AN: I first started this with ideas in mind but with a lack of character appreciation. After reading manga and running a review blog for manga, I got upset when things lacked character building so with an understanding of it I want to start anew.

BTW know some knowledge of Persona 2 before reading, specifically past Velvet Room dwellers

This tidbit is from the old version but in-game Naoto's shadow states that her name is "Naoto" meaning it might not be her true name. Its possible for it to be an alias much like how the title of Kuzunoha is a title. Not a name.

Finally, I am not sure if I should connect this story with my other fic What is the End?

Also I WAS going to do a P4 adaptation like the above title but decided that anime route is my favorite route for it but with a slight twist that you will read below.

Finally, if I DO decide to connect this with What is the End? It means we will not be seeing the P3 cast for a while.

Humanity had been freed from judgment of Izanami's fog. The fog which would had engulfed the world diminished in size, then vanished.

Reports questioned its origin but given that it invaded homes and stores from within, no one was sure why the fog appeared that way.

Humanity's champions had been a tight-knit group of teenagers who had not celebrated. There was no victory with a war with casualties nor had there been any acknowledgment about the incident itself other than an anonymous police report filed by one of their members.

Thanks to their efforts however, humanity had changed slowly. Enlightenment had been a global epidemic which had encouraged kindness and helpfulness. Humanity still had some natural choice of evil but for the most part, things had been peaceful.

Peace for all except for two beings.

Behind the moon lay a dormant gate awaiting to be opened. On it was a boy who look like he had been crucified. His body had been chained to the gate with barbed metal. The look on his face had not been on of peace but unrest and perpetual suffering.

There was no light on the dark side at the moment except for a single blue butterfly which had flown in a protective bubble. The butterfly had transformed into a man with a mask, showing half his face. Philemon- of the velvet room- had held up a bright purple card and it shined upon the boy shackled to the gate.

The chains vanished and the boy who had looked pained, was breathing hard. He went to reach to sweep what blue hair hindered his eyes and stopped.

"I can move..."

"I can move."

There was a silence as he looked at his hands.

His heart was racing and a wave of fear swept over his body.




He turned slowly behind him to find that there was another.

The other, wore a yellow scarf.