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Last time on Dragon Ball Beast Boy Z Shinron had made his appearance and after a brief encounter with The Beast and Argent, Shinron had used his power to knock Logan unconscious and has taken him along with Argent back to Piccolo where training awaits.

Piccolo sits staring at the crystal ball for a moment playing back what he had just seen through his mind

"The Shape Shifter was indeed powerful but the young lady would have made a fine pupil as well. But there is no time for thinking about that," he pulls out a small pill from his training gear. "Dendey better be right about this."

At that moment the sky turned dark and it seemed as if a hole was torn through all of space and time as the eternal dragon came forth and dropped Beast Boy in front of Piccolo.


As if on cue the eternal dragon disperces as the energy that made up his body was once again returned to the dragon balls leaving Argent where he had been and the young girl rushing him with a scythe made of red energy. Piccolo easily dodges the attack 'hmm seems she still has some fight in her.' Argent charges the Namacian ounce more changing the weapon into a claymore to slash her foe in half. As the sword was mere centimeters away from his head, Piccolo quickly caught the blade between his middle and index finger. Argents eye widen as her mouth hangs open from the ease Piccolo just displayed to catch her weapon, the shock only lasted mere milliseconds as she begins to try and remove the claymore from his two finger grasp. 'Hmm she has the technique and speed but the precision and power are lacking quite a bit. Well Shinron did give me a two for one wish best not to waste it.'. The smirk on Piccolo's face caused argent to cease her struggle of removing her sword out of fear.

"DYNAMIC ENTRY!" a green blur shouted as Piccolo was kicked. The attack did little to no damage but it did cause Piccolo to release Argents crimson claymore. Both Argent and piccolo turned to the one who issued the attack just to see Beast Boy holding his foot while jumping up and down.

"ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! What the hell are you made of dude feels like I just kicked Cyborg barefooted…..again." The two combatants sweat dropped as they stared at the green ex-Titan.

"That move was very effective." Piccolo said making Beast Boy stop hopping around like an idiot.

"Thanks dud-"

"IF YOU WERE FIGHTING A FUCKING FIVE YEAR OLD!" Piccolo screamed not at all amused about the sneak attack. Piccolo charged Beast Boy. It was only thanks to the changelings instincts that saved him from a savage punch aimed for his head. Beast Boy flipped away from the Namacian to land next to Argent who was creating a pair tonfas for her next assault.

"So mate, what do you think our odds are at beating this guy?" asked the New Zealand heroine.

"Seeing as how he's probably not using even 20% of his power not much." Piccolo was a bit surprised at hearing that Beast Boy could since the power he was using. 'Interesting' he thought as both titans charged him at once.

Argent swung a tonfa for Piccolo's head as Beast Boy became a silver back aiming a punch for his mid-section. The Namacian only had time to dodge one attack, opting to take the air knocked of him that have a possible concussion, Piccolo skid ten feet from the duo.

"Hmph, Better than the last attack Logan let's see if you can do better." The older green being taunted taking up a serious fighting stance but still leaving his weighted cloak and turban on. Beast Boy reverted back to his human form.

"So what's the plan for the next attack….mate?" Beast Boy asked nervously adding the 'mate' at the end since Argents confession was still somewhat fresh in his mind and in a roundabout way if she would be his life mate.

Argent blushed when he said 'mate' she knew he wasn't making fun of the way she talked since months prior he had explained that he would only use that term for the one that would accept him completely including his flaws that Raven so eloquently pointed out.

"I say we go for a full barrage of attacks." Beast Boy nodded in agreement then shifted into a cheetah sprinting to his green counter-part with Argent right behind him. Shifting into a ram Beast aimed a head-butt to Piccolo knees while Argent created a battering ram for his chest, a simple side step from the Namacian set the couple up for several jabs to both their ribs along with a low level KI blast. Even with the pain both ex-Titans were not deturbed. The stood back up into there respective fighting stances Argent taking a muay-tai pose with her tonfas reappering and Beast boy crouching low arms spread to either side of his body with claws extending from the slits in his gloves and barring his slightly elongated fangs.

"Finally decided to take this seriously huh?" Piccolo asked sizing up his two soon to be pupils. "Fine then let's kick this up a notch." He said removing his training clothes and taking his own fight stance bending his knees and taking a basic hoarse stance. The pressure in the air began to increase as the three combatants waited for something to start the serious battle.

To Be Continued.

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