"Please, Gibbs?"


"C'mon, Gibbs. Please?" was the begging plea of forensic scientist Abby Sciuto as she walked backwards in front of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs as he crossed the bullpen, heading toward the rear elevators- a non too pleased expression donning his features.

At their desks, DiNozzo and McGee gave each other questionable looks as they watched the Goth begging to their boss.

"What do you reckon that was about?" McGee was the first to ask, eyebrow raised.

"No clue, McNosey." Tony shrugged, raising from his chair.

They both turned their attention to Ziva David, sitting opposite.

"Ziiiiiva," Tony drawled as he approached her desk.

Pulling her attention away from a case file, she fazed up at the senior field agent, "Yes, Tony?"

Nudging his head in the direction that Gibbs and Abby had gone a few minutes ago, he asked; "What was that about?"

"What was what about, Tony?" The Mossad-turned NCIS agent queried innocently as she leaned back in her chair and smirked.

"Abby! Gibbs! Who else?" Tony pointed after them again, "You know if any of us did that, we'd get a head smack for sure! Abby is the only one that could get away with it."

"What's your point?" Ziva asked.

"What does Abby want so badly from Gibbs that she has to beg him for it?" As soon as that question left his mouth, he glanced at McGee and they both shook their head. No, not that, they both thought.

Ziva pursed her lips, thinking for a moment before answering, "No idea, Tony."

Tony eyed her for a moment, almost squinting. He didn't believe her. "I'm not buying it," he said as he perched on the edge of Ziva's desk crossing his arm over his chest. "You know! Tell us what your crazy ninja spidey-sense is telling you."




"I'm impressed, Abbs." Gibbs said. He genuinely was. Thinking to himself for a moment, he had seen these moves before. "Ziva?"

Abby's smile told him the answer he was looking for. "You didn't think I'd come ill prepared, did you?"

They had been wrestling and grappling for about half an hour. Abby used some impressive moves to keep Gibbs still, but he easily powered out of them.

Grasping her arm behind her back, he held her tightly in place against his chest. His hot breath against her ear as he spoke sent shivers of excitement throughout her body. Feeling his hard body behind her, it felt like her nerve endings were on fire. "Are you sure this is what you want, Abby?"

She hesitated a moment, pondering over his words. This wasn't about the wrestling and the self defence anymore. This was something more. Something… different.

The forensic scientist attempted to break his hold on her arm and get behind him, but her plan backfired. Their balance shifted and they both ended up crashing to the floor.

Quickly taking advantage of this new situation, Gibbs quickly straddled Abby's waist and pinned her arms above her head, keeping her in place. She just lay there, grinning up at him. He sure did love it when she smiled.

"Is that your cell phone in your pocket, or are y-" she was about to quip, but gasped at the sudden vibrations coming from Gibbs' pants- this told her that she had just answered her own question. She had it confirmed when he removed it from his pocket, smirking, as he wiggled it in front of her face.

"Yea, Gibbs?"

Bringing the phone to his ear, he listened intently while looking directly into Abby's green eyes. He glanced away for a moment as he hung up. "Sorry, Abs. We gotta go. Rain check?"

Abby's face fell, knowing they would soon have to get back to work. She nodded at him. To her surprise, he lend down and gave her a gentle peck on the lips before getting up and quickly making his way out the gym.

Smiling to herself, she thought that this was defiantly something different.