It was Halloween, one of the best days of the year for children. They got to stay up late, play dress-up and get free sweets. It was that night that found a red-haired beauty of a women cleaning a small kitchen. Mushy baby food had fallen on the floor from where 2 little toddlers had seen fit to drop it. Said toddlers were in the small front room with their raven-haired, hazel eyed father. The raven-haired menace was creating small puffs of coloured smoke with a long stick of wood. This wood was his wand as he, his wife and his sons were all magical. His sons were both 15 months old and the oldest was born almost 1 hour before his brother. The older one had the same raven hair as his father and his mothers captivating emerald-green eyes. His younger brother had his father's hair but with streaks of red from his mother, he had his father's hazel eyes. These four people were a happy family, but they were also a scared family. There was a prophecy created claiming that a child born at the end of the seventh month would be the one to rid the world of the current dark lord. Both of the boys had been born on the 31st. They were born at the end of the seventh month and were the two most likely candidates. There was another boy born at the end of the month, a Neville Longbottom. There were probably many more but the prophecy stated that the child would be born to parents who had thrice defied the dark lord and that left only the three children. The Potters had gone into hiding, using a special spell that made the house invisible to all but who the secret keeper told. The secret keeper for the Potters was a trusted friend by the name of Peter Pettigrew.

There was another reason for the family to be scared and happy, the wife of the raven-haired man had become pregnant. They were happy that they were to have another child but they were scared that if the Dark Lord did find them they might be killed and the little one never born. They had been stressed and one thing led to another causing their stress reliever every night. It was then that the gate creaked open. The raven-haired man stood throwing his wand upon the couch to see why his friend was here so late at night. As he looked out of the window beside the door he stopped in his tracks.

"Lily get the boys and go! He's here, take the portkey its in the boy's room. Leave! Now!"

The man shouted to his wife as he dived into the front room to rectify his most stupid of mistakes.