Chapter 1

"BENJAMIN KIRBY TENNYSON, YOU BASTERD!" the scream reverberated through the control room.

"You know I dropped that name almost two century ago" the young looking man turned to look at his visitor "using it is paramount to treason. It's good to see you again Gwendolyn. You know you haven't changed since you were twenty"

"Very well 'Lord High Protector' why have you had me arrested?" in her anger was palpable even from across the room".

"You're not under arrest, not yet at least" his calm demeanor was out of place in room made for the sole purpose of planning war, and Gwendolyn surrounded by six armored creatures with four arms each "I just have a few questions for you" she winced she was in real trouble. It's when ben was calm he was the he was the most deadly. It was in a mood like this when he had sentenced his own family to life in the null void. She had been half way to another system when they were brought in 'for questioning'. By the time she had gotten the images it was too late to do anything.

"Commander we have the traders" the guards power armor definitely worse for were

Ben turned from the command deck of his flag ship to the prisoners behind him. It was then that the cameras had first seen the line ad trussed up prisoners. Their stood her parents right next to Ben's, and grandpa. The look on Ben's face looked sad and disappointed in those he faced. It was an act, just another step towards a goal. "I have it on good authority you have been spreading rumors about me and sowing unrest among those I protect. I'm bringing peace to the galaxy, why grandpa isn't that what you always wanted?" the leer on his young face was almost obscene.

Even covered in webbing from a capture grenade and bleeding from several places from the beating at the hands of the guards Maxwell Tennyson stood tall, regale, and defiant. "I taught you better than this. You've become nothing more than a pathetic thug"

"Look at what I've done, I bringing peace the galaxy. I've already freed nine systems from the threat of war" he looked as though he may sprain his elbow patting himself on the back.

"No you've subjugated nine systems. You're a tyrant and a bully." Max spat on the floor "I fought for freedom and to help others. You fight for glory and power, your no different than those we fought agents."

Ben sat there looking at his family for a long moment "I find you all guilty of undermining my authority and spreading discord among my people. Under the law as laid down by me that's treason." Pausing to let that sink in he then continues "the sentence is life in the null void. Energize the beam" and just like that the most important people in Gwendolyn's life vanished. She had checked with her own contact on the other side only to find out that Ben had sent a message Max's enemies in the void letting them know he was coming. Her loved ones were all torn to pieces within moments. That was the day The Lord High Protector took his title

Shaking herself from her memories Gwendolyn found he was still trying to bore her to death with his redirect. She figured this would be her best shot, she had waited for a chance to get close enough. She spun around firing her Anodite power full force at him, enough force to level a small mountain. Nothing happened, her power drained but there was no visible effect at all. Ben looked over at a monitor and smiled "yes that will do nicely." Turning to his cousin, "all of this was designed with you in mind, it will absorb your power for its own use." Turning to his Hench men "put her in the syphon tube, she should power this ship for years"

Quickly grabbing the small pouch of charm stones from under her cloak and turned and pointed at the door directly under her feet "mauris, porta tempus," her voice hardly audible the blue light of her earth learned magic flared on the floor. She fell through the portal she had created. Falling through time and space hopping she would make it to a safe port.


Authors note

In this story Gwen has two sets of powers available

1 her alien powers distinguish by the pink/purple aura

2 the earth magic she was learning in the first series in blue