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In the galaxy of Andromeda, a star was collapsing. If one had a way of escaping it's immense gravitational pull, one would have been able to see the beautiful colors that swirled inside the heart of the star. Erratic, yet graceful ribbons of light burst from the star's surface every few seconds. No ship could get that close, of course, and so nobody saw the blue police box whizzing around the supernova.

The Doctor was sitting on the edge of the open doorway of his Tardis, converse-clad feet dangling out over the side. He wasn't looking at the marvelous colors, though. He was eating a banana and flipping through a dog-eared copy of The Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling, his (debatably) trusty TARDIS on autopilot. Behind him, in the console room, an immortal man named Captain Jack Harkness and a doctor-in-training named Martha Jones were arguing.

"I'm telling you, Martha, he's not dead! He's a wizard for Pete's sake, he can apparate! He could have just Apparated to safety!" "You idiot, how could he have done that? He didn't have a wand with him! Can't cast spells without a wand!" "Actually, the Carrionites didn't-" "Shut up, Doctor." Said Martha and Jack simultaneously. The Doctor grumbled and took another bite of his banana.

"Who says you need a wand to Apparate? Someone of Dumbledore's power could definitely use wandless magic!" "Alright, then how do you explain the body?" "I'm sure there's a spell for that." Meanwhile, neither Martha nor Jack nor the Doctor noticed the supernova steadily getting more and more unstable outside the open doors. The Doctor had now joined the argument without looking up from his book. "I say he fell, as he fell pulled a dead dummy out of an extradimensional pocket, then Apparated to another universe." "…" Jack considered this. "Would probably work." Martha gaped. "You're kidding, right?" The Doctor, meanwhile, finished his banana and threw it out the door without looking. The banana fell out of the TARDIS's protective force field, and was promptly sucked into the highly unstable heart of the star.

The star exploded faster than the eye could see.

There was an enormous BOOM, and a rush of light, then before anyone had even been able to notice anything the TARDIS screeched and was blasted away. The last thing the Doctor remembered was his copy of The Half-Blood Prince glowing...

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