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Somewhere, far away from the Andromeda Galaxy, a blue police box TARDIS was floating in space, doors open. If one was able to look inside the open doors, one could see three figures laying motionless. One figure, with spiky brown hair, was laying against the centre console. "Oh…" groaned The Doctor as he sat up. "I think I had a concussion." He passed his hand against the back of his head, drew it back, and looked at it. "Yup, definitely had a concussion. But I am breathing," here he took a deep breath to verify this point, "Definitely breathing again, which means the TARDIS is operational again. You feeling okay, old girl?" This was directed at the TARDIS in question, which thrummed in response. "Good then. Oh, and Martha's waking up!" This was indeed true, as Martha was beginning to stir. "…Doctor?" she said hesitantly. "What's wrong, Martha?"

"…Did we really just live through the first Harry Potter book, or was I just dreaming?" The Doctor grinned. "All of us were bibliocrisised with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Martha opened her eyes. "Okay, just checking." Jack groaned. "And everyone's awake. Splendid! Anyone have any injuries?" Martha sat up, shaking her head. "Just minor bruises."

Jack stood up, wincing. "I think my shin is bruised from where I hit the railing." he said. The Doctor beamed. "Brilliant! I have a concussion, and that'll probably bruise, so we could start a Bruise Club, or-" "You have a concussion!?" Martha exclaimed, hurrying over. "Sit down right now!" she dragged him to the stairs, making him sit.

"You sound like Madame Pomfrey." he muttered, causing everyone to laugh. Then Martha frowned. "Doctor, what exactly happened? I remember Dumbledore taking our memories, and suddenly we were… I'm not sure."

"Well, we were being transported to the physical world of the TARDIS. But to answer the question I think you're asking, Harry, Ron, and Hermione will wake up in a few days in the hospital ward, with memories of their first year as they should have lived it. I'm guessing Dumbledore will give Harry his little pep talk, and the teachers and other students will never think about Professor Yana because now he never existed." Upon seeing Martha's face, he added, "It's… complicated. But I left an explanation in my memory for Dumbledore, so that should take care of that. So now, we're back in physical reality! Since I left my copy of Chamber of Secrets in the library, Jack, would you mind closing the doors?"

Jack grinned, but complied as Martha would not let The Doctor stand up until she finished checking him for signs of the concussion's seriousness.

"So, no more magic, huh?" Martha said once she and Jack were seated around the centre console, just resting while The Doctor went to check on the engines.

"No more magic. It was fun, though." Jack said. Martha grinned. "Definitely. Remember Professor Kitty's face when you transfigured that match into a toothpick?" The two went into hysterics just thinking about it.

"I don't know, though… I think we should stick with plain old time travel." Jack said, giving a teasing grin.

"What, just fighting aliens good enough for you?" Martha asked, grin mirrored on her face. The Doctor's head popped up from the grate. "I know, so boring. But the TARDIS doesn't look like she's hurt, so how does New York in 1977 sound? We could see the original Star Wars movie on the big screen! Ooh, maybe we could catch up with George Lucas! He owes me a favor, you know." Jack and Martha sighed, shaking their heads as The Doctor bounded around the console in a manner similar to that of a deranged monkey.

Of course, the theater ended up being filled with Slitheen spies. But they did get to meet George Lucas and have some much-needed downtime. And Jack may have inadvertently given him the idea for the three prequels, which Martha will never forgive him for.


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