed her feet, feeling a little bit lost on her own once again.

"Don't look at the ground, someone might hit you with a door."

Anna raised her head. "Aunt Gwen?"

Gwen's face contorted with happiness and anger. "Anna, we, I," tears fell from her cheeks. "DOn't do that again, EVER!"

Anna fell into her Aunt's arms. "I'm sorry, Gwen. I… I had to get away."

"I know, but running away with Jeff?' Gwen shook her head. "You could've at least called. Glen and I just started driving."

"How did you find us?"

Gwen's manical laughter filled the empty hallways. "For one, we saw the tabloids. Secondly, this is merely a strange chain of events. You know Glen is Jeff's opponent, right?"

Anna shook her head. "No, they didn't tell him." She stopped for a second. "My father is here too."

"Is he?" Gwens' face went dark. She didn't want to even think of things that she wanted to say to him. "This could be a very interseting night."

Meanwhile, there was going to be a slight change of plans. While the main event had been billed as Jeff versus Kane. The promoter had talked Raven into wrestling. He knew he probably shouldn't, but give his opponents, it could be very interesting.

At the first hour, it was billed as a triple threat between three old-school wrestling titans. Now, another main evented decided to show up. Raven didn't want to spoil himself. He didn't take the time to find out his fourth opponent.

Gwen and Anna made their way to the front row. Two seats had been left reserved. "Mine!" She pulled off the Mrs.Jacobs sign.

Annabella looked at the seat toh er right. "Mrs.Hardy?" Her face burned bright red.

"Just take it and sit down." Gwen could barely keep the excitement in her body. "Just wait, it's about to start!

Jeff's pyro shook Anna's seat. She wasn't going to stand at first but Gwen had already decided for her, grabbing her by the shoulder and pulling her up against the rail. Mesmerizsd by him, Anna watched her boyfriend walk down the ramp.

He looked perfect. He looked so happy as he walked towards her. He hid the shock in his face as he saw Gwen but came up to the pair nonetheless. Jeff pulled Anna onto the rail. "Time for your debut. Make it good." He whispered before he sealed his mouth against hers and everyone did believe the tabloid rumors.

"Hardy, what did I tell you? Get away from my daughter!" Raven's voice boomed through the PA and he appeared at the top of the ramp.

Anna jumped back into her seat as just as Jeff let go and darted for the safety of the ring. He hung around on the outside, Raven making his way into the ring, staring him down. Raven, always in character, jumped to the outside of the ring and went to his daughter. He leaned close into her ear. "Don't worry it's not real."

"Obviously, ass."

Raven looked next to his daughter. So, he hadn't been seeing things. It was Gwen. "Quiet." He shot her a dirty look and went back to the ring; he would take out his real anger on Hardy later.

The pyro shook the entire arena. Raven's face was probably the perfect look of horror. When his eyes met Gwen's, she laughed and yelled, "Watch out; he's pissed!"

Kane didn't move for a moment. He waited at the top of the ramp, watching his two old friends in the ring. He brought the mic to his lis but before he could speak, his knees dropped and TripleH appeared in all his glory, behind him, sledgehammer raised high above his head.

Anna looked over at her Aunt. "This is nuts. They're all friends."

"Not inside the ring. Don't think I didn't tell Glen to put a little hurt on Hardy & Raven."

Anna frowned. She looked to Jeff. Even his reassuring smile didn't make her feel better. She sat back down.


She looked at her Aunt.

"Don't worry. Just… go with it."

The bell rang and the fight started. Itw as nearly a mess of bodies in the ring. Someone had to get the sledgehammer away from Hunter, but Raven and Jeff were slugging it out.

Gwen was one of the very few that knew Jeff was really going at it with Raven. They were finally having the fist fight over Anna that had been brewing for awhile now.

Kane was the one to break them up, flipping Raven over the top rope and then centered onto Jeff. "You should've called." He whipped Jeff into the corner.

A running knee to the stomach made Jeff drop. "I know."

Kane grabbed his hair, pushing him back up into the corner. "Do you love her?"

One hard slap to the chest after the other made Jeff forget to answer for a few minutes. "More than you know." Jeff looked over at her; her eyes were welling up with tears.

"Don't hurt my niece."

Jeff kicked out Kane's knee. "I don't intend to." Jeff felt the tides start to turn in his favor, but it was all cut short by Hunter.

Raven, during all this time, still laid on the side of the ring. Maybe he should've said no and just stayed on the outside, watching. No, no, that wasn't like him. He always had to push himself to limit. Espeically one last time.

"Get up, Raven, GET UP!"

He turned his head to see Gwen's hand pounding on the rail.

"C'mon, fatass, move it!"

He struggled to his feet, but his legs weren't nearly as strong as he thought they were.


Jeff looked over at Hunter, now a little bit worried for his friend collapsed on the ground.

"Keep moving, kid." Hunter locked up with Jeff. "I'm going to do something in a second… you tell her it was in good fun?"

Jeff pulled back from Hunter. "Who?"

"Annabelle." Hunter was caught mid sentence by Jeff's hard clothesline.

Jeff didn't want to let him do it, but it was going to be more entertaining than painful. "Just.. .warn her before."

Kane had stepped to the outside of the ring. He would work on Raven. Wait to see if he really was hurt. Gwen watched her husband pick up Raven and lean him against the ring. They were only a few away from them. "Get 'em, Kane!"

Anna looked over at her Aunt. She was insane but it was almost becoming fun. Almost. She felt someone grab the back of her shirt and she looked up to see Hunter. It was almost becoming too much to pay attention to. He came right up next to her, without warning grabbed her hair. "I won't hurt you, but just follow me."

Anna wasn't given the time to nod before he grabbed her waist and drug her over the rail and into the middle of the ring. Her back was shoved hard against his. At least the words that were only loud enough for her to hear were encouraging, calming.

"Watch out, doctor!"

Raven looked to his right and he started to crawl away, trying to get in the ring. "Oh god," he muttered until the words became meaningless.

"No." This time it was the doctor's turn to feel disenchanted.

Kane turned, looked; he hadn't feel so instantly sick since Gwen had told him she was pregnant so many years ago. "Chrissy?"

Anna looked down at the woman who was on the outside of the ring. Hunter still hadn't let up his grip. Jeff was coming in now, trying to ignore the excitement on the outside. "Let go of my girl."

Anna wanted to feel loved, but her eyes were mesmerized on the woman. No, that was her mother.

Chrissy, for all her proffesionalism couldn't stop the tears. She quickly turned her back to crowd and followed the slug Raven. "Kane, grab him." Kane grabbed Raven by the leg and drug him back over to her. Chrissy stopped for a minute, grabbing her penlight out of her pocket. "Raven, you'll have to co-operate with me."

"Get away from me. It's just a dream; it's just a dream!"

Jeff heard the commotion from the outside. He wanted to continue with this angle; he did, but now he knew Raven was about to have another panic attack. Probably just brought on the overload of drugs that were still in his system.

"Get away from me. You're dead, Chrissy, you're dead!" Raven, curled up into a tiny ball outside the ring, didn't stop screaming.

Anna looked back at Hunter, to Jeff, then to the floor at her dad. She had to do something. She kicked Hunter in the leg, he let go and she ran over to the ropes, ducking underneath and bolting for her dad. "Dad, stop. Dad!" She looked up.

Chrissy was looking into a mirror. "Annabelle?"

Her heart stopped in her chest. "Hi…Mom."

To be continued…

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