Maggie tends to smile when she sees Daryl and Beth together, it's something in the way they look at each other or in the way their bodies seem to sync together. The times when Daryl sits away from them, staying on the outskirts of the group, Beth will catch his eye. Depending on what she sees he will join them or she moves to sit with him. Every time he gets back from hunting, he immediately goes to her, looks her over and whispers something to her before placing a modest kiss to her lips. When Maggie watches them she sees something different than the love between her and Glenn, not better or more, just different. There are slight changes in her sister since they found her. A little more confidence in her stance, a more determined look in her eye, Maggie is sure that these things mean her sister has grown up, found what she needed. Their father would be happy.

The changes in Daryl are slightly less subtle. He smiles. Real smiles, not just a smirk here and there. There is a difference in his stance too. One day, Beth asks Carol if he looks taller. She smiles and points out he's standing up straight, the boulder of shame and guilt and loneliness he carries on his shoulders seems to have shrunk. Rick notices he tends to let his opinion be known more often, he also doesn't miss the way Daryl's eyes dart to her after he says something. Michonne sees it when they're out on a quick supply run, when he takes out walkers there isn't a flash of anger in him, isn't a need to destroy something.

Beth sings all the time. The two months they spend in that town, waiting for winter to pass and Judith and Tara to get better, are filled with her songs. There are a few that Daryl hums along to.

When the group is deciding how they will move on from this quiet place, everyone is brought down. It's determined over dinner at Beth and Daryl's that they may be splitting up. Abraham needs to continue his mission with Eugene and Rosita. Tara is going with them. Rick wants to stay, for Judith. Maggie and Glenn are unsure, waiting to see what Beth says. Michonne is staying. Carol and Tyreese are going with a promise to be back.

After everyone leaves Beth sits back down at the table. "So, what should we do?"

Daryl looks around the the kitchen from where he's leaning on the counter, "S'up to you. Whatever you want, I'll be there."

Beth smiles at him, "I know." She sighs, "I'll be right back."

As he stands there, waiting for her to come back, he looks around the only place that has ever felt like a home should. It's safe here, she's here. He has a fireplace and a fourposter bed. There's a big garden out front and the forests nearby have been making for good hunting. She never yells, she rubs his back at night when he's stiff from being out in the cold. Beth sleeps curled up against him, she lets him touch her, want her, love her. She loves him back. He swallows down the feeling of disappointment that this won't last.

She looks nervous when she walks up to him. "Daryl, maybe we stick around here for awhile?" She pushes something into his hands and takes a step back.

He is so happy at what she's saying that it takes a minute for him to realize she gave him something. Daryl looks down at the flat piece of plastic in his hands. His eyes snap up to hers, then to her stomach. When he lifts his eyes back to hers she starts to cry. He's biting his lip and smiling, she knows he's keeping back tears. He nods. "We stick around here." He pulls her into his arms and whispers the same thing he tells her everyday, "You. Beth, you changed my mind. Love you."

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