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Chapter 1

"Ugh," I muttered while striking two rocks together, "It's so difficult, making, a, fire." I scraped two rocks together in each pause.

"Finally," I groaned as the small pile of dry brush had caught a spark and started to glow a faint orange. I shielded the fire with my hands, lightly blowing on it until it started to grow. Sensing someone was coming I put a hand on the hilt of my sword looking to my left I saw my white and grey wolf, Silver, pad over to me panting.

Silver was carrying two pieces of unidentifiable bloody meat in his jaws. I stood up from my crouched position over the fire as he dropped the probably fox corpses on the brown mush you could call snow, at my feet. He then sat back on his haunches, white tail wagging, panting, waiting for me to pet him. I rubbed his fluffy head behind his ears before tearing a probably leg off of one of the animals and tossed it in front of him. After scarfing it down he rested against my leg, mouth still bloody.

"Good boy," I said, patting my wolf. He wagged his tail against the ground even more. I grabbed the bloody pieces of fox meat with my bare hands and sat back down on a piece of rotting log. Just as I began to skin the foxes, a piercing howl echoed in the distance. I looked in the direction it came from looking through the towering pines as snow gently fell. The wind blowing through the trees. The wind was blowing towards the sound, that meant they had my scent. And that meant that they were close, too close.

Silver bared his teeth and growled deeply in his throat in one direction, I couldn't see anything through the snow as it all turned to hazy white after 50 feet. He barked twice and crouched low to the ground.

I cursed and got up in a much quicker manner. I wrapped a ripped piece of canvas around the probably foxes as blood slowly soaked through it. Stuffing it into my black backpack I slung over my shoulder, I felt a little tug in my gut and two shards of ice dug out of the ground, staying airborne, hovering around me.

The large shards were folded and unable to identify but when I unfurled them they became large wings. I could use them to fly but it was like a chicken trying to get airborne, really sad. So I barely used them for anything, seeing as I was stuck with them I mostly just hid them from sight. I'm not sure but I think I was born with them which brought some awkward thoughts to mind. I just knew that they were from my mother, and that was the reason I hated them. My mother was Khione the goddess of snow, ever since she abandoned me and left me to live on the streets I grew to hate her.

I checked that I had everything, my sweatshirt, my wolf, my sword- χιονοθύελλα- Greek for Blizzard which is a combination of celestial bronze and silver, a compass, some cash, $35 from working random jobs, a pocket knife, and my black backpack. It wasn't much but it was what I used to get by.

We began to move out of the woods towards the highway. I jumped onto the side of the freeway, while holding one thumb up and waving around a $10 dollar bill. It didn't take too long for someone to pull over, some headlights started to grow in the distance and a small truck stopped alongside the road with a young driver at the wheel.

She was tall, had braces, very straight long blonde hair, and intelligent blue eyes. Her red t-shirt contrasted with the clear blue of her eyes as she looked me up and down. Her blue truck was a bit rusty, brown in some places, and looked quite run-down.

"Hey, it's Aly. But what's a kid like you doin' out here?" she asked, a piece of pretzel still in her open mouth.

"Where am I?" I ignored the question and asked my own. Helping Silver into the bed of the truck and placing my backpack at my feet in the passegner seat.

She rolled her eyes, "Northern Montana. Now answer my question, dude. And holy crap man, where did you get that wolf?". She pointed her thumb at Silver admiring him, yeah it wasn't normal for kids to have wolves but I could care less hoping the mist did most of the work.

"I'm heading south, and this wolf isn't any of your business," I said back, adding as much exasperation into my voice, while trying to be a little respectful as she had been the first one to offer me a ride.

"How far south?", she asked putting the car into gear as we picked up speed down the highway.

"As far as possible.", I replied looking in the mirror to see Silver's head out the side with his tongue out, this brought a faint smile to my lips.

She sighed, "I'm goin' to Vegas for my break. You gonna go that far?", she said glancing at me before looking back at the road.

"Close enough," I lied. Sometimes mortals are just so nosy.

We rode in silence. I came up here to avoid all the noise and people after my father ditched me, just me on the streets, until I hit the trees. I was wrapped up in my own thoughts of what to do next when she interrupted my thoughts again.

"You got any parents?" she asked in her slightly northern accent, while reaching into a bag of Snyder's pretzels.

"They're up here, they are country people and wanted me to hitchhike south to Hamilton and get a ride to Reno with my cousins for a while," I lied again, not batting an eye. I was used to this.

"You want me to drop you off at Hamilton?" she asked, clearly confused.

"No I'll tell them I made other plans, and since we are going to Vegas I can raise the pay to $35." I offered, the ride being too valuable. I looked back at Silver; he was now moving to get comfortable in the bed of the truck to probably sleep.

"You got a deal, as long as I don't pay for your food." I just nodded in response.

"We got about 11 to 13 hours of nonstop driving ahead of us." I just nodded again, tilting my head back and closing my eyes to doze off.


"Dude, hey! Hey!" the tall blonde girl flicked my forehead. I woke up with a start and she continued.

"Wake up, we finally stopped. Seven hours passed, I'm pretty sure you need to use the restroom or something at this point.". I just nodded before yawning and stretching.

I popped open the car door and stretched my legs. It was a while since I last used a public restroom I thought awkwardly. I head into the grimy gas station with a McDonalds and about 3 truckers milling around. Silver stayed inside. I spotted the girl picking out some coffee and junk food.

"Are we allowed to cook near this station?" I asked her.

"Well, yeah, just go over there, they can't mind what they can't see." she answered after hesitating.

"Great," I left the building and head outside, taking time to look at the sky and discern my location.

I grabbed my backpack and headed about 10 yards away from the station and lit a small fire. Maybe cheating by dousing the brush in gas. Silver followed me, probably just smelling the foxes. I tossed one up and he grabbed it as the meat began to fall.

"Good boy, Silver," I praised, "You caught these all by yourself!" He responded by licking my hand.

Impaling the fox on my sword I hung it over the fire before it came to a nice grilled state, I put it back on the canvas and started to pick at it before I heard some sticks snap to my right.

Hisssss. A slight hissing noise trickled from the same direction. It didn't belong to the fire. Wary, I stood up and clenched my fist, ready to bring out my ice pods at a moment's notice. It didn't sound anything like a tire leaking air.

Hissss. I hardened my gaze. Suddenly the sound moved behind me. The bushes behind her rustled as the end of her tail retracted. My ice pods dug out of the ground and just in time protected me from a dracaena's fangs.

"Thissss will be your lassst meal, demigod," she hissed at me. Her scales were jade green and glistening every so often from the stale yellow light from the gas station. Her eyes were narrowed black slits that scowled at me. She had a long yellow underside, complete with a tail that trailed a couple feet behind her. She bared her sharp fangs as I stood my ground. I could almost smell her disgusting stale breath.

"I've heard that one. You all follow me around so much I know I'm beautiful but really? You should just take a picture it'll last much longer." I taunted with a small chuckle, never taking my eyes off of her.

"Your death will be twicccee as painful for that!" she yelled/hissed at me. They're also sensitive, too, I guess.

I unsheathed χιονοθύελλα and pointed the edge of the sharp blade at the snake seeing the distorted reflection spin and enlarging.

She slithered around, slowly creeping towards me, "That blade! Ssson of Khione!"

"Yes, why?" I said warily, holding my ground. I never met another son of Khione but I didn't think this blade was especially rare it was a gift from my mother as she tried to make amends for her absence but I called it a load of bullcrap.

"I haven't ssseen one of you in agesss. I guessss they die quickly the same as you will." She lunged at me quickly and I just sidestepped placing my blade at a slant as she just slid along the edge of my blade. It was a deep gash but not fatal. Baring her teeth, she lunged again and I slashed across her other side.

"I doubt it," I sneered, parrying her quick jab from her speer and stepping to the left. "I'm just glad you're not that feral Lycaon."

"Lycaon is nothing compared to the power of the dracanae! Your death will be twicccce asss painful,", she hissed with a flick of her forked tongue. Before she and I clashed together again. No mortal looked at our scene twice. Probably seeing us as two siblings fighting over something.

"Why are dracanae always so sensitive?" I used my blade to push her backwards. Before crouching and going low she made to stab down before one of my floating shards of ice came to deflect it, her eyes widened at the sight of the wings. I didn't give it a second thought as I jumped forward my blade passing through her abdomen before she poofed into a gust of golden dust.

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It was at the edge of Vegas that Aly stopped, I grabbed my backpack and hopped out, motioning for Silver to follow suit.

"Hey… see you around sometime in Montana?", Aly said after me, I turned around slightly.

"Probably not.", I was about to be off when she grabbed me in a quick but friendly hug.

She then whispered in my ear, "I saw everything.". I stood there looking kinda shocked as she drove away before turning to a very old hotel.

It was called the Lotus Hotel and Casino, "Looks pretty shabby, maybe they accept child labor.". I said walking to the front entrance.

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