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This is such a huge mix of inspiration from tumblr and all the things I love supernatural wise. Between the dragon AU's and a post I read about creatures getting jobs specific to their kinda is going everywhere lol.

Dean fidgeted nervously as his classmates chattered around him with excitement. It was the annual Senior camping trip and even though he should be excited, he had begged his mother to just stay home. But of course, being the oldest son of the most notorious hunter in the country...he had to go. The Winchester's were from a very long line of hunters and scholar's, also known as the Men of Letters. His family had taken part and were one of the reasons why creatures were able to coexist with humans.

It was hard to believe, and it was all covered in their history books, that before it was chaos. No order...just useless slaughter. Dean couldn't remember (he was horrible at history) what caused the sudden change but he did know his family had something to do with it. The hunters, Men of Letters and the human police force worked together and created their version of "utopia". Creatures could live without fear of constantly fighting for their lives and humans, no longer had to fear them.

Bad things still happened but there was a justice system for each. Hunters were in charge of the creatures and Humans took care of their own. His mother Mary came from generations of hunters and witches, while his father John was a Man of Letters. Sam, his little brother was destined to follow in their father's footsteps.

Then there was Dean. He took after the magical side of his mother...but nothing else. He did ok in school but was constantly picked on for being the only witch his age without a familiar. It was embarrassing but Mary kept his hopes up...her own familiar, an orange tabby named Anna, tried to keep him positive as well.

Which was why he'd been pressured into going on this trip. Anna had just moved to their town her senior year in high school and tried to keep to herself. But the moment Mary caught her eyes, they were instantly bonded. Dean loved the idea of it...but there was still a nagging in his chest telling him that it wouldn't ever happen.

It wouldn't necessarily be a horrible thing...he would just be constantnly teased for the rest of his life and his magic would never fully develop, just kinda freeze where it was when he turned 18.

All he wanted was for one summer to not be teased or bullied...but his mother was adament.

"Baby, just'll have fun I promise," Mary said, the cloth in her hand wiping down the barrell of her favorite gun. Dean slumped his shoulders and tried once again to give her the famous Winchester puppy dog eyes...

"Don't even try it, go pack mister," she ordered with a little smile.

So here he was, waiting around by himself as his classmates found their friends...making way too much noise. He really had tried to connect with others of his kind...but the other witches just mocked him, calling him useless and weak. They didn't have any clue though...just how good his magic really was. Unlike them, he never showed it off and he knew that if he did...and never found a familiar, it would just turn and bite him in the ass.

He glanced around at his classmates before pulling his book closer to his chest, gently pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Hey Winchester, where's your familiar? Oh wait...I one wants you," Lilith giggled darkly as she sauntered past. A huge black shaggy dog was right on her heels...Alistair, her familiar. Dean glared at her, his stomach roiling with jealousy as they walked by. Her cronies Ruby and Tammi giggled behind her, hurrying to keep up.

"Alright everyone, on the bus!" One of their teachers called out. Dean grabbed up his messenger bag and climbed onto his assigned bus, sitting down in the front. A tall and very thin boy plopped down in the seat across from him, his hand raising in a small wave.

"I'm Garth," he said. Dean chewed on his lip and lowered his book with a little sigh.


"Oh man, you're a Winchester aren't you? I've heard so much about your family!" he beamed, his eyes flashing for a brief second. Dean slightly flinched but just continued to smile.

"Hey Ash! Look who I found?" Garth said pointing at Dean with one hand while giving a kid a high five with the other. Dean glanced up and tried to not laugh...the guy was sporting an honest to god Mullet...

"Whoa...a Winchester.. wow...they're so rare!" Ash laughed rolling his eyes, his arm reaching out to punch Garth.

"I swear, he's been living under a rock or something," Ash grumbled shoving Garth over to sit down next to him. Dean huffed a little laugh, his cheeks burning.

"Sorry… my parents thought it would be cool to homeschool me until this year…" Garth said, the red in his face rivaled Dean's own.

"So my friend...what flavor did you end up being?" Ash asked. Several kids shuffled past them, a few of the "jocks" laughing as they brushed by. Dean sunk further down in his seat, hugging his bag tightly to his chest.

"Um...flavor?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, like he's wolf boy, I'm a bad ass...what are you?" Ash asked. Dean opened his mouth but closed it, his voice lodging in his throat. No one ever took the time to talk to one ever tried to be his friend. These two seemed...different from the others and he craved to have someone other than his family to talk too...but what if they thought him worthless? Just like everyone else in his grade?

"He's a sorry pathetic excuse for a witch...probably couldn't summon the wind if he tried," Lilith cackled as she walked by them. Dean swallowed hard against the sudden lump in his throat, turning his face towards the window. Well, that took care of that… Dean closed his eyes and sighed, jumping when the seat dipped next to him.

"Hey, ignore her. Are you really a witch?" Garth asked. Dean glanced at him, a small smile finding it's way on his face as he nodded.

"That's freaking awesome man! I haven't been able to meet to many of you guys...with the exception of them," Garth jerked a thumb towards the back of the bus. Lilith sat with her followers Ruby and Tammi, several of the football players were also with them, laughing loudly. Alistair was in his human form, sitting on the top of the seat. He caught Dean looking and grinned, a sinister look crossing over his face. Dean quickly turned forward and wiped at his face nervously.

"Yeah...I'm nothing like them," Dean said softly.

"Good, I'm glad we're friends...and Ash too," Garth chuckled. Dean opened his mouth to respond when a blonde haired girl came bounding over to them, slipping down next to Ash.

"Hey losers...jeez...we gonna leave or what!" she called out with a roll of her eyes. Dean stared at her….he'd seen her before...she was a hunter, well, one in training.

"Chill sister…Jo, meet our new friend Dean….Dean this is my annoying step sister Jo," Ash mumbled, his fingers fumbling with some sort of contraption. The girl punched him in the shoulder before turning towards them.

"I know who he is jackass...anyone who's a hunter and worth their salt knows. Hi Dean," Jo said, her tone turning sweet when she looked at him. He laughed and nodded, waving a little at her. He'd known Jo for a few years, her mom and his parents were close. When they were younger she would try and get him out of his shell but he always just hid in his room, or his tree house.

Eventually, she stopped trying. He didn't even know Ellen had gotten married, or that Jo got a new brother.

"Ok, is that everyone?" The bus driver called out. Their chaperone looked over their clipboard and began counting, her lips pursed and shook her head.

"Anyone know where…"

"We're here! Sorry, so sorry!" a girl with a mass of red hair crashed into the bus, an asian boy close behind her. Their chaperone gave them a stern look before laughing, gently pushing them towards the seat in front of Dean and Garth.

"About damn time you two…thought i'd have to put up with these assholes by myself," Jo grumbled.

"Hey!" Garth exclaimed. Jo bit her lip and laughed, holding her hands up in apology.

"No offense, I meant them," she said jerking her thumb towards the back. Dean nodded in agreement but stayed silent. He caught the eyes of the Asian boy who blushed and spun back around, his head ducking down in the seat.

"Sorry Jo...Tran here thought he could skip out on the festivities!" the red head snickered. She sat up on her knees and turned towards him, her face a little too close.

"Hmmm...who are you?" she asked.

"I'm D-Dean," he stammered, pushing his glasses up again. The screws were always getting loose….a small hand reached out and barely grazed at the frames, instantly forming perfectly to his face. He gasped and looked up into the asian boy's face, a little smile on his lips as he disappeared again.

"That's Kevin...he's a bit shy...kinda like you," Charlie grinned. Dean's eyes widened, his fingers scrambling to take off his glasses.

"Is he…"

"A witch? No, more like a tinker gnome," Charlie giggled, her hand reaching out to probably ruffle Kevin's hair. He heard a muffled grumble and he couldn't help smiling. He glanced back out the window and felt his smile widen...maybe this trip would be a good thing.