"Don't let Skye and Fitz in here," I suggest as I kneel over the body. Or rather … what's left of the body. It looks like confronting Fury is in on the back burner once again.

"I'll keep that in mind," Simmons says. She looks as though she's having trouble keeping down her lunch herself.

"It looks … chewed," Ward says hesitantly as he looks at the severed arm.

"By … something big," Simmons says, looking at the size of the teeth marks.

"That's why we're here. There was at least one alien creature loose on Earth after the convergence event – it's possible there's more than one that laid low for a while," I say. London authorities had caught a Jotunheim ice troll snacking on some unfortunate homeless people just a few days after the convergence and put it down. "Thor mentioned something called a bilgesnipe … this might be it."
"I don't know … is bilgesnipe Asgardian for 'huge wolf?' Because that's what this looks like," Ward says.

"I don't know … Thor said they had antlers," I say absently. I remember that conversation so vividly … it was only a day before … "He didn't say whether they were carnivorous or not. Sometimes herbivores can just … trample everything. All he said was they were destructive." I look up at the open half of the trailer – the double wide has been torn right open. Maybe it was a giant bear – the claw marks made it look like the work of a bear. Or who knows what kind of crazy wildlife could be found out there in the wide, wide galaxy? What makes Ward say wolf? Wolves get the short end of the stick, don't they?

A few minutes later, I'm glad I didn't decide to voice that thought – because the prints we find in the mud behind the trailer are definitely made by a wolf – one with paws so big, a small child could have curled up in the footprint. It's going to be a wild chase.

Author's Note:
Heads up – the first chapter is going to be first person Sif, then the next few chapters are going to be first person from Fenrir and then I'll go back to Coulson when we get back to Earth. This is AU after "Yes Men," but will still be influenced by subsequent episodes/ the events of Winter Soldier. ESPECIALLY the events of Winter Soldier.

Cover Image Credit: Linda Maria Ansen of deviantart. (Used by permission.) Link: art/Loki-and-Fenrir-336074734