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Boy Crazy

by BattleJoy Walton


Sesshoumaru, Great Youkai of the Western Lands, sat in the garden of his Winter estate, gracefully sipping a cup of tea while his servant, Jaken, quietly (lest he upset his lord's pleased mood) awaited to possibly refill the cup. Sesshoumaru could see that the grass was getting greener and the buds on the trees were unfurling. Not a speck of snow could be seen, except on the north shaded side of the house, but Sesshoumaru knew that even that would be gone within the week. Soon it would be time for him and his two most faithful followers to go back on the road to survey his lands.

Normally, the great youkai didn't need to stop for a whole season. The cold of winter didn't faze him and Jaken knew enough not to complain too loudly about it. But he had changed his habits somewhat for the last decade to accommodate his human follower, Rin. Sesshoumaru had to admit though, that it was quite pleasant change of pace to allow himself some respite and luxury.

The manor was quite large and well furnished from the spoils of the previous owner, a weaker great youkai that had enslaved the valley. He had made a off handed comment about Rin to Sesshoumaru and-...well, that was how Sesshoumaru had acquired the property.

The location on the mountain was quite scenic, nestled in lush forest, and the winters in the area were quite mild. The grateful villager in the village in the valley, gracefully did the things that new lord, Sesshoumaru, required (which was to leave him the heck alone.)

So everyone was happy!

"Sesshoumaru-sama?" The teenaged Rin slid open the door to the garden and peeked out.

"Ah. Rin. Come sit with me." Sesshoumaru said. Rin smiled and slipped on her shoes and skipped over to sit by her lord. Most people couldn't tell Sesshoumaru's moods from his cold, calm demeanor, but Rin could tell from that sentence that Sesshoumaru was in an extremely happy mood. Thus it was the perfect time to ask something of him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama? May I go to the village festival tonight?"

Sesshoumaru paused for a second, considering to himself. She was 16 and if would be nice for her to have some excitement that didn't include a demon attacking or kidnapping. The village was safe since his presence protected it. "You may, Rin." Sesshoumaru turned his head to his faithful toady follower. "Jaken."

"Yes, milord?" Jaken groveled.

"Escort Rin to the festival."

"Very well, mi-"

"Actually," Rin interrupted with a slight blush, "There's no need. I already have an escort."

"What?" Sesshoumaru flatly asked, looking up from the hillside with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Rin could barely restrain herself from giggling. "His name is Tatsuya! He's the village leader's son and so very nice. And oh so cute! And..." Rin excitedly went on in a rush about the boy's various qualities and how she had met him a week before when Jaken took her to the village market for herbs and what she was going to wear that night and do with her hair, etc.

Usually, Sesshoumaru would indicate to Rin when he had heard enough and to go talk to Jaken (who was a chatterbox himself in Sesshoumaru's opinion) but not then. Sesshoumaru HAD stopped listening to her but it wasn't because he had tired of it. It was because he was too busy muttering to himself, while his quirked eyebrow slightly twitched.



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