Harry almost laughed, Dumbledore not only thought that his brother was the Boy-Who-Lived but, no doubt, that he had the potter fortune in his empty pockets. Not only was Dumbledore mistaken about his brother but by making his family choose and loose one, Dumbledore had lost the input of many different family monies. In 3 months time Dumbledore would be trying to get Evan Potter to hand over money for the 'light side' and when he did not get the money he would realise how wrong he had been. Dumbledore has lost the Potter, Black and Lupin monies and he didn't even realise how. Oh how Harry couldn't wait to see their faces when they figured it out. It was only a matter of time.
Harry's final smirk as he was reading the list even set the Goblins on edge, it made them excited to see Dumbledore and his men go down but the smirk on Harry's face was scaring them. It almost made them feel sorry for Dumbledore, almost.

"So Mister Potter, you can claim the Perevelle, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Merlin Titles now but you will have to wait until you are 17 to claim the Potter, Lupin, Black, Chargrane and the conquest titles. However, just by claiming the 6 titles now makes you the most influential man in Britain. After you would be the Malfoy's, which you also happen to be the Lord of at 17.
You will have, once you turn 17, 95% shares in the Daily Prophet, 89% in Quality Quidditch supplies, 67% in Madam Malkins, 94% in Poison Dagger, 90% in the leaky Cauldron, 98% in Athens Apothecary, 95% in Flourish and Blotts, 90% in Jape's Eye shop, 7% in Gringotts, 10% in wonderful weapons, 100% in Coca-cola industries and 75% of Disney. you have the highest shares in all of them and that makes you the main holder and manager of the shops. The final 2% in Athens Apothecary and the 6% in Poison Dagger are owned by the final Marauder though I believe that you could own then if you claim it as your life debt that he owes you because you did not let Black and Lupin kill him."
"If I may ask, do you know why I am eligible for the Black and Lupin titles, are they not my brother's?"
"Ah, the Black title is yours by blood as Mr Sirius Black ran away at 16, causing him to loose the title of heir. His brother died at the hands of Voldemort so Mr Orion Black has no Heir and you are the closest to the position because you grandmother married your grandfather making her a Potter-Black. You are the blood heir to Black. The Lupin vault is because at your birth you were the first born and Lupin was the first to see you out of the group, baring the healer, this caused a bond between pack members as Mr Lupin is a were-wolf. He has a wolf mind, causing everyone he sees as family to become part of his pack, with you being the first he saw he claimed you as his own as well as Mrs and Mr Potter and Mr Black. You are his heir and so you get everything he owned."
"Why, if he has so much money, does he not use it. I always hear him claim that he is poor yet this paper work says different."
"Mr Lupin does not want your brother to know as he knows that there is nothing he can do to stop you being his heir. Also he was cut off from it when his parents found out he was a were-wolf. They sent him to live with muggles and he didn't know his parents. He is a Pureblood by birth but as he was adopted he never knew. He used to be a Potter, the younger twin of your father. The Potters were believed to be a strictly light family so they got rid of him as soon as they found out he was a classified 'dark' creature.

Now if you will claim you titles, just say your name and the titles you wish to claim. In English if you don't mind."
"I Harrison Jamieson Sirius Potter Lay claim to the titles and houses of Perevelle, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Merlin."
A golden glow surrounded Harry as he finished the sentence. When it subsided a small intricately designed leather box lay on the table. When he opened it 6 rings lay on soft velvet.

One was pure black with a triangle surrounding a circle with a line in the middle of both. A note inside the box said that this was the Perevelle ring.

One was deep green with a small silver snake, this was the slytherin ring.

The next was blood red with a mighty golden lion- obviously the Gryffindor ring.

Then the bright baby blue ring with the shiny silver raven's head was obviously the Ravenclaw ring.

After that was a shiny gold ring with a black badgers head on it- the Hufflepuff ring.

The final ring was the most amazing out of the 6. It had a light stormy grey background, with a charcoal black wand in the middle. Surrounding it were sparks in 4 different colours- blood red, lime green,honey yellow and baby blue.

He placed all six on his right hand, Slytherin on the ring finger, the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff on the middle finger and the Gryffindor on the index, the perevelle on the index with the Gryffindor and the Merlin ring on his ring finger with the Slytherin ring.
"Joklerod I would like all the money from the 6 houses put into one vault then split in equal groups for 15 people. The first 9 will be named, one for me- Harrison Jamieson Sirius Potter, the second for Isabella Jane Potter the third for Jason Ares Potter, fourth- Jamie Leon Potter, fifth- Damien Harold Potter, Sixth- Eliza Julie Potter, seventh- Jamie-Leigh Ray Potter, eighth- Johanna Marie Potter and the final one for Elieene Potter. The other six are to remain UN-named as I have no doubt that Lily and James will get pregnant again. Also shut out any possibility that anybody other than myself and the ones named for each vault can get in. Should anything happen to me I wish for them all to share out the properties and money in the final 6 vaults. I also wish to make a will now that I know how much money I have. I can't have Dumbledore stopping it from being read so I am going to go to the Ministry once it is done so that I can give it to Amelia Bones. Do you mind recording it?"
"Of coarse not Harry, Just follow me into the recording room."
Harry did so and was soon recording his will, keeping his wealth from greedy gold diggers and, unknowingly, stopping many plans that were in progress.