Bucky kissed him.

Steve honestly doesn't know how he should feel about that. Not because it's new- because it really, really isn't, it's older than most people are- but because he doesn't know if it's what Bucky wants. He just can't take all of Bucky's actions at face value anymore.

Oh, don't get him wrong. He, Steve Grant Rogers, wants this. Of course he does. If there was one constant in his life before crashing into the Arctic, it was him and Bucky, together forever and fucking up the world if they were separated. He just wants to know that Bucky, the Bucky of now, wants this. Not because of some half-remembered dream that tells him he should want it, but because he does.

He's finding it rather difficult to think through any of that, though, considering the man in question long ago pushed Steve over at the kitchen table booth and is now making soft sleep whuffing sounds against his neck, body relaxed against his in a way he's not sure it's been in quite a long time. Of course, this inadvertently means that he's pinned and can't move, but he's not complaining. If anything, he's just glad that Bucky trusts him enough to fall asleep on him. Though, he could do without that metal appendage that is not only preventing him from moving, but is also fucking freezing and digging into his side, to bite.

He could also do without the snot and tears that are dried onto his neck. Were Steve a weaker man, he would have cringed away from all that fluid a while ago.

But as it is, he isn't, and he's happy to be Bucky's pillow if that means he gets some goddamned rest.

Steve isn't entirely sure why he started crying, but he realized about thirty seconds into the fit that it wasn't because of the kiss, thank god. And then for another thirty seconds, Steve felt kind of weirded out that he thought Bucky thought his kiss so bad he started crying. In fact, the whole thing can just be drawn up to be a disaster. Though, he eventually figured out that he wasn't crying from pain or anything else but just an overwhelming amount of emotions.

He looks down at the man and brushes some of his hair out of his face. Sure, he's been tying it back lately, but some wayward strands have fallen into his forehead. Once he's clear, Steve leans forwards and presses his lips to the bare skin, nothing more than a chaste press, but it's still a promise all the same.

Bucky blinks open his eyes and smiles sleepily, then presses further into Steve's warmth, nudging his forehead closer to his lips like a cat. In fact, the way he's sprawled out, Steve wouldn't be surprised if Hydra put some cat genes in him or something equally ridiculous.

"You okay?" Steve murmurs against his skin, voice low and quiet to keep Bucky from tensing.

Bucky nods his head, burrowing further into Steve's neck. "Yes. Warm."

"Okay." Steve chuckles to himself, a deep resounding thing deep in his chest and Bucky blinks open his eyes again, raising an eyebrow before promptly falling back asleep. What a friggin' cat.

The trust and affection bleeding into Bucky's gaze is enough to take Steve out for a few seconds, blinking dazedly. He supposes… He supposes as long as he asks Bucky if it's okay at every direction, then the man wants it. Didn't just kiss him out of some obligation. He'll just take it slow.

He's smiling loopily down at Bucky when Tony walks in, who starts to go on some tirade about how Colorado should just start at Denver and to 'give that shitty Nebraska land back where it belongs' when Steve shushes him, raising his eyebrows. Tony looks over at the two of them and slowly a shit-eating smile appears on his face, something that curls at the edges like a fern and really, Steve should have expected this.

Tony takes in the appearance of both of them and gives a silent thumbs up, eyes shining. "So just a cuddle session or what?"

At Tony's voice, Bucky lifts up his head and blinks, slowly, twisting to look at the genius. "We kissed, too." He says seriously, that characteristically flat voice once again ruining everything. Tony cackles, rejoicing, then leans forward to bop Bucky on the nose with his index finger, causing the man to still and then just swipe at Tony.

"Well, hallelujah, I say. I've been trying for years. Though if it was the metal arm you were vying after, I could have just put on part of the suit." And without explaining himself, Tony grabs his phone from the counter and skips back outside, leaving Steve to blink after him in shock and surprise and extreme confusion.

"You haven't kissed Tony?" Bucky asks blearily, yawning widely into Steve's neck and wow, okay, bad breath. He'll have to instill stricter 'brush your teeth' rules. Which, not that he should have to give Bucky rules and wow, where are these thoughts coming from?

More important things, here, Steve. He sighs, swiping at his brow. "N-no…"

"Oh." Bucky blinks, slowly sitting up and getting most of his weight off of Steve, which lets the latter sit up as well. Honestly, he wishes they had just laid down on the pull-out couch, because now his back is killing him. "Well, do you want to?"

He's been very adamant about asking what people want, lately. Steve takes that as a positive, that Bucky is growing more aware of wants and needs, and the motivations behind everything. Instead of just letting things happen and responding, he's asking and deciding.

Still. He'd rather not have to decide to answer this question. It's a bit out of the left field. It doesn't make him uncomfortable, so much as flustered. "I… haven't thought about it. He's usually too much of an insufferable dick for me to even think about that sort of thing."

"Hm." Bucky hums noncommittally, shrugging. He shifts so that while he's sitting next to Steve now instead of on, he can lay his head on Steve's shoulder, still yawning at random intervals. "Maybe you should. I think he wants you to."

Steve blinks, looking down at him. "Ya don't wanna kiss me again?" He can't hide his disappointment, really. Is Bucky trying to pawn him off to the only other guy around?

Bucky actually chuckled, leaning up to peck Steve on the cheek, blushing slightly. "Didn't say that. 'Course I wanna kiss you. Both of you are decidedly… Kissable."

The thought of kissing or doing anything with both Tony and Bucky is just. Wow. Steve had never thought of that. He didn't know what to do with the information that Bucky evidently liked both of them. Surprisingly, he didn't feel a stab of possessiveness, like he might have back in the 40's, when Buck was off chasing tail with the dames. Instead he feels… Humbled and sort of… Excited. He'll have to talk to Tony later about it.

About a lot of things, actually.

Where Bucky is concerned, Steve makes sure to check in with Tony all the time. Just in case he's clouded his judgement. But now, with all the fruitful remarks between Tony and that, well. Maybe Tony's a little biased, too.

Steve can't say he wouldn't mind that.