This is not only the first NCIS fic I've written, ever, but also the first fic I've written in over a year. I'm supposed to be doing Nano right now as it's already a week into the month and I've barely got 2,000 words, but writing original characters is hard and I wanted a break. I'm seriously obsessed with this show, you guys. I only started watching it a couple months ago but it's just so awesome.

As always, they do not belong to me. I'm going to try to finish this thing, as I want to do a chapter from Gibbs and Ziva's POV as well, possibly even the rest of the team. We shall see. It also has not been beta'd so there will probably be stupid mistakes that I missed, as I only read through it twice.

The clapping slows, and then stops, after another minute. Abby's hold on her begins to loosen, and she steps away just barely, leaving her hands on Ziva's arms. A hush has fallen, and they are all waiting to see what Ziva will do – Tony half thinks that she'll say something, but then he feels his stomach lurch as she swallows, wincing in discomfort. But before he can so much as take a step Gibbs is taking control again, and Vance is shooing every else back to wherever they came from.

''Ducky, why don't you head down to autopsy- you too, Abs. We'll be right behind you.'' Abby looks as though she wants to hug Ziva again but she merely nods and moves, boots clicking, towards the elevator, followed by Ducky after he exchanges an unreadable look with Gibbs.

''DiNozzo, McGee, hit the showers.'' Gibbs pauses for a brief second. ''Then pack a bag.'' His eyes flicker towards the unmoving Ziva. Once upon a time Tony would have had several one-liners about seeing Ziva's underwear tumbling off his tongue, accompanied with a leer – he would have received a glare (and possible flying paperclip) from the ninja herself, and a slap over the head from his all seeing boss. The thought of what they've lost makes his gut churn.

A small part of Tony wants to interject, to go toe-to-toe with Gibbs on this, for he has an irrational fear of letting Ziva leave his sight – the last time that happened, this is where they ended up. But he reminds himself that Gibbs knows what he's doing. And this is all for Ziva, now. So he swallows down any argument and gently nudges McGee towards the elevator.

He takes a last look at Ziva and Gibbs just before the doors close – the boss is speaking in a low voice, and Ziva is still not moving. There's a heavy feeling in his chest that signals a long road ahead – for all of them.