Title: I am loved.

A Naruto Fanfiction

Author: Aryenne

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Pairings: Naruto/ Gaara/ Neji/ Shikamaru/ Itachi/ Genma

One-sided: Shikamaru/ Temari and Naruto/ Sasuke

Side-pairing: Ibiki/ Anko, Raidou/ Gai, Izumo/ Kotetsu, Choji/ Ino/ Kankurou, Kiba/ Hinata/ Shino, Tenten/ Lee, Kakashi/ Iruka, Sai/ Temari, Sasuke/ Sakura

Genre: Romance/ Smut

Rated: M

Summary: Yaoi Harem

-XxX- Chapter 1: the birth + instinct that are never wrong. –XxX-

He was doing the impossible, again. His name is Uzumaki Naruto. And what is he doing, you ask yourself. Well, he is giving birth. As I already said, doing the impossible.

"Congratulation, Gaki. It's a beautiful baby girl."

"Thank you, Baa-chan."

All the while Tsunade was passing Naruto his baby girl, after she herself cleaned the baby. A baby girl born of passion and love between him and Uchiha Sasuke, or so he thought and future will rectify that thought.

Three days later he was in bed already dressed. He was getting discharge and he was just waiting for Tsunade with the discharge papers. The door opened and Tsunade stood there.

"Are you ready, Gaki?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, Baa-Chan"

Tsunade was looking at Naruto.

"So… I was looking at the files."

"Hmm… what about them, Baa-Chan?"

"I saw that the Uchiha did not recognize her, did he?"

"No, he didn't."

"What now, Gaki?"


He looked down at the precious bundle in his arms and gave her a small smile. He answer her without looking up.

"Now, I will dedicate my life for her, with or without the Uchiha. When we created her, I did it with love, apparently, an one-sided one. Did you know, that since I became pregnant he comes home less and less? He was nowhere to be found when I went in labor and he has yet to come and see her. My instinct are never wrong, baa-chan. he will be going away and I could care less. I do love him, sincerely I do, but I would not kill or abandoned my child for him."

Tsunade was proud of her Gaki. To put the innocent life that he gave birth to above love and himself was something most couldn't do.

"So, have you decided what you'll call her?"

"Her name will be Uzumaki Natsumi. My spiral summer beauty."

With a little more talking of unimportant details he left.

He knew his instinct were never wrong and he trusted them always. They were proven right once more. Leaving the hospital, he made a few kage-bushin and divide them into two groups. one will start packing things he rarely uses and the other was send to gather the rookie nine and team Gai except team 7. When the rookie nine were gather he told them he needed an apartment in the jounin district with three bedrooms. He went home or the Uchiha's home now. After one week the summon from the council came. Leaving Natsumi with Shikamaru he went to see what they wanted.

"Uzumaki Naruto, we hereby order you to leave the Uchiha Compound by orders of the Uchiha heir so he can have the place to restart his clan."

Said one council, while another said:

"In other words, you're in the way and he wants you out."

Naruto was quiet and had the same expressionless face he had when he enter and his only reaction was


"You are ordered never to come near him, his future wives or his descendants, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

he answered with a cold face that was growing colder by the minute.

"Last but surely not least, you are ordered to attend the wedding of our precious Uchiha to Haruno Sakura. Absent is not an option. You have until sundown to dispatch yourself from the Uchiha compound and do not forget that thing you called child."

"No, problem."

He said it so cold it frightened them but put a smile on the Godaime's face while wiping Uchiha and Haruno's smirks of their faces.

"I will do as you ordered this time but be warned, and this is a promise, if any of you directly or indirectly cause my daughter harm, I'll hunt you down like the animals you are and kill you. Besides I'm an official shinobi thus the only one who can order me around is the Hokage and Shinobi superiors not some greedy as civilian. Remember I answer only to her not you. By your leave, Hokage-Sama."

He bowed to the Hokage, turned and walked out leaving half of the councils wet in their pants, a hot and bother Uchiha and a pissed off Haruno.

He went to pick Natsumi up.

"Hey, Shika."

"Hey, Naru." Shikamaru lazily raised a hand in greeting.

"How is she?"

"She is asleep."

"Good, you busy?"

"No, why"

"I was wondering if you can watch her for a bit more."


"I was ordered to be out of the Uchiha compound by sundown."

Shika just raised an eyebrow, knowing he wanted more information, Naruto explained, even though they both knew, that Shika, most likely already deducted what has happen.

"Sasuke agreed to marry Sakura, and a few more girls, and they didn't want me, and Natsumi there. It was the only condition, all the girls put, and Sasuke agreed."

"Troublesome. Fine, I'll watch her."

"Thanks, Shika. I'll be back, when all is moved, not that there is much left to moved anymore, because I already started a few days ago."

Shika sighed, as he saw Naruto leave.

"Troublesome but lovable blonds."

xXx TBC xXx