He had left me to get changed in this big room , it was an old-fashioned design and looked like something from the 1930's. I looked in the closet in which Damon had said I could use and I was shocked with the Clothes which were present.

Most of the closet was filled with casual clothes, what normal people would wear like jeans and Holister and superdry , but the other half was filled with some very expensive formal clothes and some extremely outdated classical dresses like what was worn in the 1800's. When I looked in to the back corner I found an outfit that was more me, a denim skirt and a green vest top. Whilst i was up there i decided to look for some shoes in the other closet. I found a really nice pair of vans to complete the outfit.

I got changed and walked down the stair case to try and find the library. I walked down the corridor toward the voice I could hear when i walked into the room i found Damon and this other guy who looked near enough the same as him. I recognized him from somewhere but couldnt remember where.

"Hi Elena I'm Stefan " He said

"oh ...Hi Stefan I tough I recognized you from somewhere you are Damon's brother right" I had seen him he was the brother which i had to show around on the first day back at school.

"Yes Elena this is my brother who was just leaving ... have a seat Elena and I'll explain everything" Damon said giving Stefan a snarl which said 'Piss of' and pointing me towards the sofa where he sat.

"Damon you know if you tell her then you will have to change her, its the safest way' Stefan said,

this just confused me even more change me how could you change a person and why would he have to.

"What do you mean Stefan I don't get it why would i have to change" I said looking at both of the brothers.

"I have to tell her its only fair she knows"Damon said to Stefan

"We ... Me and Stefan we aren't the age we look we are 145 years old we where born in 1943 here in mysicfalls we got changed into ... Vampires and now we live her and try to blend in as normal people" Damon said

All i could do was stair at Damon , Vampires where just mythical creatures.

Damon just looked at me "say something please? anything" Damon repeated

I just wanted to get up and run, if they were vampires that meant they could hurt me and kill me, i didn't feel safe. before i knew it I was up on my feet and running for the door. I could take it i was angry and scaired and in some ways in love the fact he trusted me made me love him even more but i couldn't love a monster.

As i ran out of the door i tripped and landed hear first on a stone slab. I couldn't move my body felt weak, My eyes started to blur the last thing i remembered seeing was the blood coming out of my head , so much blood.

Damon's POV

After I told her the truth I saw the smile go from her face, I could see she was scared, why wouldn't she. Vampires where know to be creatures of pray and to be honest i was that vampire i would kill someone for the one i loved, I would turn Elena without her permission as i was that selfish. She just didnt move.

"Elena say something please anything ?" I said hoping for a ' you bitch' or ' what ' but no she got up and ran towards the door.

As she got up I looked towards Stefan. He just smiled he had told her i would have to change her to scare her away

I got up to follow Elena as i did i smelt something, Blood.

I ran towards the blood my fangs wanting to push out of my gum's but as i got to the source of the smell i saw Elena she had fell and hit her head on the slab outside the door, But there was too much blood for just a fall she must have been pushed. I got my phone out and called 911 for a ambulance, there was no way i was giving her my blood just to heal hat if she could be saved at the hospital it was to dangerous to give it her with Katherine about. once i had called 911 i heard a laugh behind me, as i turned I saw Katherine behind me.

" Well well look who it is, aren't you going to heal her she look's pretty bad" she said giving me the evil smirk she gave me 142 years ago

"it was you wasn't it you pushed her" I said wanting to kill her

"yes but she isn't going to be able to survive till the ambulance comes she will only survive if you give her your blood and change her, so what will you do Damon save her or watch her die"

Katherine was right I loved her and i knew she would hate e for it but it had to be done.

I bit my wrist and pulled her lips to it as she drank I looked up to see if Katherine was still there but she wasn't .

I really didnt' want to do this but as i moved my wrist away from her lips I snapped her neck.

It was complete all that was left to do was wait for her to regain concessions


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