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Lily and James were patrolling the corridors at silence. Or so Lily thought. Just two minutes had passed since they had started patrolling, but by then already, to Lily's secret, great relief, James started talking.

"So Lils? How's Marlene?" he asked with a knowing smile on his face.

Lily gasped. But then she had expected it after all. Jack was a Quidditch player, the Keeper to be specific, and he and James usually got along very well. They were not as close as the Marauders were but yet, they were good friends.

"Jack told you?" she asked trying to keep her voice calm.

James nodded.

"Are you happy for him?" she asked, matter of factly.

"Are you kidding? Of course I am! Marlene is a really nice girl." James said.

Somehow, this angered Lily. Even though, Marlene was her best friend, and even though she was engaged (and James knew it too), she felt a little jealous.

"How do you mean?" she asked before she could stop herself.

James frowned at her then said, "Well, she is outgoing, brave, a good decision maker, pretty, mischievous and also very kind."

Though she had heard everything he had said, only one thing registered in her mind. Pretty? Can James think Marlene is pretty? She's engaged for heaven's sake. Jerking back to reality, she suddenly felt guilty for doubting her friend like that. Mentally slapping herself, she looked back at James.

Looking at him suddenly made her ask him why he had hugged her and before she could even think again, she had opened her mouth and began talking.

"Why did you… you know… hug me the other day?" she asked slowly.

"Well I was really thankful for everything you had done for me and hey! We're friends right? Friends can hug each other." He said without a hint of expression in his face.

Lily nodded. That's all I am to him? A friend? But maybe, this is my punishment for treating him hardly when he had fancied me. As Lily pondered this with growing silence, she thought to herself furiously, Wait! I was the one who had wanted this. I wanted him to stop fancying me. Now why the hell do I feel like I want him to like me again? Must be exam stress! She told herself.

James diverted the topic to books and Lily joined in rather enthusiastically. She talked and laughed and the couple didn't even notice the time ticking by, seconds…minutes…hours. By then the conversation was going like this…

"How do you do it, James?" asked Lily.

"Do what?" asked James.

"Get top marks in the exam without working and slogging like me?" said a dejected Lily.

James shrugged then said, "Why, I am not even half as good as you are in Charms!" he exclaimed.

Lily smiled. "Well you are practically the king of Transfiguration! That makes up for it!" said a smiling Lily.

James was about to retort back but then the couple heard a sound. Without another word the duo dashed off in the direction of the sound. They turned corridor after corridor, and at last they came to a locked door from which the sounds were being heard. The corridor was so narrow, that James was practically entwined with Lily. He tried to push back, but his back hit the wall, and he fell on Lily.

"Sorry." he mumbled.

Lily didn't hear his apology. She was trying to adjust herself in the small space that was available for her.

"James- there's no space-"she began but was cut by how close he was to her.

She looked down flushing red. James's hands were around her body holding her near him. He was looking at her and she was trying hard to look away. She again remembered their hug and all of a sudden was filled with a yearning to be with him forever. Her breaths were coming out in little huffs. She wanted to be closer to him, this did not feel enough.

But before anything else could happen, the door opened and from inside came a small group of Slytherins in the dark. James glared at them.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I don't see why we have to tell you, Potter." said Marcus, a particularly short looking Slytherin.

"I'm Head Boy." he said.

"Hmm…. It's bad you are a pureblood Potter, or we may have done away with you long ago. Whereas, I see the same cannot be said for your pretty friend here. We'll ask the Dark Lord to spare you Potter if you give your friend here to us." began Dolohov with a malicious glint in his eyes.

If looks could kill, he might have been dead by the look James gave him. James went and stood in front of Lily protectively. He raised his wand but exactly at that time, Lily pressed his shoulder with a look that said "Don't do this."

Controlling himself, James said, "Fifty points from Slytherin." in a constricted voice.

"Come on guys, it's no use talking to Mudbloods and their knights. We have better work to do." said a guy with a raspy voice.

They left. Lily stole a glance at James and noticed the anger in his eyes.

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