This continues the events begun in Drivel.

I strongly suggest you read Drivel before reading Drivel II

Drivel II is set a number of years after Drivel and about 8 months after Season 4, so follows the show's storyline - wherein Jack is declared dead and is in hiding from the US Government and the Chinese. Only Tony and Michelle know Jack is still alive.

Chase and Kim are married and they are raising Chase's daughter Angela. Chase is no longer with CTU, he works security in Valencia, CA.

rated M - this fic contains angst, torture, violence, profanity... with a touch of the supernatural.

Jack stretched out. It felt good to be moving his cramped muscles after having remained in one position for so many hours. His cover wasn't really adequate but the tree house had been built for kids, not covert operations, so he really had no grounds for complaint. And it did provide a clear vantage point over his target across the street.

The tidy home sat on a street of matching tidy homes filled with young families, all with two cars in the garage and a dog lying on the back porch. Although the homes had all been built around the same period, enough time had elapsed for landscaping and slight modifications to make each home an individual.

The house two doors along had an addition over the garage, probably a teen bedroom or perhaps an office. The neighbour's north of the target had a lawn strewn with bikes, trikes, wagons and strollers, all in various states of deconstruction. Jack recalled the house had three boys who favoured inventing wheeled creations which were then destroyed during noisy demolition derby's.

The target house was very trim but it had an air of neglect about it. The lawn needed mowing and the fallen blossoms had not been raked and that worried him, it had always been kept picture perfect. There was definitely something wrong in that house with the white picket fence.

The last time he'd been here the house was full of life with neighbourhood kids hanging from the ancient cherry tree out the back, the BBQ sending up aromatic smoke signals and Danny the chocolate lab stretched out on the back porch, his tail wagging in time with the kids' squeals of laughter.

Today the yard was deserted despite the glorious weather. He had been watching the house for over six hours and the occupants hadn't stirred although he knew someone was there. Earlier the neighbour from the house with the pretty garden had walked over with a covered dish of food. She had only stayed talking for a few minutes but it at least confirmed someone was inside.

A van pulled into the driveway and two boys jumped out, their laughter stopped suddenly as their mother cautioned them. Jack tried to remember their names... Luke and Peter? No, Luke and Paul. Their mum, Helen, passed a bunch of flowers to one of the boys to carry as she lifted a food hamper from the rear of the van. He tensed as they approached the front door and he found himself holding his breath as he raised the binoculars and focused in.

Another disadvantage to the tree house was it only afforded a side view of the target, so while it gave excellent coverage of both the front and rear yards, he couldn't see the front door. He was tempted to throw caution to the wind and walk past to catch a glimpse, but knew it was too risky. Above all things it was imperative he remain unseen.

The boys and their mother went into the house and Jack had had enough. The only thing this surveillance had shown him was that something was wrong in the house but he had known that before he'd even arrived in the city.

Gathering up his binoculars and bottles, one of water, one for waste, he stowed them in his backpack and had a quick check to ensure he had everything. He knew where to go for answers and he felt the anger mount at the thought of how he had been betrayed.

Movement caught his eye and he saw Danny bounce down the steps, the leash held in his mouth. Jumping in circles he was obviously delighted to be out and Jack could hear his excited bark as he called to Luke and Paul who took the dropped leash and left on a walk.

But Jack didn't even notice them leave. Instead he watched as Helen moved out from the shade of the front porch and stood watching her sons. A young girl ran out to join her and for a moment Jack didn't even realise who she was. She's grown so much he marvelled, what a difference 8 months can make.

But he was shocked at her appearance, he remembered her as being a normal active four year old but now she was overly thin and pale, her eyes looking enormous and dark rimmed even without the aid of the binoculars. Had she been ill?, was that what was wrong?

His breath caught in his throat as his daughter, gaunt and pale, joined them. The two women linked arms and returned into the house with Angie while Jack's eyes filled with tears. Tears of joy that Kim and Angie were okay, tears of sorrow at the realisation that something had happened to Chase.