3 Years it has taken me three long grueling years to make it out of hell, another year to find all seven of the dragon balls. Now that I'm back on earth and have all seven dragon balls I Piccolo shall have my wish.

"OH GREAT SHINRON! I SOMMON THE!" Piccolo yelled holding his hands over the dragon balls

The skies above become dark and ominous as lightening cracks the sky. All seven dragon balls begin to glow with great power and telling that the great dragon shall soon appear. Suddenly a light shoots straight into the air twisting and winding throughout the waste land Piccolo was standing in and begins to take shape into a very large Chinese dragon with antler and blood red eyes.

"I am the great dragon Shinron. For summoning me you may have one wish." The dragon Shinron voice spoke with great power."

"Great and powerful Shinron I, Piccolo of the Namakian race, wish for a pupil that can surpass the Saiyan race!" Piccolo bellowed to the wish granting Dragon. The dragon's eye glowed for several moments before he spoke once again.

"Your wish has been granted you must wait three days before your warrior arrives." With that said Shinron went back into the dragon balls. The dragon balls soon shot into the air to be spread across the globe once more as the reverted back to their original colors.

"I have three days to prepare for my apprentice. That's more than enough time."

In another universe

It was night time in Jump city and all was calm. Citizens of the city had gone to bed for the night. As Titans tower stood on the island in the bay in tranquility until.

"HIDE ME QUICK!" yelled a frantic a teen with messy green hair, green fearful eyes, pointed ears, fangs and green skin as he ran into the ops/common room of titans tower.

"What did you do this time Beast Boy?" Robin passively asked as he and Cyborg were playing on the Game Station 3. It has been a year since the Brotherhood and Brushogan and the titans have not had as many villains to fight except for the occasional Dr. Light and Slade. The Titans became more of a family with each other. Robin and Starfire are still going strong and Cyborg just recently found himself a girlfriend that looks an awful lot like Serasim from when he traveled to the and Beast Boy and Raven still argue with each other. Which brings us to our current situation.

"Well I may or may not have walked into the bathroom as Raven was putting her clothes on."

Cyborg and Robin started cracking picturing the scene in their minds of Raven pulling up her panties with her bra already on when Beast Boy walked in to see her naked rump.

"Wow, I feel sorry for you Beast Boy, but I'm not gonna help you I happen to like being in this dimension." Robin stated after getting over his fit of laughter. Suddenly a loud below rang throughout the tower.


"I wonder if she'll let me join you" Cyborg quipped at his friend's expense.

Suddenly the sliding doors to the Ops/common room were blown away to reveal a very pissed Raven for red eyes and all. Raven's Rage turned her attention to the two cowering titans on the couch.

"Where is he?" She asked leaning over the two.

"H- He was just here a second ago" Stuttered the team leader. No one was aware of the green spider making its way out of the room to the hallway until a wall of onyx energy blocked his escape.

"Where do you think you're going?" Rage hissed as Beast Boy morphed back to his default form.

"To pray I live through this." He tried to joke. Raven's magic began to circle around his waist then he was hurled threw the window and landed in the ocean unharmed thankfully.

"Man we need to get her some anger management." Beast Boy said as he broke the surface of the water. Quickly changing into a falcon Beast Boy made his way to the roof top where he made his way into the tower to go to bed unaware of a being watching him from another dimension.

"So this is the one who shall be my pupil. Interesting he almost looks like a Namakian but with subtle differences and apparently he can change his to that of a falcon that will be useful in future battles if only he could change his color to match. We will have work on that while he's here. " Shinron had left a crystal ball with Piccolo before he left so that he may see who his apprentice shall be. Piccolo went back to meditating to pass the time for the arrival of Beast Boy. "Only two more days." He said softly.

To Be Continued…..Maybe.

Okay this plot has been in my head for a long time now so for a short while Head Case both of them will be on hiatus I'm sorry but this story seems a bit more promising to me. Tell me what you think should this continue or should I keep writing Head Case.