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Chapter One.

Venice, Italy, 2130.

"Lap dance for the sexy lady?" A sultry voice dripped into the perfect shell of Alexia's delicate ear.

How many similar suggestive offers had been made since she had taken up residence inside the lavish VIP section of Dame DeWynter's latest club, that was exclusive to the Supernatural, in Venice just ten minutes ago?. She had lost count but each offer was met with the same response.

Alexia, Head of House Thánatos, Prima of the Sicarri, tilted her silvery blonde head to find a buxom blonde water Nymph lingering beside her plush chair.

The other female's delicate hands rested on curvy hips, cradled by a tight black G-string. There was easily five grand in large and small bills stuffed into the waistband and crotch of the tiny pair of panties with more cash poking out the top of the stripper's leather thigh-highs.

A slow smirk, brimming with easy confidence, began to play at the right corner of Alexia's flawlessly sculpted mouth as her Soulless eyes, the colour of dark obsidian slid upward over the Nymph's flat stomach and curvaceous hips to the full creamy mounds of the other blonde's bare breasts like a caressing hand. The Nymph's pale pink nipples were pierced with small gold rings. The stripper's breathing hitched, her chest rising and falling quicker and quicker, the turgid tips of her pierced tits tightening under the Sicarri Prima's intense gaze. Goosebumps visibly spread across every inch of the stripper's delectably voluptuous body. Alexia's arrogant smirk widened as the Nymph trembled before her.

The Club was a pool of arousals emitting from the hundreds of patrons filling the building, so thick on the air a human would be able to smell it, but the heady scent of the Nymph's desire was particularly noticeable as it drifted into her nose, along with something else. Excitement and fear were a potent combination that always appealed to her dark nature. The blended aromas called out to her, promptly rousing shadows of her interest but failing to stir anything significant.

She almost sighed.

Even if she had been capable of becoming aroused for anyone who wasn't her, the Nymph was too delicate for her tastes. Amongst all her people, Alexia had the strongest appetites. Alexia was a Hunter without peer, the most voracious and addictive lover and she was the most dominant Sicarri. It was in her nature to seek out a partner strong enough to withstand her instinctive need to dominant sexually, to claim, to fuck with wild abandon. Even upon the skin of her immortal lovers, no matter how adept their healing abilities were, regardless of their strength, she always left marks that lasted for weeks and she created euphorically agonising memories.

In terms of physical strength there was nothing remarkable about Nymphs, Alexia knew, their kind were barely stronger than a particularly athletic human. If she were to going to fuck the stripper, she would endure the entire encounter restraining herself, never truly losing herself in the act, or she would end up killing the other female. She would accidentally nick an artery with her fangs when she bit. Crush fragile bones when she gripped too hard. She was perfectly capable of controlling herself, but after so many years celibate with so much pent up lust and frustration boiling just beneath her skin...

When I get my hands on you, Ashley, I'm going to keep you under me for days.

Alexia tilted her head, a graceful, birdlike motion, "Not this time sweetness"

The Water Nymph shivered, her eyes fluttering closed in response to the whisky-smooth timbre of Sicarri Prima's voice.

Alexia's predatory smirk adopted an edge as she watched the other blonde try, in vain, to stifle a whimper of longing.

"Pity...for me..." The Nymph sighed despondently, chewing on her plump lower lip, glistening with a coat of clear lip gloss "...If you change your mind though, I'll be over at the bar. With a beautiful face like yours, I might just do you for free, all night long"

The other female smiled alluringly before she turned on her six inch stiletto heel and strutted off to the VIP section's private bar at the far end of the plush lounge, earning herself more than a few appreciative glances from the other patrons.

Alone again, Alexia's smirk turned bitter.

The lounge was located on the mezzanine above the main floor of the club. Large and rectangular shaped, the VIP area was enclosed on one side by a huge water feature that provided a shimmering wall of fast flowing water to obscure prying eyes from the regular patrons below. It was a nice and costly touch, she supposed, DeWynter did so love flashing her cash. Two burly male security guards, clad solely in black, flanked the exit leading out from the VIP area into a comfortable stairwell. The lounge floor was covered from corner to corner by black high-thread count carpeting. Expensive polished mahogany tables, holding chrome steel poles that travelled up vertically until they melded into the twelve foot high, white marble ceiling overhead. Plush leather couches surrounded each squared table. Mounted at strategic points around the club, the rapid flashing of neon purple and green strobe lights provided the only real source of illumination in the entire place, the overall lighting was deliberately kept low to create an intimate atmosphere for the clientèle. Slow heavy bass filled the Club, thrumming potently through high definition speakers mounted high on deeply saturated crimson walls.

It was quiet in the VIP section tonight, most of the smarter frequenters had fled when Alexia had arrived for no other reason than they sensed the underlying air of confident lethality surrounding The Sicarri Prima, like the limitless sea surrounds a lone island. Only a handful of wary patrons had remained in the lounge, casting numerous curious and covetous glances her way whenever they thought she wasn't looking.

The mere thought was enough to make her scoff at their idiocy. She was an apex predator, vigilantly aware of her surroundings at all times. Upon entering the lounge, she had selected a corner table directly opposite the stairwell, leading back down to the main floor of the club. She had a view of every other patron in the VIP area, and a clear path to the exit.

Sheathed from neck-to-toe in formfitting leathers that showcased her warriors body, sleek and powerful like that of a tiger. She wore a tight black leather jacket over an even tighter black silk tank top. Zipped up to just below the well-endowed swells of her breasts, her half-open jacket and the low neck-line of the top underneath displayed a titillating amount of enticing cleavage. The snug leather jacket clung to the lean flare of her hips. Both her jacket and the silk tank top underneath ended two inches above her waistband, baring a teasing hint of her hard, defined abdomen.

Alexia always wore her leathers when she was out in the field, it was easy to clean blood off of leather.

The inky blackness of her clothing made the pale cascade of her thick glossy mane, secured back from her exquisitely beautiful face in her typical French plait, glimmer like moonlight in the darkest night. Alexia casually drew her wrist-thick braid over one lithe shoulder and leaned back in the plush couch. She kicked up her combat boots onto the edge of the low mahogany table in front of her, stretching out her athletically muscled legs that seemed to go on for days. At six foot four inches, she was a remarkably tall female and her mile-long legs were, naturally, encased by tight butter-smooth leather.

She crossed her legs at the ankle, resting her heels on the table's edge, as she waited for Greyella to finish up her 'business' in the VIP section's private bathrooms. Pressing 'business' that involved twin redheaded Sirens and a certain lack of clothing.

Alexia smiled in the darkness of the club as she linked her long, slender fingers together behind her head and reclined on the overstuffed couch.

She'd taught Greyella well, as she had discovered upon her arrival at DeWynter's club when a pretty female rage demon had politely informed her at the door that the younger Sicarri was 'preoccupied' and that she would be late to their meeting.

If it was anyone other than Greyella making her wait, she would have tracked them down and slaughtered them for the insult, or, if she was in a relatively good mood at the time, she would just tear off a few limbs, maybe inflict a little mutilation.

No one else would have dared to make her wait. She hadn't raised and trained Grey just to invalidate her time and effort by killing the ballsy little bugger a couple thousands years further down the line, and Greyella knew it.

Grey was a brave female, she would be proud of her protégé if the younger female wasn't equal parts brave and foolish.

Though she was notorious for her quick and vicious temper, The Sicarri Prima possessed unnatural patience and stillness. It was a lesson all her kind had drilled into them from the time they were born, on the wrong end of a harsh fist.

The Goddess Artemis was their Creator and like their venerated Mother hunting was their life. It was a fundamental part of them as a species, and to hunt successfully one had to learn the patience required to track prey, to diligently wait and tirelessly watch for hours, even days, at a time before seizing the perfect opportunity to strike down their mark and to disappear just as effectively.

The formal training of a Sicarri began at the tender age of eighteen, younger for the Heir apparent of House Thánatos, for Alexia, and spanned a full century with the ultimate goal of learning to effectively utilize and apply their abilities as well as earning the chance to distinguish themselves as full fledged Hunter-Citizens.

The process wasn't dissimilar to the Spartan Agoge but the rite was far more extreme. The mandatory system involved the removal of each child from their family's Household, immediately afterward, they were integrated into small Battalions under the undisputed authority of the stern Sentinels - a prestigious position and occupation in Sicarri society.

Sicarri are rigorously trained to master stealth, tracking, cultivating, pain tolerance, endurance and all forms of combat, among other things. Their final test; to kill any target their Sire chooses.

Inside their Battalions, the undistinguished younglings are encouraged by the Sentinels to frequently fight amongst themselves to determine the strongest members of the unit. The Victors then claim ownership of their fallen opponents, publicly using them for sex and other forms of physical release that leave the losers utterly degraded and humiliated before their comrades. It was a reward system designed to encourage victory and dissuade defeat.

During her instruction, Alexia had never lost a fight, no matter the odds stacked against her, but she had started thousands and even taken ownership of a Sentinel toward the end of her instruction. A feat unheard of before, a feat never again repeated.

Failure to make substantial progress in their training by certain milestones was met with severe punishments, even execution should the Lead Sentinel determine that the youngling was unworthy to continue their education.

Their training was brutal, designed to ruthlessly weed out the weak and leave only the strong. There was no room for softness in the Realm of Theïkós -The Sicarri's Homeland, a vibrant paradise of mesmerising beauty sculpted for them by the Gods of the Greek Pantheon. Under the gaze of Divine eyes they learned to prize strength above all else.

"You're a fucking asshole Grey!" Alexia turned her head in the direction of the club's private bar, on either side there were two polished red oak doors leading into the separate bathrooms.

The doorway to the women's toilets flung open violently, disturbing the patrons and dancers all gathered at the bar for a drink. In a whirlwind of motion, a petite redhead hurried out of the rest-room.

Even in the dim light of the club, with her superior eyesight granting her the ability to clearly see in the dark, Alexia noted that the redhead's cheeks were flushed almost as dark as her short hair as she went about returning order to the tiny clothes covering her scantly-clad body. The scent of salty ocean waves rolled off of the half-naked woman. It was a refreshing smell that she recognised as belonging to a Siren, combined richly with thick satiated arousal and sheer blazing irritation.

The perfect slash of Alexia's pale blonde eyebrow arched amusedly as another Siren, identical twin to the first, came striding out of the bathroom muttering under her breath in her colourful mother tongue. Alexia shook her head slowly as the two strippers took each other's hands and stalked through the VIP section toward the exit, still muttering filthy curses to themselves and in the most poetic language.

She grinned widely, carelessly showing off perfect white teeth and abnormally elongated canines. Canines that lanced down into her mouth as two inch long, lethally sharp fangs in response to her mood.

She may have taught Grey everything the girl knew but clearly the younger Sicarri was in need of a serious refresher course in the art of handling females if those Sirens were anything to go by.

"Artemis' sacred tits!. You mix up their names and suddenly its the end of the fucking world!. They're identical in every way for fuck's sake!" Alexia chuckled darkly when Grey appeared in the doorway to the bathroom with the fly of her tailored black slacks, along with the gold buckle and the tongue of her white leather belt, hanging open. The tight cotton tank top she wore was so tight it clung like a lover's hands to her breasts, Alexia could plainly see the outline of Grey's hard flat abdomen through the shirt.

The younger Sicarri casually combed her fingers through the long mane of her golden blonde hair. The thick strands ended at the middle of her back, and currently looked like several pairs of hands had been buried in the silken strands at some point during the night.

Greyella is a tall female of radiant beauty though her two most distinctive facial features tended to generate a mixed response even among the Supernatural. The other blonde had eyes the colour of overlapping Autumn leaves; patches of rich gold, warm brown and vibrant forest green intermingled to create a truly unique blend that often unnerved those who came into contact with the other Sicarri.

A long, slim silver scar ran down from the corner of Grey's left eye, over her high cheekbone and her alabaster coloured cheek, over the slender curve of her oval-shaped jaw and down her graceful neck, finally ending at her slight collarbone. It was beyond difficult to leave a permanent scar upon the flesh of an immortal. Though it did nothing to dampen Grey's natural beauty, the scar confirmed what people would come to realise after two minutes in close proximity with Greyella; that she delighted in causing trouble.

Alexia's graceful jaw clenched so tightly the titanium-strong bone made a cracking sound, a persistent tick drummed in her cheek.

The totally alien feeling of regret bloomed to life in her chest as her cold dark eyes scanned the elegant scar upon her protégé's face, but it was nothing in comparison to the constant river of barbed agony funnelling into every inch of her body. It had taken her seventeen years to learn how to take the crippling pain of distance in her stride, to stop roaring uncontrollably until her voice gave out from the crushing knowledge that she was a mated animal and yet, not only was her mate the grandchild of her oldest enemy-the one person she harboured an endless abyss of hatred for-but there were thousands of miles between her and her other half.

A deep growl rumbled in the back of her throat as a pained wince passed over her exquisite face and she absentmindedly reached up to rub at the dull ache of emptiness swirling where her cracked heart was calling out for the one thing that could balm it's deep wound. Her mate.

Alexia's boots hit the floor as she swiftly sat up straight, clutching a hand to her chest as a fiery hurricane built up in heart and wended down through her sternum, assaulting every nerve ending until it felt like a thousand blades were being plunged into her from every angle. Her short, sharp fingernails dug into the leather hugging her torso. Her entire body tensed painfully. Lean muscles undulated rapidly. Her unneeded breathing ceased. The world swirled in front of her unfocused eyes like water circling a drain before fading altogether and the bass thumping heavily into the dim club washed away into dull white-noise.

She was trapped in a cage of inconsolable agony with no escape in reach. She'd thought her training had taught her the meaning of pain but this, this excruciating longing, surpassed every torture and task. She gritted her perfect teeth as her fangs punched down hard into her mouth. She clenched her black eyes shut tightly and helplessly growled ferociously against the shards of icy emptiness piercing her chest. A pained roar built up in her throat and yet she wasn't capable of voicing the echoing sound.

"So it is true then" A cool melodic voice murmured as a soft weight settled on the couch beside her.

Greyella wisely kept out of arm's reach in the event the Sicarri Prima instinctively lashed out.

Alexia didn't know how long it took before she could finally suck air back into her lungs in a semi regular manner.

She panted softly, displaying the length of her deadly fangs, she ached all over like she had just suffered a violent seizure. Her chest throbbed like an open wound turning septic and her head hung limply on her shoulders with her eyes centred blindly on the black carpet between her combat boots. She willed herself to lift her head up, grimacing at the blast of freezing cold agony that shot down her spine when she finally managed to bring the younger Sicarri into her line of sight. She teased the points of her long fangs with the tip of her tongue, rolled her strong oval shaped jaw and swallowed tightly to sooth the uncomfortable abrasive feel in her throat.

"Surprise!. The grapevine reaches into exile" Grey's eyes the colour of Autumn leaves latched onto her regal hand where the mating mark stood out proudly on her magnolia pale skin.

Running from her slender thumb knuckle down to her slim wrist in a series of elaborate interlinking swirls and thick bold lines. The glyph appeared as nothing more than an elegant tattoo branded into her skin with dense black ink, it was mirrored exactly upon the flesh of her young mate and it was unique to them, signifying their connection as one, true, irrevocably mated pair.

The manifestation of the mating mark was the instantaneous and involuntary reaction of a Sicarri upon discovering their soul-mate. The greatest gift a Sicarri could hope for. Yet the Fates had chosen for her a mate that was not one of her kind, who knew nothing of their traditions, laws or customs, who was Fae.

"You have no idea how much I envy you right now Prima...Sex with one's mate is supposed to be absolutely. Fucking. Mindblowing" Grey purred with a wide playful grin. Her slightly elongated canines were far less noticeable than Alexia's.

Alexia smirked and rolled her dark eyes. She bit the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from hissing. Even that tiny action hurt.

The years had taught her that it was her body's way of punishing her for staying away from Ashley for so long. The spontaneous bouts of agony seized her between rough hands, paralysing her while they viciously tore at her body, for denying what her instincts demanded; she was supposed to be part of her mate's life. First solely as a protector and confidant until Ashley came of age and reached her sexual maturity and then as something much more.

She didn't know when Ashley's exact birth date was, just the week, this week. There had been no time to learn much more before her rage had spiralled beyond her own control that fateful day in Volterra. The same day she had destroyed Aro and plunged the vampire race into a state of anarchy. She didn't even know which of their surnames Bella and Rosalie had decided to give her mate but she had often wondered; Ashley Swan or Ashley Hale?. A tender smile of adoration found itself cautiously tilting the edges of Alexia's perfect pale pink lips upward until a heated scowl of perpetual hate shoved it aside; Ashley. Akasha. Ash.

Her glower deepened and darkened dangerously as her silvery-white eyebrows furrowed. The thunderous growl resounding in her chest electrified the air around her and made the ground shake beneath the soles of her feet. It was a snarl of confusion and frustration that would terrify a pride of wild lions into fleeing from her.

"She isn't eighteen, yet" Alexia muttered, reaching a hand up to pinch the bridge of her elegant nose between her thumb and forefinger to alleviate the pressure piling up in her temples. Her head felt like it was going to erupt like a volcano at any second.

She was at war with herself. She could feel the two sides of her fighting furiously for supremacy inside her. Her hatred for Akasha and Elena had festered inside her for nearly ten thousand years. It was all she knew. She Hunted them to avenge Jodelle's untimely death and Peyral's murder. Alexia lived for her Hunt, relished it, anticipated the end of her Hunt when she would at long last stare down into Akasha's lifeless eyes and know that the bitch had finally received her just-deserts.

She had waited so long for that glorious moment of blessed finality but when it had come to her, when vengeance had been hovering just a hairsbreadth away from her fingertips, waiting for her to seize it. Her steely resolve, unquestionable and undying, had nearly been undone with a single glance into the neon blue eyes of a five week old baby.

Ashley, she didn't even know her mate beyond a name and a memory, and yet some part of her was entirely monopolised by the young Fae. She no longer functioned properly. Twice she had held her mate in her arms. Twice she had stared into those blue within blue eyes and briefly mused of a future that did not revolve wholly around Hunting, but instead, around her mate, the young that would doubtlessly result from their union. Twice the conflict raging within her had driven her away from Ashley and her Hunt both, forcing her into a state of limbo.

It was unacceptable, being torn in two ways at every moment of every day and night was making her ineffective as a Leader and a Hunter but she had devised a way to bring Old Promises and New Instincts together in harmony. She would have her revenge and she would have Ashley. She would take it all. She would settle for nothing less.

After ten thousand years spent walking the Earth alone she would finally know what it meant to be complete.

Grey shook her head, "I can smell your frustration, Prima. You need release or you are going to lose all control when you claim her, and you and I both know how dangerous you are when you lose control."

Alexia tilted her head back on her shoulders, feeling her waist-length braid of thick silvery blonde hair slide over her back, as she stared up at the high marble ceiling through unfocused dark eyes. Tensing the sculpted muscles in her slender shoulders and graceful neck, she slowly angled her head to either side, listening to the unbreakable bones crack over the loud music funnelling into the VIP lounge. She straightened her back, the tight leather she wore clung even tighter to the lean contours of her body as she stretched out her sore muscles. The cold, confident, calculating glint returned to her eyes.

"I'm aware" Alexia bit out huskily.

Grey shifted on the plush couch beside her, the other Sicarri crossed her long legs at the knee and rested one lithe arm along the back of the sofa. The Prima turned her dark eyes on the other female, she wasn't one for small talk it was time they got down to business.

Alexia's soullessly dark eyes hardened murderously when the intrusive sound of approaching footsteps caught her attention, growing louder as the scent of bourbon and desire billowed toward her. A deadly growl rumbled deep in her chest, too low for the encroaching creature to hear and heed. Alexia swivelled her head, her unyielding muscles tightly coiled. She was truly weary of these delays.

The waitress was raven-haired with sun kissed skin and sparkling emerald green eyes. Alexia's nostrils flared slightly, the shroud of hunger cascading from every single one of the waitress's pores stroked over her snow-pale skin.

Sicarri had incredibly high sex drives, requiring regular relief, several times a day. Seventeen years of celibacy was driving her insane. She needed to fuck so badly the need was a constant dull pounding at the base of her skull, making her feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Sometimes, she would make herself sleep just to try and escape the demanding desire to mate, only to wake up grinding her lean hips into the bed beneath her, one hand between her legs working the drench folds of her cunt while kneading her breasts with the other.

But when she would seek out a female to tend her needs, the fire burning her alive would vaporise instantly as though it had never been, reawakening only when she had dismissed her potential partner.

The waitress, a succubus Alexia noted by her scent of honeyed sex, smiled enticingly, flashing perfect teeth as she reached up to the circular tray she had balanced on one hand.

"From Aurora. The blonde Siren who wanted to hump your leg earlier, and still does in case you're wondering, sexy..." The waitress winked, setting a square crimson serviette on the low mahogany table in front of her and placing the tumbler of whiskey on top.

The raven-haired female tucked the tray under one arm, turned and began to walk away, only to pause on her way back to the bar, she twirled on her heels and smiled.

"...And I'm a Succubus, in case you hadn't already figured it out" Her seductive smirk widened and she retreated back to the bar across the lounge.

Grey wolf-whistled beside her and reached over to the table, moving the tumbler aside, the other Sicarri lifted the red napkin up for inspection, chuckling wickedly as her eyes the colour of Autumn leaves scanned the serviette. Biting back a tormented groan, Alexia watched the Succubus's curvy hips sway beguilingly through seductive half-lidded eyes as her clit began to harden and tingle, her labia moistening between her legs. It was maddening, being able to feel arousal consuming her every fibre but never being able to sate it. By Artemis' gilded Bow, she could not wait to have her mate ready for her, beneath her in her bed.

The sensitive hairs on the back of her neck stiffened and her hackles rose unbidden. Her temper flashed.

"Translation; She is a master of the Karma Sutra and she can go for days without taking a breather..." Grey's full lips curled into a smirk as the other blonde extended the napkin out to her "...You can reach 'Tera' on both her home and cell numbers. She's keen"

Scowling, Alexia snatched the napkin out of Grey's hand, scrunched it up into a loose ball and casually tossed it off to parts unknown on the club's floor. While Grey sighed heavily and slumped on the couch, she snagged her whiskey tumbler off of the table surface and downed the chilled amber coloured liquid in one. A Sicarri didn't need sustenance of any kind to maintain their strength but they were perfectly able to consume most forms of nourishment. She savoured the burn of alcohol as it slid smoothly down her throat.

She turned to face Greyella, a derisive sneer curling her full pale pink lips.

"Is that your way of forgetting the reason why you're in exile, Grey?. A different female every hour on the hour?. Taking each day as it comes rather than finding an actual purpose in life?. How is that working out for you?" Alexia set her glass back on the table, upside down. She already knew Grey's answer, wondering aimlessly through life was not the Sicarri way.

She arched a brow mockingly at the golden haired Sicarri beside her, knowing precisely how much the younger female wanted a return to her real life even if it involved facing those who cast her out. Birds of a feather fly together and all that.

Grey pursed her full lips slowly as she reached up a hand to trace a finger down the elegant silver scar running down her pale cheek. Alexia took a shallow breath as the night Grey had received the now healed injury raced through her mind's eye.

It was part of Greyella's punishment for the crime of falling in love with the wrong female. In hindsight, Grey was lucky to have been exiled from Theïkós with a scar and the promise of execution should the girl ever return absent an official summons.

The Council of Five, made up of five members of the most prominent Houses, had demanded that she kill Grey for 'defiling' one of their own noble daughters. But The Council of Five held no real political power, the Councillors' only purpose was to provide her with reports concerning the over status and troubles of their Houses, and cadet branches of their Houses, to her. However The Councillors had considerable influence and while she could easily go against their wishes the act would result in a shit storm that she would rather avoid.

As their Prima, the Sicarri as a nation were her responsibility. It was her duty to safeguard and preserve the laws and traditions they had lived by since the dawn of their creation, to be the foremost example of a true Sicarri, and to act as Judge and Executioner when necessary. By their laws, Grey was culpable for corrupting a female of higher standing than her own but the Father of Grey's 'victim', a Councillor no less, had taken matters into his own hands when he had wounded her gravely enough to leave a scar. Like a human police officer attacking a suspect, that premature act of violence against Greyella had invalidated any trial that might of taken place. It had been a fortunate turn of events for Alexia. She would have protected her Protégé at any cost but she would never have withstood her own self-loathing if she had been forced to defy the laws of her people to defend Greyella.

Grey distractedly trailed the tip of her slender forefinger down the slim silver scar running down the left side of her face. The younger female's jaw clenched visibly to stifle a primal noise of yearning. The other blonde's demeanour changed from playfully lecherous to nostalgic so quickly it sent a pang of something almost maternal rippling through her.

Alexia reached out and gently rested her hand on Grey's shoulder as the other female tensed noticeably on the over-stuffed couch beside her. It wasn't compassion that moved her, Alexia assured herself, it was duty. She had sworn to look out for the kid like she was her own.

Grey leaned into her touch as she squeezed the younger female's shoulder a little tighter than was necessary, "I know this isn't the life you want, Grey. So I ask you, do you want to come home?"

The offer she made was like extending a piece of candy out to a young human child after a seven day fast. It wasn't really a choice. What she offered Greyella was life, the benefit of her protection, a home. What orphan didn't long for a home?.

Grey's uniquely coloured eyes latched onto her like a dying flower searching desperately for life-giving sunlight in the depths of a dank dusky cave. The younger female nodded slowly, "Whatever it takes, Prima"

Alexia removed her hand from Grey's shoulder and leaned back on the leather couch, "Do you know how many families turn on each other, blame each other, when a child is taken away?" Alexia drawled.

Grey's brow crinkled into a confused frown.

Alexia's smirk was one of icy malice, "My mate comes of age this week. Her place is at my side. You will join me when I take my mate away from Akasha and her family. The whole race despises Akasha for what she did to Jodelle, and I have a feeling her daughter, Bella, will hate her just as much when I steal Ashley away. Akasha is going to know the agony of losing everyone she loves before I kill her, at last" She ran her tongue over her vicious-looking fangs, anticipation filling her with adrenaline.

Grey's eyes lit up knowingly, "Jodelle was beloved of all our people, whoever hurts her killer..."

"Exactly..." The Prima interrupted. Swiftly and regally rising up to her feet, eager resolve flashed in her cold, dark eyes "...Now lets go raise some hell."

TBC. . .