Anakin on Fatherhood.

Leia is all grown up and at 16, is going on her latest date. As with all children, the subject of curfew has come up and has resulted in an argument.

"But Da-ddy" Leia whined. "Han is such a nice guy, and he's promised to take care of me!"

"11 o'clock! No later," Anakin relented. He had often indulged his daughter, much to Padme's dismay, but this time was determined to stand firm.

"But everyone else is staying out until at least midnight!" whined Leia, a Skywalker in every sense of the word.

Anakin glared at the scruffy young man standing beside her. He knew the type all too well. Young, cocky... just like himself at that age.

"And you have your own ship?" Anakin asked? "Is it SAFE?"

"She'll make point five past light speed..."

"I didn't ask you if it was fast," Anakin growled. He turned to his daughter, who was sulking petulantly. "11:30, that's the latest..."

"Midnight!" she pleaded.

"Midnight..." Han agreed. Suddenly he began gasping and started to turn a little blue.

"11..." said Anakin inorexibly, unmindful of the fact that his daughter's date was slowly sinking to the floor, grasping his throat.

"11:30..." Leia began, then seeing Han's condition she cried out, "Daddy stop that! Alright! You win!! 11!! 11!!"

Han started wheezing and gasping...

Anakin turned back to his data pad, his point made clear.

Leia helped Han to his feet and they walked to the door.

"Nice..." wheezed Han.

"Oh that's nothing," replied Leia nervously. "You should have seen what happened to the boy who wanted to take me to the fly in holo shows... Daddy's force choke doesn't only work on the throat..."