Title: I am loved.

A Naruto Fanfiction

Author: Aryenne

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Pairings: Naruto/ Gaara/ Neji/ Shikamaru/ Itachi/ Genma

One-sided: Shikamaru/ Temari and Naruto/ Sasuke

Side-pairing: Ibiki/ Anko, Raidou/ Gai, Izumo/ Kotetsu, Choji/ Ino/ Kankurou, Kiba/ Hinata/ Shino, Tenten/ Lee, Kakashi/ Iruka, Sai/ Temari, Sasuke/ Sakura

Genre: Romance/ Smut

Rated: M

Summary: Yaoi Harem

-xXx- Chapter 8: Team Naruto + Shikamaru-xXx-

The week passed as Naruto, Genma and Itachi settled into their life together. The latter two using wisely their time with their blond wisely because they knew there was three more lovers to come. So they take every chance they got to let him know just how much they loved him. Not only in bed but outside of it too. Itachi and Genma came to a mutual agreement that if the two are home they'll share their blond's time and none are to go further then a kissing, hugging and blowjob, when Itachi is out on a mission, Naru-Chan is Genma's, and vise verse, the only exception is when the other just arrived from a outside of the village mission, both understand, the want, to be with your lover, once you come back from a long mission, away from him.

Naruto is now standing in his uniform with Natsumi in his arms in front of Gaara, both Genma and Itachi were out on a mission, and here he was ready to get his team of genin.

"As you know we don't have the extra test Konoha has because of our lack on man power so it's in your hands to make sure they survive. You have one month before you start going out on mission, one months to make them high genin material, and after that they have three months, to get the experience before the chuunin exam, which coincidentally is held in Konoha again this year. Is all this clear?"

"Yes, Kazekage-Sama"

Gaara glared at the blond. Naruto chuckled.

"Yes, it's clear Gaara-Sama"

Gaara narrowed his eyes.


He hissed.

"Fine, fine, I understand, Gaara."

Gaara nodded. Naruto had a full blown smile on his face. The only sign the SAND in the room found the exchange funny were their shaking shoulders as they silently laughed at the scene.

"Be at the academy in one hours to pick up Team U"

"Sure thing, Boss."

After that Naruto ran out, before the paper holder Gaara trowed made contact with the wall, where he used to be leaning on, when he got tired of standing.

One hour later, Naruto was opening the door of the academy class that held his team, he nodded to the other jounin before turning to the class.

"Team U, meet me in five minutes on the roof."

Naruto shunshin to the roof, to wait for his team. Before the last second, three genin rushed out of the door, as custom there was two boys and one girl.

"Good, you're on time. Let's get to know each other, then you'll get to know your schedules."


They screamed. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"You all should have been here with two minutes to spare, so that means your still out of shape."

Naruto gives them an evil smile that made them scared.

"I have the pleasure of being the one that will shape you up, welcome to my boot camp, I will make a shinobi out you. Now, my name is Uzumaki Naruto, this princess is Uzumaki Natsumi, me princess. I am your sensei for the next month, I like all that is dear to me, I dislike most of what threatens me or those dear to me, my hobbies are being with those dear to me, my dreams for the future are to protect those dear to me and make my family happy."

All three thought, that they didn't get enough information, when Naruto saw their expression, he smiled his evil smile, they lost all their courage to ask for more information. They presented themselves. They are Tsugumi, Clay and Sig. They were all boys because of the shortage of ninjas in Suna.

At Konoha

He was know for his intelligence and laziness, Shikamaru knew this but for the first time in his life he wanted something and he decided to fight for it. He sighed as he though of what he wanted the most. With a determent face he went to see the Hokage. He enter the room after he heard the hokage to tell him to enter.

"Shikamaru, what can I do for you?"

"Lady Hokage, I need your help."

Tsunade's eyebrow went up at this, but waited for the boy, no man, to talk.

"I plan on confessing to my parents that I am gay, there is a 99.9% that i will be kicked out of the clan. I have my savings but I want to transfer to Suna when this happens. Is it possible?"

"I will see what I can do."

"That is more than I can hope for."

"And can you tell me the reason for choosing Suna?"

"My blond is there."

Tsunade's smile a happy smile. Well, I can send you to him as his present for his birthday. But know this, Nara, i recieved a letter from both him and the Kazekage a few days back. And said blond said that he was under CRA and has to have in his case five husbands or wife, he also told me he already has two fiancee. knowing this are you sure you still want to go? Are you willing to share him with four others?"

"If that is the only way I can have a piece of him, then sure, I'll share."

"Good his birthday is in two weeks, be ready by then. You will go to his birthday party with them all but I am sure two of you are not coming back. Just a hung, but as long as he is happy, I'm willing to move heaven and earth to see it done."

"Thank you, Lady Hokage."

Shikamaru bowed to Tsunade before leaving to confront his parents. In his mind he was seeing the smiling face of Naruto holding Natsumi.

"Soon, my love, I will be next to you."

xXx TBC xXx